Written by justforfun10

4 Jul 2010

"Stupid blood bank machines, why do they not remember the bloody pin" i mutter to myself as i walk up the street after forgetting my pin number and getting my bank card swallowed up. Still muttering to myself i round the corner and literally mount the person walking the opposite direction. "Oh god i'm so sorry, i really...Kevin oh my god how are you? what are you doing here? how're things?.."It was Kevin a guy i had worked with nearly 10 years ago, he used to have a mad crush on my friend and i used to have one on him. "Stac' how're you, how's life treating you?" he asks with a big smile. "I'm good" i continue and we chat away about different things that have happened to us and mutual friends. It was a beautiful sunny summers evening with a nice warm breeze blowing, we sort of lost track of time chatting, i finally decided we should go for a drink to catch up properly. He said that his house was only down the road if i fancied going to his, i said sure why not.I hopped into my car and followed him, all the while reminiscing about old times and the fun we used all have going out as a gang. We arrive at his house, a beautiful little detached bunglow, with lovely mature gardens, very private u'd hardly even know there was a house there. As i get out of my car he catchs me smiling and wants to know what the big grin is about........