Written by cplforfun09

19 Apr 2010

Me and my boyfriend go on s4i most nights to see if we can find any1 to meet or just to chat to - to get us horny and excited.. well anyway i was at work one day and pretty bored and horny, i thought i was alone so i went on s4i to take a quick peek if anyone messaged us, i was on the chatroom anyway getting excited and wet, when my boss walked in he asked what i was doing and of course when u want to exit something quickly it never works, i couldn get it shut down in time and he saw what site i was on, he jus gave me a cheekey smile while i sat with a big red face, he went to leave the room and i was glad as i was embarrased but he only went as far as the door to lock it and he pulled the blind down and he said "show me your wild side then" he pulled me of the chair and he sat down on it, he pulled of my blouse and my tight black skirt & i was left standing in front of him with my stockings and black bra & thong, he said now turn around and dance for me, so i obliged and while i was dancin my ass all around his crotch area i could feel him getting harder and harder he kept squeezing my ass - i turned around got on my knees and opened his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers his cock just stood up proud and hard, he pushed my head down on top of it and grabbed a hold of my hair , i was taking the full length in my mouth now and it was rock hard, i came out as i couldn resist his cock no more i wanted it in me i took of my thong and just jumped up on top of him on the seat i was jumpin up and down hard on his cock and screaming, he had a hold of me tight pushin me up and down again.. i said to him ure the boss do what u want so he stood up with me still inside him and threw me on the table full of paperwork and stuff and pounded it in hard grabbing my tits for support to get it in as far as he could - he was about to come so i pushed him out and told him to lye on the floor, i tunred and faced the other way and sat on his cock he stuck his finger up my ass and i went back an froth riding him til his warm cock filled my soaking wet pussy - - - the joys of s4i at work - - -