Written by ted001

13 Feb 2010

she closes the door be hind me.. leans in and kisses me .. i kiss her back the cubicle is small trying to keep quiet as i fumble all over her...she reaches into my jeans and feels my cock growing... which u like best she asks as she un buttons my jeans ... the skirt.... me too she manages to say befoure taking my semi hardened cock in her mouth ahhhhh please keep quiet i want to buy something here she muffles... massaging my balls as she sucks my cock hard....here it is her eyes looking up at me as she slurps on my cock the smell of her pussy is intoxicating i feel her hand wanking my shaft as she sucks my cock ..... im on the verge of cumming and she asks for me to stop her as she has more planned ... stop now then.... her giggle u really liked the minni... now ur turn she pushes me down on her soaking pussy i lap her juices up like a dog... massaging her clit with my finger... she grabbes my skull and drives my face into her pussy... deeper i go till i hear her breath ... panting her nails dig into my shoulders ... painful at first but now knowing the reason truly making me hornier my cock is dripping.... i want her the she shoots her cum in my face.... ohhhhhh ted sorry that has never happened be4... anna u like it didnt u yes very much... im licking my lips as anna licks my face clean.. we arrange our selves and walk out of the cubicle....the attendant asks if anna wishes to buy any of the clothes if not shell return em.... her look at anna and i is all but knowing... anna says ill take these the mini outfit...... ans the attendant bags em up anna says she wants what i got... im red.... mycock still solid... im trying to hide the bulge but the pain as it pushes to the front of my jeans.....we walk to the beach and anna asks me questions on nothing my cock subsides mabey it was just a moment... anna then asks if i want cooffee yes please ... we go to the cafe... sara welcomes me with her usuall smile it fades ... bad day shes busy i asy.. anna answers its me she doesnt like ... what stop same and a water anna asks iv tasted sumething and want to savour it for a bit... sara looks at anna and then me redder than red....anna says sit next to me i do and we chatt about the clothes... she brings u the cubicle.. very small wasnt it... they werent made for two i joke.. anna reaches for my cock under the table and rubbs it thru my jeans.....pop up he is again she unbuttons my third and fourth button and my cock springs out.... anna stop please.... she giggles.. u still havent stopped meshe drops he wallett lifts the cloth cover as if picking it up and lickes my head... my cock goes into spasm.... anna asks sara over as she wants her to see something.... im now pale with fear she motions towards the flooras sara and anna go down i close my eyes lovely isnt it small sara says but it will do the job.... small what u mean small.... well ted sara replies iv never seen a skirt that short be4 bet it doesnt cover the cheeks... it doesnt i blurted out... sara looks at anna and she ansers her look with well it didnt cover the maniquens ass any way....sara goes to the counter anna asks how it felt having my cock ut so close to sara.... she smiles and saya she can smell the pre cum she ducks under again... and cleans my cock as she resurfaces she tells me go to the bath room and wait for the knock and she fuck me there but i must be cock out ready to go.... imsitting in the ladies when i hear the knock twice.. once twice i open cock out rearing for action sara sorry i i ...ii sara pushes me in and grabbs my cock in her hand wanking my shaft so as she can un button her jeans bending over the toilet she slids my cock i her pussy already moist... quickly i cant be gone 4 long.. she commands...i pump her pussytill im a boutto blow my load she is moaning sara knows im gonna cum my cock twitches and she pulls me out spins around and swallows my enire load.. she takes her panties off wipes her wet pussy and stuffes them in my face lick those u !!!!! she leaves ... i go out and anna is sitting in front of a runt in baggy jeans and hoodie... ted this is eddy my boyfriend .. hi eddy hows things anna was talking all about u ...well anna c u later... eddy wants to know if u can suggest a b&b 4 the night he going back out surfing as sara and i are going shopping and we have u to carry out bags 4 the day dont we anna smiles behind eddy and i look at sara she giggles as infectious as annas.. yes there is one up the road.. eddy dont worry i do all the work to day ....... (more to follow want to hear more please let me know )