Written by Anna Mosity

16 Jan 2014

I arrived at the hotel around ten minutes early, with nerves creating a knot in my stomach. What on earth was I thinking? I must have been mad.

We had exchanged emails for about two weeks, and every request for a picture had met with an excuse. After all, in this day and age of camera phones and cams, how hard is it to take a quick snap and text it to someone? Not hard at all, and so a refusal to send a picture usually set the alarm bells ringing. For all I knew, the person I knew as Shygirl5 on the site could very well turn out to be a big hairy man, a mad axe murderer, or worst still…a politician. Yet, here I was, walking into the reception of a hotel, shaking the rain from my coat, about to break all of my usual rules. I must have been mad.

I think it was her emails that gave me the confidence to agree to the meet. They were easy to read, confident and funny. She didn’t type in abbreviations or in an accent, and it gave me the impression she was an educated and professional person. We would chat for hours about anything and everything, and the time would fly by in an instant. When the topic of conversation eventually got around to sex, she was refreshingly uninhibited and could describe her fantasies in excruciating detail, using words I hardly knew. We spent hours reading each other’s text until eventually we would both confess to masturbating. All of those sex charged words made me build up this image of her in my mind. It was a mental image that could never hope to be real, but all I hoped for was that at least some of it would be real. That would be enough. It was certainly enough for me to stand there in the hotel bar, scanning the room for a woman holding a black umbrella. That’s how she said I would recognise her.

As it turned out, there was only one woman in the bar. Sitting at a table alone and drinking a cup of coffee. On setting eyes on her, my first reaction was one of relief. She looked lovely, attractive, normal, and there wasn’t an axe in sight. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. She was dressed in dark grey skirt and matching jacket, over a white blouse. I immediately congratulated myself on how perceptive my mental image of her had been. She looked every bit the professional woman. I took a deep breath and went over.

"Hey Shygirl5, lovely to meet you at last,” I said with a smile, kissing her on the cheek, while moving her black umbrella out of the way and sitting down on the chair next to hers. She looked a little bit shocked that I had been quite so forward so soon, and she leaned back and gazed at me with an open mouthed grin. Before she could speak, I continued. “You look amazing”

“Thanks,” she said with a nervous and almost bemused giggle, pulling her fine long black hair from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. “Shygirl5?”

“Well, on the site you never gave me your real name. I don’t know what it is?”

“Didn’t I?” She took a few seconds and I could see her mind racing. “Err…Its Sarah,” she said eventually.

“Hi Sarah,” I said smiling again. “What about me, do I look like my picture? Not too disappointed I hope?“

Sarah looked at me up and down. All of a sudden I noticed that the person, who was so confident in her emails, now seemed somewhat awkward and unsure of what to say. She blushed visibly.

“No, you look nice,” she said in virtual whisper, blushing even more, and biting her bottom lip.

“I’ve got admit, I’m so bloody nervous.”

“What for?” she asked, just before sipping some coffee from her cup.

“Well, I didn’t know what you looked like. We’ve been chatting about sex and all the things we’d like to do to each other and for all I knew you could’ve looked like Bruce Forsyth.”

Sarah shrieked with laughter, muffling the sound with her hand over her mouth and almost spilling her coffee in the process.

“Oh my god, I hope I haven’t disappointed you?”

“No, quite the opposite.”

Sarah paused and looked at me again for what seemed like an age. Her smile disappeared and I could see her chest rise and fall as she took a deep breath to counter the adrenalin in her blood stream.

“You do still want to do those things to me?” she asked.

“Now that I’ve seen you, more than anything.”

I paid for a room at the Reception desk, and as we walked into the elevator I could feel my heart pumping and my penis pressing urgently against the font of my trousers. The lift door closed and we embraced, Sarah’s full figure pressing against me as her lips pressed against mine. My arms wrapped around her waist and I held her even tighter against me, until I knew for certain that she could feel my hardness pressing against her stomach. Her mouth opened and her warm slippery tongue entered my mouth, dancing and twisting around mine. She pulled her mouth away, a bead of saliva linking our mouths stretched until the distance caused it to snap. She looked down, reached down to my trousers and slowly pulled down my zip with fingers adorned with bright red nail polish. I glanced up and could see we were nearing the seventh floor, where our room was, but I didn’t care. All I could hear above the sound of the lift was Sarah’s breathlessness as she reached inside and slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft, pulling my dick out. She looked up into my eyes and slowly pulled my foreskin back to reveal my tip, swollen, purple, and glistening with precum. As the lift emitted a loud “ping” noise and doors started to open, it snapped me back into reality just in time for me to make myself decent. We walked out into the hallway, walking past other guests. I felt like a peacock, strutting as I walked. I knew what was to come.

Shutting the door behind us we immediately started to kiss again. Unable to unclamp our mouths, we tried to undress each other whilst kissing. I pulled Sarah’s jacket off her shoulders and she pulled my shirt out from my trousers. I didn’t wait to unbutton the shirt. Desperate to get naked as quickly as possible, I pulled my shirt off over my head and tossed it to the floor. Then I stood there as Sarah stood back and unbuttoned her white blouse, staring into my eyes with total lust as she did so. When she pulled it open to reveal her white lace bra, I smiled. There is nothing more erotic than watching a woman reach behind her back to undo her bra. I could see that Sarah had lovely large breasts, but when her bra fell away to reveal her stunning natural boobs I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. They fell free and swayed slightly as she walked back towards me and were warm against my skin as we embraced once again. Kissing, we staggered over to the bed. I sat on the mattress as she slowly unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. As she did so I reached out and touched her skin. It was so soft and smooth to the touch. I reached up and kissed her neck, slowly licking, working my way downwards. I left a trail of wetness down between her breasts, over her stomach, and towards her belly button, where I allowed my tongue to explore. I could feel her breasts touching my face on either side, and I grabbed them in my hands, guiding the first towards my mouth. I circled her nipple with my tongue, soaking her pink areola and slowly blowing cold air onto it. I could feel her shiver at the sensation and watched as her nipple became stiff and erect. When it was hard, I sucked it, pausing for a second to flick the nipple with my tongue and bite it gently with my teeth before squeezing her breast once again and sucking her nipple even harder than before. When I pulled my mouth away, I could just see a small droplet of milk emerge from the soaking wet nipple I had been sucking. I licked it clean and looked around her back, running her hands down over hips, pulling her white panties downwards as I went. They fell to the floor and she stepped out of them, standing there naked in front for me, with the light from the window cascading into the room and illuminating every curve on her body. She was a vision. A lovely and natural figure, smooth rounded hips with a small triangle of neatly trimmed public hair. You can keep your plastic porn stars, with fake bodies unnaturally pumped up to bursting point. This was a real woman.

Sarah pushed me back onto the bed and started to undo my trousers. At this point I was so turned on that I was worried I might cum the moment she touched my cock. Had she teased me, and took her time, that may very well have happened. Thankfully, though, she forcefully took my tool in her hand and started to wank me, pulling my foreskin back and forth with a speed and enthusiasm that felt lovely and rather took me by surprise. It made me so hard that, at that moment, it felt like I could have put it through a brick wall. It gave me the confidence to know I might at least last a little bit longer. Then she pushed by cock down flat against my stomach and ran her tongue from my balls, up along my shaft, before taking my head into her mouth. I gasped at how lovely and warm her mouth felt around my tip, and how it made squelching noises as she sucked greedily. Eventually, I gripped her head with my hands, holding it still, and rather than her head rising and falling on my dick I raised and lowered my hips so that I was fucking her mouth. Sarah moaned with delight and grunted as she took me as far into her throat as she could. This was too much, and I could feel the orgasm start to build. No, way. I wanted to make this last longer, so I pulled my cock free and pushed Sarah onto her back. As she turned and flopped backwards onto the bed, she momentarily widened her legs and for the first time I could see her pink pussy, but she stopped me in my tracks.

“Get some towels,” she said, “for the bed.”


“She let her hand reach down between her legs and felt herself. I could see her insert her own finger into her vagina, feeling herself inside.

“Yes, sometimes I squirt and I don’t want to make a mess. Get them.”

I went to the bathroom and grabbed all of the towels, throwing them at Sarah on my return. While she was carefully arranging them on top of the bed clothes, I searched for the condom I had in my coat pocket. When I found it, I looked back and could see Sarah lying back and rubbing herself. It was so beautiful to see. It was as if she was lost, oblivious to the situation and just enjoying how it felt. I went over to the bed, tossed the condom onto the pillow and stooped down between her legs. I kissed the inside of her thigh and could smell her sex. It was intoxicating. I ran my tongue along her thigh, upwards towards her pussy and then paused with my mouth barely millimetres from her vagina.

“Oh fuck I can feel your breath,” she said. I looked up and could see her propped up on her elbows, ensuring she could see everything that I was going to do to her. I kept eye contact, using my fingers to pull her labia apart. I felt for her clit protruding from under a small hood and I kissed it, slowly licked it and then blew on it as I done with her nipple. Her back arched and she groaned, throwing her head back with delight. I did it again, before continuing to lick and suck the clit. Eventually I moved down slightly and pushed my tongue into her pussy. It was hot and wet. I stabbed her cunt with my tongue and rubbed her clit at the same time with my finger. She groaned again, widening her legs to let my tongue get deeper still. I couldn’t get it any deeper and so I swapped, pushing my finger inside her now, and returning my tongue to her clit. I was able to quicken the pace with my finger, and she reached down gripping my wrist to control the pace of my rhythm. I put two fingers in now, moving them inside her with a beckoning motion that had her writhing on the bed. I quickened my pace yet again. Completely ignoring the fact that I had lost my erection, I just wanted to make her cum and see her squirt. Sarah’s moans got more audible. Short sharp bursts of involuntary sound, arriving in unison with a shudder throughout her whole body. I persisted with fingering her, it seemed to be working. So much so that it actually sounded like I was causing her pain and I paused.

“Keep going,” she gasped.

I fingered her even faster, vibrating my hand, not relenting until eventually her high pitched yelps returned. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and my fingers aching, but I didn’t want to stop. I loved the look on her face. The combination of intense spasm and pleasure hung on her brow as she cried out and creased over on the bed. Her leg shaking as the orgasm took control. I stood there with my hand dripping wet. I didn’t see her squirt, but I could see why the towels were needed. I lay on top of her and she wrapped her arms around me. We kissed and cuddled, at one in the moment.

Slowly our kisses became more passionate and I could feel my cock start to rise and stiffen. Sarah felt it too. She reached down as we kissed and started to stroke me, slowly and gently massaging my dick with her hand. I reached up onto the pillow and unsuccessfully felt for the condom. Sarah looked too. She got up and sat astride me, her knees either side of my body with my cock in her hand like a joystick between her legs. She saw the condom and ripped it open with her teeth, gently rolling it down over my ever hardening length. Then, with her long black hair hanging down and almost blocking my view, she raised herself up, position my cock underneath her, and then slowly lowered herself onto my rod. What a feeling. Her vagina was so hot and wet that her juices were dripping down onto my balls as she slowly started to ride me. I rested my hands on Sarah’s hips so that I could feel them rise and fall and I started to push up, co-ordinating my upward thrusts with her downward motion so that we were fucking really hard and my cock was sliding in really deep. We quickened our pace, and I could feel Sara losing the rhythm as she started to moan again, losing control and becoming overcome by the sensations she was feeling. I locked my hands behind her back to support her, and fucked as hard and as fast as I could, my balls slapping against her bum and my length plunging in and out again and again. Sarah cried out, and I could feel her body becoming limp and she collapsed on top of me, but I persisted. I raised her bum with my hands, and from underneath her I kept thrusting my cock upwards as fast as I could.

Then it happened. Sarah’s body went rigid and she lifted herself from my cock only for a jet of warm clear liquid to spurt down onto my stomach. Sarah gasped with pleasure. I didn’t want it to stop. I turned her over and quickly pulled her by her legs closer to the edge of the bed. Standing, between her welcoming thighs I slipped my penis in again and started to fuck. Holding her legs up and resting them on my shoulders so that my cock could get as deep as possible, I penetrated Sarah again and again as fast as I could, each time pulling it completely out before re-entering her, so that she could feel every inch of my cock sliding deep inside her. Again she moaned. This time her back arched and my cock was pushed from her pussy by the force of another squirt, gushing upwards from inside her. This was too much for me now. I pulled the condom off my dick and started to jerk with my hand. I could feel the orgasm build in the pit of my stomach.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped.

While on her back Sarah reach down between her knees and gripped my cock with her hand, just as the first of several white jets of creamy cum spurted into the air. Each push from my groin produced more cum, which sprayed across Sarah’s already soaked stomach and boobs, until her squeezes left my balls completely empty.

Exhausted, I looked down at this gorgeous woman lying on the bed beneath me, her whole body shining with moisture. She raised her hands to my head, beckoning me to kiss her. That wasn’t enough for me. I lowered my head towards her stomach and tasted her wet skin, licking up her juices and some of my cum onto my tongue, before moving my head up and kissing Sarah on the mouth. She readily accepted the offering, letting my cum transfer from my tongue to hers in her mouth. I did it again, licking up the cum that was dripping from the nipple I saw lactating earlier. I sucked her boob hard, holding the cum on my tongue and then kissed Sarah again. This was magical.

We showered in silence, at times just holding each other, barely talking. Then I watched her dress, a scene that was just as erotic as seeing her undress. So much so that I started to get hard again and played with myself on the bed while I watched. She just smiled when she saw what I was doing.

“When can I see you again?” I asked as she lifted her handbag and black umbrella.

“Just email me. Shygirl5, remember?”

And with that…she was gone. Blowing me a kiss and vanishing through the hotel room door. We had only been up there for about an hour and a half or so, and it was over. I got dressed and sauntered back down to reception, where I intended to finish an amazing night with a drink. Sitting at the bar, I ordered a beer and thought about what had happened.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” said the voice. I turned to search for the source of the voice.


There, at the bar, was a short, stocky woman standing next to me. She had fiery red hair, lots of rouge and bright red lip gloss. Chewing gum so furiously that it made her bangle earrings rattle, she was clearly agitated.

“It’s me, Gemma, I recognised you from your pic. Where have you been, I’ve been waiting ages?”

“I’m sorry, what are you talking about?”

The woman waved a black umbrella in the air.

“I’m Gemma. …Shygirl5?”



I sat there in a daze, trying to come to terms with what had happened.

“If you’re Shygirl5, then who…?”

“Who what?” snapped, Gemma. “Are you ok? You were never this weird online. Here, you’re not a weirdo, are you? You look a bit like Bruce Forsyth.”

I didn’t answer.

I never did find out who Sarah was. I don’t even know if that was her real name? Talking to the Barman later he seemed to think that she had been one of the delegates at a food conference hosted by the hotel that afternoon, something he deduced from seeing a name badge on her collar when she ordered her coffee. All I know is that she gave me a memory that will stay with me forever.