Written by ted001

13 Feb 2010

mind like a sewer she utters through her smile as she retreats to the counter ,... knowing she has the upper hand.... wow that was going well till u asked for her sauce and a giggle again... i turn to look finally to see my fantom giggler . . . ther she was sitting at a table i got a side view ... pardon i ask as she slides around to face me dont worry she dead kean on u i can see it... listen...anna thats my name anna... ok listen anna one im still scarlet about what i said so would love it if we pretend that it didnt happen two look at me yes walking tub... against well anyone else no competition... and c with that she giggles...honestly its been that long the mere smell of her necter haven i would erupt so no dont think so...thanks anyway... a wave of guilt hits me anna was trying to be nice and i gave her both barrels.. anna sorr..... ur not a tub from what i c ur about 6 feet tall 18 stone ..a nd ur shoulders suggest its nearly all mucle... so dont throw in the towl yet ...well look anna id didnt mean to give u both barrels ok what u drinking... my boyfriend is on the way.... ohh i wasnt trying to ... no thats not what i mean im waiting for him ok sorry again anna...my goddess arrives in time to cut the conversation short.. at first she asks who i was chatting to anna her fella is cuming soon a big guy get the oven on ha ha sara smiles and lookis at anna as she walks to the counter...anna recieves a txt.. jesus christ..... u know its not prayer time yet thats at 12... anna smiles he is going fucking surfing again ... waves are "kicking" .... ur upset now yea our only day together and he fucks off surfing.... i forgot to take the boards out my ass.... now my attention was failing me as i surveyed anna about 5 "9...firey red hair... and tight jog pants and painted on top covering ample breasts...... her face was soft but her eyes had a look of cum fuck me all the time....sara brought the redsauce to her table as with out knowing i was sitting at it... anna was smiling again as i told her my attempts to surf .. u know ur driving her wild by sitting here anna iv sat in the cafe for the last year and the banter is all but that.. any way i told her ur mucels will be here soon ... anna looks at me and asks if i had plans 4 the day.... anna im not here to make some roided surfer jealous ... with a smile i say im not a sex toy .....anna replies i know but he is gone for the day and i dont know here.... besides i wouldnt be that bad... my sex toy mmmmmm......... under the table she kicks my foot as i notice sara frown... sorry sara i can i get another drink please..... anna asks what im doing... she was waiting 4 me to order... anna laughs fuck me ur slow.... with out taught i reply yes please to thne first bit any way........ hmmm potential .. show me the town.... cancle the drink sara anna shouts hes taking me shopping..... sara laughs with his sence of fashion good look.... what black.. denims and bar tops wiil cum back in fashion u know... they both laugh but annas giggle has me my cock twitches its like she has a deeper meaning.. a dirty one and thats what she laughs at...... were in the shopping center and in the ladies department.. anna asks me to carry a few things... like they all do to stop us to go 4 coffee or read the paper into the changing rooms... not curtins doors... classy place....what u think she asks .. the door is shut and i like black and pub tops so its a no...... she cums out in a mini and boob tube.. fuck me she is mouth watering... no i dont think soshe spins her ass in the skirt... oops i dropped she bends over to pick up her top no panties.... fuck .. fuck i walk behind her and turn away anna ur showing.... its ok she asys no no ur showing ohhh and into the room with that giggle again.....out again this time in a curtin with a hole in it man its bad even for me... u like it then ... fuck no.... well ur bulge says different... well .. am .. im only human and u got a nice ass and shaven pussy.....as she walks into the cubicle.... man iv upset her that was out of order..... ted she calls yes will u c if my bag is there get my phone as i get her phone i look up the door has swong open and she is changing into her black silky panties... and bra she catches me staring in the mirror... i close the door last out fit i promise .. hope so gonna need to wank soon.... there is alot in the spank bank at the moment.....ted need the phone bring it in to me im decent i swear.....i walk inhand her the phone... told u i was decent didnt i well what u think of this .... am not sure about this one ur gonna get cold... yes not much use in the snow but do u like .... am well u u c yea liking what i c.. now i wouldnt wear it but u pull it off quiet well with that she giggles... fuck me that giggle.... im looking at her perfectly shaven pussy... toned stomach and breasts with beautiful nipples.... she spinns and her ass the curves are better than i ever taught... she hears my gasp..... speaking of pulling off ( to be continued)