Written by Anna Mosity

17 Mar 2014

I first saw her standing in a clip joint doorway in Soho. While walking past she caught my eye and as she smiled she beckoned me over. I knew what she was trying to do. They lure tourists inside on the offer of a cheap sex show, but then insist that the punter has to buy their host a drink and pay for her time, which could cost as much as £400 - £500. When the customer can’t or won’t pay they get some big thug to march them to a nearby cash machine. Most of the unsuspecting victims have something to lose just by being in those some sort of places, so it’s not surprising that a great many naïve idiots hand over the cash in order to evade the promise of a right hook. I wasn’t ever going to be stupid enough to go inside, but this girl had an amazing body and I couldn’t resist playing along just so I could speak to her.

As I got closer, she stood away from the shadows of the doorway and she became bathed in blue light from a neon sign above. She was wearing skin tight denim jeans and a matching denim jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. She had gleaming black, shoulder length hair that reflected the light from above and created a halo around her face. As I approached she pulled open her jacket slightly to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her t-shirt stretched across the wonderful natural shape of her breasts and I could see the outline of one nipple pushing through from underneath.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” she asked. I immediately recognised her accent. It was warm and familiar.

“Sam,” I replied. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Bronagh.”

“That sounds like a Fermanagh twang if ever I’ve heard one,” I commented. Instantly her blue eyes widened and her mouth gaped with surprise.

“Aye, I was reared in Enniskillen,” she said. “You’re from home then? What are you doing in London?”

“I’m just here for a few days visit. I’m going to a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.”

“Oh, lucky you,” she said with a broad grin. “Are you staying around here?”

“Err, no I’m staying in Kensington near the V&A. What about you? What brought you to London?”

“Ah…well that’s a long story.” She nodded into the darkness of the doorway. “I’m over here studying, but as you can see I’m enjoying myself and earning a bit of extra cash to help with the old tuition fees.” At that point she placed her hand on my shoulder. “Listen, Sam, you should walk on. You’ll get cleaned in here and I wouldn’t want someone from home get taken for a ride on my account.”

I didn’t tell her that I was a little too street wise to be taken in, but I really appreciated her honesty. Not only that but she threw her arms around me like a long lost friend and sent me on my way with a violent hug. She had a wonderful presence and her personality was very endearing. It was easy to see that she would be good at enticing guys to follow her. As I walked away, I glanced back and saw that she had already struck up a conversation with another passer-by and within seconds he was walking with her into the dark shadows of the doorway. “Poor bastard” I thought to myself. He thinks he’s going to fuck her, or someone else, and all he’s going to get is screwed in a completely different kind of way.

The following night I spent a wonderful evening seeing Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall. As I walked along Exhibition Road, back towards my hotel, the Thistle in South Kensington, my thoughts turned to Bronagh. This had been an amazing night and the only thing that could make it any better would be to somehow find her. I danced down the steps into the pedestrian tunnel that adjoins all the museums in the area and eventually leads to South Kensington tube station. Drunk on beer and Clapton’s music, I contemplated getting on a tube and heading for Soho once again. Maybe she would be there, at the doorway? Maybe she would come for a drink? Maybe…oh who was I kidding? It was nearly midnight and I was grasping at straws. I thought better of it, and headed for a night cap in the hotel bar.

The hotel was a welcome oasis of calm compared to the hustle and bustle of the night time London streets. I walked in and indulged in polite conversation with the Barman while he poured me a pint. Behind me a room full of tables, mostly empty, sat amid a forest of ferns and ivies, while two television screens showed Sky News with the volume turned down. I gratefully took the pint in my hand and took a long hard gulp of lager, grunting with satisfaction as I planted the glass back down on the bar. As I did so, I glanced up at the Barman who nodded behind me and before I could fully turn to see what he had been nodding at, two denim clad arms wrapped themselves around me with a familiar violent hug. With my face imbedded in a cascade of fragrant jet black hair, and my hands feeling the skin tight jeans around her bum, I knew it could only be Bronagh.

“It’s Sam,” she yelped as she slowly relinquished her squeeze on my neck. “This is my friend Sam from home.”

As she pulled away I could see for the first time that Bronagh had someone with her, an attractive tall blonde friend.

“Hello, this is a surprise,” I said. “What on earth are you doing here?”

“Janey’s staying here,” said Bronagh. She closed her eyes and swayed slightly. I could see that she was drunk. She pointed to her left, but her friend was standing to her right. “This is Janey.”

“Can I buy you both a drink?”

“That’s very kind of you, Sam” said Janey in a slightly unidentifiable broken European accent, “but I think we need to get this girl to my room before she falls down.”

Bronagh started to laugh and staggered forward into me. I caught her in my arms and she rested her head on my chest.

“Well, let me at least give you a hand.”

At times it took both Janey and myself to keep Bronagh on her feet. We manoeuvred her into the lift and Janey pushed the button for the fourth floor.

“You’re lovely, Sam,” said Bronagh as we all but dragged her from the lift. “I’m not a prostitute, you know. Janey will tell you. I just get £30 every time I get someone inside. I’d never let them do that to you. Honestly, I never would.”

“It’s ok, those guys are mugs. They get what they deserve” I said dismissively.

“There just regular guys,” added Janey.

“They’re naive idiots to be taken in by scams like that, I have no sympathy for them”.

“Ah, but for the grace of god goes another man” said Bronagh giggling.

“Not me. Anyway, it sounds like you you’ve both had quite a night,” I said as I hung onto Bronagh, and Janey searched her bag for her room key.

“It was really was great,” said Janey nodding and laughing. She inserted the card into the electronic lock and turned the door handle to open the hotel room door.

“…and it isn’t over yet,” added Bronagh.

We had been leaning on the door and when it opened all three of us fell into the room, staggering forward until the bed broke our fall. We collapsed in a heap with me at the bottom. The girls shrieked with laughter, where as I just lay there and slowly recaptured my breath after the exertion of carrying Bronagh so far. Eventually, the laughter and the giggles subsided. I supposed that tiredness was taking its toll and that Bronagh in particular had probably fallen asleep. Raising my head, though, allowed me to see that it wasn’t sleep that had subdued the laughter. Janey’s and Bronagh’s mouths were locked together. I watched as they kissed. Their eyes closed, their lips slowly opening and closing against each other, occasionally pulling away slightly so that I could see their tongues pushing into each other’s mouths.

They rolled off my body and Bronagh lay on top of her friend. They continued to kiss and I slowly withdrew to the safety of the armchair next to the bed. I sat there, sure that I would be politely asked to go on my way at any moment. Yet, it was as if they didn’t care that I was watching. Neither Bronagh nor Janey acknowledged my presence at first. Bronagh sat astride Janey on the bed and took off her denim jacket. Then, whilst looking down into Janey’s eyes she crossed her arms, took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt, and then slowly peeled it off above her head. Her breasts fell free with a beautiful swaying bounce and Janey wasted no time in reaching up to touch the smooth round globes of flesh. Then Bronagh leaned forward so that her tits hung down over Janey’s face. Janey opened her mouth and lifted her head slightly so that she could kiss and lick Bronagh’s nipples, biting them to get them hard and then sucking on them with an audible slurp. As she felt her boobs being sucked, Bronagh glanced across to me for the first time.

“Are you alright, pet?” she asked.

“Do you want me to go?” I whispered. She shook her head and gasped slightly as Janey swapped, sucking the other nipple into her mouth.

“Stay and enjoy it. Wank if you want to.”

It was as if those words pressed the start button on a super pump that forced blood into my penis. As I watched Bronagh start to unbuckle Janey’s belt, with her movements causing her bare boobs to jiggle and sway in unison, and Janey herself with her arms stretched out across the bed in contemplation in what was to come, I could feel the pressure building inside my trousers. Bronagh pulled Janey’s jeans down and off her legs, kneeling back onto the bed between her thighs, pushing her knees apart with her hands. I watched Bronagh lower her head and start to lick Janey’s pussy, causing Janey to arch her back and squirm at the sensations. Janey clutched the duvet on the bed and pulled it over her head as he moaned with delight. By now I couldn’t resist, and while sitting in the arm chair I slowly unbuttoned my trousers and reach down inside them to feel my swelling cock. I pulled it free from the restriction of my shorts and groaned as it was finally given a chance to stand erect. I pulled my foreskin down and smeared my precum over my head and shaft with my fingers. It felt warm and slippery, and the natural lube meant that my hand could slide up and down smoothly. Bronagh raised her head and our eyes met. She glanced down at the sight of me slowly stroking and she smiled.

“That’s a lovely cock, Sam,” she said calmly and quietly. Kneeling there, between Janey’s legs, she reached down and started to finger her friend. As she did, Janey pulled the duvet away and looked around to where I was sitting. She smiled too and without saying a word she just held her hand out towards me, beckoning me forward with her fingers. I stood up and slipped my shoes off, before stepping out of my trousers. Then I walked across the hotel room floor to the bed and directed my penis to Janey’s outstretched hand. She touched the base of my shaft with her fingers and moved them downwards, cupping my hanging balls and massaging my scrotum, before moving her hand back up to my hardness where she slowly wrapped her fingers around my girth. She gripped tightly and started to give me a hand job, pulling my foreskin up and down in a slow but regular rhythm. Bronagh stopped and got off the bed to remove her jeans. Her eyes looked half shut with drunken tiredness and I wondered how long it might be before she would pass out. Not that it mattered, as Janey was far from tired and very much preoccupied with my dick. Nevertheless, now completely naked, with her long black hair draped down elegantly over her boobs, Bronagh walked around the bed and put her arm around me and her head on my shoulder. For a second she just looked down and watched as her friend masturbated me, and when Janey released her grip so that she could too get totally undressed, Bronagh carried on where Janey left off. Still standing beside me she reached down and gripped my stiff cock and started to rhythmically wank me.

“Can I put it in my mouth?”

“I was praying you would want to,” I whispered in reply. Bronagh pulled her hair away and tucked it behind her ears as she sat on the edge of the bed, took me in her fingers and then guided my tip into her mouth. She closed her lips around it and I could feel her hot wet tongued tasting and touching my sensitive swollen helmet. Slowly she took me deeper, pushing her head onto me so I slipped into the back of her throat and more of my shaft was in her mouth. She pulled away and took me a little deeper each time, until on the third time her chin was pressing right into my balls. She coughed slightly as she eventually released me, her saliva dripping from my manhood.

By now Janey was naked. Her body was slimmer and more toned than Bronagh, her boobs smaller but no less beautiful. She walked around the bed to join us and as Bronagh continued to lick and suck my dick, Janey stood there kissing me. Soon though, she broke away and sat down next to Bronagh where she waited patiently for Bronagh to pull my cock from her mouth and guide it into hers. I was was starting to think that this was a dream, as I fucked the mouth of one gorgeous woman, only to pull my cock free and slide it into the mouth of another. Soon though they started to become more interested in each other again and they started to kiss each other, falling back onto the bed, Bronagh on all fours above her friend as she kissed her passionately. With her bum perched in the air in front of me, I manoeuvred behind her and placed my hands on her beautiful smooth hips. She didn’t pull away, so I moved in closer, standing directly behind her so that she could feel my erection rubbing the inside of her thigh. Again, she didn’t pull away, still kissing Janey underneath her. I went for it. This time I pressed the tip of my cock onto her labia and as I had hoped, she pushed back onto me so that my head push through them and up into her vagina. I still held onto her hips and pushed my own hips forward, making my cock plunge as deep into her cunt as I could make it go. She gasped audibly. I slowly withdrew and then plunged it in again, and then again, so that my balls slapped against her bum as I fucked her from behind. Her pussy was so hot and wet around my cock, it felt amazing and soon my shaft and balls were soaked in her juices as I slipped in and out of her again and again. I stood there, fucking Bronagh for several minutes and, to be honest, I would have been quite happy to just cum all over her back right there and then. However, Bronagh wanted Janey to feel what it was like to fuck me too. She kneeled up and pulled me onto the bed, turning me onto my back. As I lay there, Bronagh once again started to suck my cock, but this time it was purely to get it wet and slippery in preparation for entering Janey. As Bronagh held my cock in her hand, Janey lowered herself onto it and started to ride me in reverse cowgirl position. What a sight it was to look down and see Janey’s fantastic arse rise and falling, and my cock sliding up into her. Soon Janey leaned back and allowed Bronagh to pull my dick out of her pussy with her hand. She eagerely sucked Janey’s juices and my precum from it and then guided it back into Janey’s pussy again. I really couldn’t take much more of this as Janey writhed around on top of me and slowly felt my orgasm start to build up in an amazing wave of pleasurable spasms. Bronagh sensed what was happening and for the last time pulled my cock from Janey’s swollen pink vagina just in time for my cock to twitch and convulse, sending the first of several warm jets of creamy white spunk splattering across her face. The first spurt landed on her cheek, but the second and third sent globules of spunk right into her mouth. As the spurts of cum got smaller, Bronagh squeezed my cock with her hand and I grimaced as she tried to squeeze every last drop out of me. I lay there, completely exhausted and spent, watching as Bronagh took Janey’s head in her hand and pulled it towards her own. At first, Janey resisted, not really wanting my cum in her mouth, but Bronagh was insistent and succeeded in clamping her mouth onto Janey’s. Janey gave in as my cum passed from Bronagh’s mouth into hers and soon they were locked in and embrace, their mouth glistening with my sperm. With that mental image in my mind, I completed flaked out on the bed. Bronagh continued to fuck Janey and at times I could feel them bouncing on the bed, and the cries of pleasure coming from beside me, but I was dead to the world…and sleep took me.

When I awoke, it was morning and I was the only one on the bed. I lay there for a second, expecting to hear some noises from the bathroom, but none came. I got up and searched around for my clothes, which were lying untidily all over the floor. I got dressed, grabbed my jacket, and just sat there on the bed, contemplating what had happened the night before. It had been one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life. The kind of thing that I didn’t think ever happened to normal guys like me, unless of course you paid for it. As I stood up and put on my jacket, I reached into the pocket for my own room key. That’s funny, I felt sure it had been in my left pocket…but it was empty. I checked the other pocket and it wasn’t there either. Then the panic hit, when I reached inside my jacket for my wallet, only to find that it was gone too…replace by a small piece of paper. I took it out and frantically opened it. There was a note, written on hotel note paper. It read:

“You were a naive idiot…but a lovely fuck. Xoxo”