Written by Anonymous

19 Jun 2020

I have coffee in a small cafe close to my work place most days. Ill sit and be distracted my my phone or laptop in a world of my own, but today I noticed my waiter. He took my order like usual but he was smiling and I thought he was checking me out, i brushed it off as me imagining it but could see him looking at me from accross the room, he had a glint in his eye one ive seen on men before, i looked down to check if i could see his cock through his jeans and noticed his huge bulge, with the mix of the coffee shop busy with customers and the hot waiter with a semi i started to get turned on. The waiter returned with my coffee and I smiled making it obvious I could see his hard on he brushed past my arm rubbing his hard cock past me , by this point I was dripping wet, i stopped him and told him he should really restock the toilets with handsoap as an excuse to get him alone, "ill get right on that" he said grinning and walked into the bathroom, i followed in a minute later and locked the door behind me , i walked over and told him I was a good girl who doesn't usually do things like this, "be a good girl and take those panties off" he said making me even more turned on. I slide my tights and panties off as requested and pulled up my skirt he bent me over the sink i could see his cock through the mirror "mmm fuck me daddy" I whispered as he slid it into me his hands carassing my body i could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck, " take it all like a good girl for me" he says while thrusting his huge cock into my dripping wet pussy , Somone tried the door handle of the bathroom but it didn't stop him pushing harder and faster his balls slapping off my ass cheeks , " mmm yes this feels so good" I say a little louder than I meant too. "Tell me how much you like daddys cock" the waiter whispers in my ear. I was about to climax "mmm I love daddy's cock inside me fucking me so hard" I say as I orgasm , he tenses up and cums deep inside me . We clean up and one by one return to the cafe like nothing happened. X