Written by phoenix

13 Feb 2013

Im stuck in Belfast after being at the dentist because it has snowed really heavily and suddenly out of the blue you txt to say your bored because your stuck there too. I tell you what hotel I'm in and we chat about what would happen if we could meet up and how its not fair we are both so close yet alone. Its been weeks since we have been together and I ache for your touch. You have to go for a while to sort stuff out and say you'll txt later. I say grand ill go for a shower chat soon Hun. Im in the shower hot wet and very Horney from our chat. Im thinking about how cool it would be for us to be together in the hotel and I start to touch my clit and allow two fingers to slide into my pussy, I feel the moist warmth of my pussy and rub my clit with my other hand, I wish I'd known to bring some toys I want to feel you inside me now. I'm very Horney and thinking of us together it doesn't take much for me to cum. I'm just coming out of my daydream when there's a knock at the door. I quickly wrap a towel around me and check through the spyglass who it is but I cant see they have their back to the door. I open the door, Wow It's you. Before I can ask how? You grab me in your arms closing the door behind you and we kiss all I can think is how I desperately want to feel your naked skin next to mine and as I'm taking your jacket and jumpers off your opening your trousers. Your trousers drop to the floor and my towel drops too. You grab me up in your arms, I wrap my legs around you. We kiss hard our tongues find each other and I feel the cold wall against my back, then your very hard cock nudges at my pussy. As its still all wet and covered in my pussy juices you slip Straight in and I feel my pussy clamping on your cock as a climax starts to build inside me again. I give a gasp as you press me against the wall and fuck me hard, my pussy clamping on your hard cock so tightly it takes a very hard thrust to go deeply and it feels so good. I kiss you fast and passionately fucking you back as hard as I can. I'm sandwiched between you and the wall sitting on your cock and I never want it to end. I hear your breathing quicken as I feel your breath on my ear, You slow slightly and enter me really deeply thrusting with such force that I think your cock will enter my stomach your holding my ass tightly in your hands and pressing me against the wall and I feel you swell and explode your cum deep inside filling me up, my pussy throbs and drains your cock by clamping firmly as we cum together I feel you warm and pulsing inside me and its as if we are part of each other. God I've missed you I whisper in your ear, and I you, more then you know you reply. As you withdraw I feel a warm wet flow down my leg as our mixed juices drain from my swollen hot wet still throbbing pussy. As my feet reach the floor I push you back against the far wall and take your cock in my mouth and taste our sweet juices then rise to kiss you and let you taste them too. The shower is still running so you join me, warm and wet and we wash each other, I kiss your nipples as you tower over me then you turn me round, to wash my back or so you say, I feel your lips on my neck as you bend to kiss and nibble me till I melt against you, you push me against the tiled wall kissing my neck and I feel your hand slap my ass it stings so good then slipping between my cheeks and a finger slides easily into my still soaking and sensitive pussy. Your other hand tweaking and pinching my nipple as u bring me very close to yet another mind numbing orgasm. My breathing quickens my legs part more and I press into your hand I feel your fingers deep in my pussy moving causing a soaring sensation I haven't felt before then it comes and I start to shake, my legs go weak, my pussy clenching at your fingers as I cum hard the orgasm ripping through me making me light headed as its stronger than I thought possible, you whisper that you want to taste me and you go to your knees lifting one leg to gain access to my dripping juices. I melt in your strong arms and We leave the shower. You go lie on the bed and I get a towel to dry off. I sit on the bed beside you and as I look you straight in the eye I slip a hand under your towel starting to stroke your cock, you close your eyes and relax into the feelings that are flooding your body once again. it starts to twitch against my touch swells and grows, getting all hard again. Then I take my stockings and tie your hands to the bed and blindfold you with a soft silk scarf. I kiss your lips and sit over you kissing you all over lingering on your nipples and slowly, gently work my way down to your inner thigh. I allow my hair to hang and gently caress your soft skin as you moan with pleasure. Then slowly while blowing on the tip I take your cock in to the back of my throat as deep as I can and suck hard and fast just for a moment stopping to lick and tease the tip before I kiss your nipples and rub my body all over yours. I slide my body down yours kissing your soft skin till my mouth again reaches your cock and I lick all around your balls I flick my tongue all around your ass poking my tongue in as I feel your cock twitch and rub my soaking wet swollen pussy against your leg as I take your cock deep into my throat playing with your nipples and sucking hard and fast taking all of you till you cum. I swallow you sweet juices and then kiss you deeply. Your breathing hard and fast and you ask me to untie you so you can hold me and run your hands all over my body. So I untie you and we kiss passionately melting into each others arms as we lie together both hot sweaty and soaked in the afterglow of passion . The whole room is full of the smell of sex. I ask if your hungry? Thinking that we might go down to the restaurant for dinner but You turn to me and holding me close we kiss, I am for you I want more You whisper as I nibble on your ear. I feel you getting hard again and pushing you on your back I sit across you, I slip your cock inside and rock slowly pushing your cock in as deep as I can, you caress my breasts and nibble on my nipples. Im rubbing my clit off you as I grind hard and slow on your cock then without warning you flip me over hold my hands down and fuck my pussy as hard as possible then you kiss me long and slow with your tongue exploring mine and we make long slow passionate love. We lie together exhausted and rest for a while then order room service. You look at me questioningly as I place the order over the phone, desert is strawberries chocolate sauce and ice cream, we can have fun with it too I say. Your reply oh I like your thinking. With that I notice your getting hard again and I'm feeling Horney again.

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