Written by Anonymous

10 Feb 2009

Across the dimly lit bar her eyes meet with those of a tall, dark haired man for a brief moment. He looks reserved and moody, but incredibly sexy. She knows he is quietly confident, and looks like he could be powerful in bed...she hopes.

On passing his table she deliberately drops her clutch bag, and he reacts as planned, and reaches down to lift her bag. Their eyes are intensely fixed on each other as the bag exchanges hands, both of them stalling for a second longer than necessary.

No words need to be spoken, the lust in eachothers faces says it all. She graps his hand, turns around and gives him a gentle tug encouraging him up from his seat, and continues to walk towards a dark hallway leading him into a private toliet, and he locks the door behind them.

Their lips and tongues meet with extreme passion, and their hands explore eachothers body, tugging at clothes, wanting skin on skin contact. He kisses her neck roughly, and grips her hair pulling her tight against the wall, nibbling her ears and shoulders, working his way down to her exposed nipples, he sucks them so hard, it hurts slightly, but she wants more. Now gentle kisses on her belly, as his warm hand is up her skirt, pulling her black panties to the side, as he yearns to feel her hot, wet shaved pussy. She groans as she feels two of his firm fingers inside her, moving up and down, and she wants more.

He is now kneeling on the floor as he sucks her clit, and rams another finger inside her. She is feeling powerfully overwhelmed, and she knows she must have his penis inside her.

She pulls his jeans and boxers lower, and is not disappointed by what she feels. Only making her desire for him to be inside her even stronger. She kisses the tip of his penis, before sucking and licking it in and out into her warm mouth. He wants to come in her mouth, but holds back, knowing the best is yet to come.

He graps her hair again, and pulls her up, shoving her face against the designer wallpaper. She smiles enjoying the rough, strong grip of his hands, one hand still on her hair, and other on the front of her pussy, as he angles her bum towards him. He seems to pause a second, making her want him even more. She thrusts back towards him, just wanting him inside.

His body meets hers as he fucks her so hard, each thrust shuddering through her whole body. Each thrust she is taking his long, thick cock, eachtime it seems to be going deeper, as he delicately runs his fingertips over her clit.

She is so hot, wet and creamy. He gets rougher biting the back of her shoulders, as he pushes his full weight against her with every thrust. she is feeling hot and lightheaded, as he shoots his warm, hot juices into her, both completely satisfied'┬Žbut now ready for round two.