Written by ted001

12 Feb 2010

ok hi all hope all is well ...love to hear your ideas on this posted a few in the past be it or bad hope fully it will make me allthe better lol..........anyway......im sitting in a small seaside town near galway.... in a cafe having well we will call it brunch.... or as fat guys call it (me) a top up between meals.... there she is as she strides across the cafe floor an acknoledging smile.. she knows how she affects the male population of the cafe... all jaw dropped and cock twitching under the tables...me i was infected but not as terminal as the rest as i knew i didnt have a shot... snow balls chance in hell....clare hurlers winning another all ireland...u get the picture, any wayjeans cut to just cover her hips.. top ending around her belly button.. the top clasp on her jeans displaying her perfectlly toned mid section which lead so appealingly to her pussy the holy grail of the cafe....by the door my usuall spot expresso she calls out yes please is my reply i wasnt talking to u was i ..... sorry now tell me again the right side means draggon and the left is princess(the kinky type in silky panties) she looks over and says what..... the side of the bed just trying to keep my head firmly afixed where it should be.... with a laugh and a appoligettic smile she jestures towards the machine... make my owne is it as i stand and walk to the counter.... then her smile changes kinky princess time....ur head where it should be or where u want it to be .... she blushes as she had forgotten the cafe full laden with men... ready to blow their load at the mere suggestion of head and where we all wanted it to be...as a saving grace to her i silenced all my inner demons ... u know what u could say next to keepon this track.... stop snow balls in hell....well it on my shoulders now and hopefully if i dont leave it here it will stay that way how bout that expresso....i could feel the stabbing looks i was getting from the cafe males they wanted more the mere look on her face was enough to bring the rising damp.....she brings me my drink and says mind waiting to order as the kitchen is manic... no problem ....the cafe drains of occupiants slowly i order she says sorry 4 earlier no worries u make a lousy expresso.. a giggle erupts from behind me .. but my attention is interupted by her again.. leaning towards me.. her perfect breasts(not big by any means but enought there to keep the eye and stand fast nipples showing through the top )peeping out at me... aahhhh ah ah sorry i mean yeah can i get a wrap please with ur sauce on it again i hear a giggle but she smiles and says if u want my sauce ull have to wait... i mean red sauce sorry my now red face ... im caught out.. she knows my mind as if i could hide it at all...