8 Oct 2017

Polly walked slowly across the hotel room at the foot of the bed.

The dull chatter from the bustling crowd below rose, and beyond that, the lights of St. Stephens green flickered to enlighten the sleepy corners as dusk fell on a city.

Inside this room, the noise from her black leather knee high boots were dampened by the thick carpet, as she strutted confidently, empowered, strong and sexy in her black lace underwear and black leather bodice across the room. She paused briefly in front of the full length mirror as she pivoted noticing the details - her hair pulled back tightly, her makeup flawless and the lines of her body, her breasts exposed and perfect. A confident woman, who knew what she wanted and played people around her in every way to get it she felt a familiar pride in her confidence and sex appeal that was shattered by a clear and determined voice from the bed in the darkness ‘Did I tell you to stop?’

Hey eyes immediately dropped, she walked more rapidly to the end of the bed, never looking up.

“Good, you look delicious - now kneel down, its time for me to have my fun”, a voice said with both intent and playfulness.

Polly and Jean had met at a mutual friends dinner party. Both career women who were similar in age, but Jean balanced home life as a mum to two children with her job as an accountant. Meanwhile Polly was single, had a string of lovers she never had time for or any emotional investment in and spent most of her free time in the gym whilst running her own branding company. Polly was used to getting her own way, somewhat obsessive about details, planning and the delivery of reports. Having shared a cab in the same direction from the dinner party, she’d spend that night attempting to understand her feelings after Jean had kissed her passionately before leaving the cab that night. A text later ‘hmmm, for a cute little girl, you’re a great kisser’ from Jean had further shattered the glass floor she’d found herself hanging to in order to find her feet again. They’d both enjoyed a drink but Jean had kissed her with intent, taking from her a deep kiss and leaving her with her eyes closed, dizzy and speechless as the door of the cab had been closed and Jean walked away.

A series of messages and emails between the two were exchanged over a week and in an intriguing way Polly felt herself giddy when sitting waiting for Jean to arrive for a coffee and a chat. Jean arrived late, looking a little unkept as a busy mum might. Her hands lifted the coffee to her face but Polly had noticed how her eyes had never once stopped reading and wandering over her body. Polly had come from a business meeting and was wearing black heels and a short pencil skirt. Jean had been apologetic for being late, but impressed on Polly that time was precious as were people to her. Polly felt that she was in the presence of a truly caring person in how Jean listened to her. She felt safe and had been surprised afterwards how she’d shared her own fears about life, work and family with someone who was a relative stranger. Jean simply listened, smiled and nodded in a supportive way, and ended the conversation with ‘and all of this dear Polly, is why I want to play with you’. The laughing stopped when Polly saw Jean stand above her, hold her chin in both hands and once again kiss her passionately leaving her dizzy. “Ill be in touch, love those shoes by the way” Jean purred as she walked away leaving Polly sitting in the coffee shop.

Polly felt Jean move from the bed behind her and heard the flick of a lamp to her right and the light reveal the room. A suite in the Shelbourne seemed decadent but why not, Polly had a meeting the next morning in the city and she had no intention of driving home this evening. Despite getting to know Jean via texts and phone calls over the course of that week and genuinely feeling trust and care between them she’d needed a drink to steady herself, to calm the unfamiliar excitement of finally being in this room and waiting for Jean to arrive. Smutty texts between them had been delicious and directives simple - "impress me, wear something that makes you feel powerful, sexy, because tonight you are going to give yourself to me, for me to satisfy you”.

Polly felt Jeans hands on her arms, the feel of velvet against her skin and then the view of the bed and surrounds was shut off by a blindfold applied securely by Jean. “I want you to feel everything oh so more than you would normally Polly, is that ok with you?”, “Yes Jean” … a gentle tug on her nipple "Sorry, Yes, Miss” was followed by a low “Good girl” and the feel of a tongue licking the same nipple. Polly felt her body shudder with that touch and her mind was now racing.

“Hands behind your back”, and Polly felt a thin black leather belt weaved around her wrists tightly securing them together. “You’re a very good girl … I think its time for a treat” she heard.

She felt and heard Jean sit on the bed in front of her. The blindfold made it impossible to see anything but she could feel Jeans hand under her chin and one cupping her breast. She learned forward as she felt Jean tug on the strings of her black leather corset and Jeans lips and tongue satisfy themselves on her nipple. Polly let out a gasp and then a moan as she felt Jeans fingers playfully step up her thigh and flick and rub her clitoris having pushed her lace underwear to one side.

“Hmmmm delicious” she heard Jean say and then felt two fingers on her lips and the taste of herself inside her mouth on her tongue. “Such a good girl”.

Fingers removed.


She heard Jean move away and a dirty laugh emitted. Then the sound from the bucket of ice where the wine was chilling.

“You know that leather is sooooooo hot”, time I cooled you off …. and Polly felt ice cubes on either side of her neck running down her collar bones and two hands from behind her cupping her breasts and pressed against her nipples. “Thank you” Polly was shocked to hear herself say but she knew by giving over her body, her mind and her senses to Jean she was satisfying her desires by pleasing her lover. There was trust and respect between the two of them that had been established frankly and openly which enabled her to truly give herself to another, all of her in a new sense.

The ice was driving her insane, Polly moaning now could feel Jeans lips on the back of her neck, she could sense the heat and excitement from behind on Jean, her naked legs pressing against her back. Jean kneel now, more ice, but this time her hand was against Polly’s pussy sending convulsions through her body, her hands still tied behind, her mount now constantly open, her mouth groaning … fingers given and sucked and kissed as Polly put her weight onto the Jeans hungry fingers and rocked her hips instinctively.

With care, she felt Jean lift her to her feet with hands under her elbows and spin her around … she felt herself being ushered a step back before falling onto the bed … and hands on her knees … in contrast to the freezing cold ice she felt Jean’s hot hungry tongue push deep within her and pushed instinctively with her feet to raise herself, to give Jean more of herself.

Fingers again, raged within her, Polly was shaking her head from side to side in an attempt to shake the blind fold, the passion consuming her …. and the feel of Jeans tongue and then her teeth bite gentle and suck on the inside of her thigh … she could feel Jean hungrily and carefully biting her, marking her, and she wanted it, “Thank you, thank you, thank you ” through the moans ….

Jean stopped and Polly felt her move up kissing as she went, her hips, first her hands on her leather bodice and her mouth again sensually kissing each breast until Jean could feel hungry lips and tongue on hers … passionate, giving, endless kissing …. a hand removed her blindfold to reveal Jeans eyes smiling down at her, their bodies locked against one another, Jeans hands on her, and gently stroking her neck. Polly smiled "I am yours" she said … and Jean nodded "yes, you are mine".

In this new world Polly didn’t want to think, she wanted to be told. She wanted to be taken, she wanted to release all control to herself to a person she could trust. She was not playing a role nor was Jean, she was simply giving into the underlying personality that she had always had but never had the courage or opportunity to explore. She didn’t want anyone hurting her for the sake of hurt or playing some sort of role or enactment of a bad film, she wanted someone to dominate her, to earn that right to dominate her and for them to be invested in not only their pleasure but hers.

As Polly dressed for work the next day standing naked on the shower mat in front of the mirror she once again admired her own body. Fresh underwear was provocative and made her feel sexy and powerful. She noted the small dark bruise, bite mark on her thigh and blushed as the heady memories came flooding back from the previous night. As she applied her make up she bent over at the sink and felt a hand on her ass cheek. It was Jean, standing smiling in the mirror. ‘This is mine’ she said firmly grabbing Polly’s ass “you better be my good girl today” with a grin.