Written by Bryan48

26 Jan 2016

High Security Search

I suppose for us older men it’s a nice idea or even a fantasy to have sex with a younger woman, say someone in their early 20’s. You have the notion that you can teach them a lot and give them experiences that younger guys in too much off hurry will not take the time to do .And their sweet young pussies are tighter……and understandably so, as they haven’t as yet given birth to two or three babies. I’ve had sex with a few girls in their 20’s in swinger clubs in Europe and they are very tight. One girl in particular began to squeeze the muscles of her tight pussy around my cock. I was fast approaching orgasm at the time and the louder I moaned the harder and faster she squeezed around my throbbing dick.I soon exploded inside her filling the condom with a big load of cum.Later I complimented her on what she’d done with her pussy muscles.

‘Oh that’s what it is to be young, fit and sporty,’ she replied as she put her red G String back on. ‘I love squeezing the last drops of cum out of a hard bucking cock. I can never get enough of white creamy cum, but with the condom to keep it all in. I’m not in the market for babies yet!’

Also recently I’ve been going onto a Website to chat with girls and sometimes we do private shows. I’ve befriended a 20 something girl who lives in Canada. I promised I would send her an erotic story. The following is what I came up with. I’ve written I to her as if she’s the girl in the scene.

I work a s a security man at an airport. Very important in these days with all that’s going on in the world. Travellers see it as an inconvenience, but feel safer at the same time when boarding a plane.

So this is the scenario. I’m on duty at an airport security gate. You’re coming through alone. I see you standing in the que. It being summer you’re not wearing much clothes .My eyes are drawn to your low cut top and tight, firm breasts tucked inside. I can also detect the outline of a black G String through your light summer skirt. We had recently been warned to be on the lookout for young females who were suspected of being mules, ferrying banned substances for large drug cartels. As security people we were supposed to use our discretion and good judgment in picking out travellers for random searches. Now the rules are that males should be searched by man and females, by women.

However today, at this point in time there weren’t any women security personnel available. They were on tea breaks or occupied with other searches. When I saw you I got very horny. My cock stirred inside my trousers, letting me know that it wanted you. So using my good judgment I singled you out for inspection. Yes indeed you could be loaded with a valuable haul of cocaine. My balls were loaded with a big load of white cum, which was becoming something of a burden to carry and needed to be off loaded soon.

As you came through the security screen, I took you aside and informed you about the random search I had to do. Taking you into a room I shut and locked the door behind us. You seemed a little anxious and understandably so. People are always ill at ease whenever they are searched at airports and especially when they are taken alone into rooms.

‘We have to lock the door, in case you try to escape,’ I explained to you.’

‘Don’t think I’ll try that, as I wouldn’t get far,’ you replied.’ I’m calm and relaxed and have nothing to hide. Do what you have to do and Ill cooperate fully.

‘But your hiding those luscious tits under that tight t shirt,’ I thought to myself and god only knows how tight and wet your pussy already is concealed inside those body hugging jeans and g string. They will have to be examined thoroughly before you can continue the journey.

I then explained to you as to why these random searches have to be carried out.

‘Recently there has been a spate for young females being recruited by the cartels to smuggle consignments of drugs, through airports and national borders. They hide the stuff in between their breasts and will even stuff small packages up their pussies. So you will understand that full strip searches have to be carried out. Now normally a woman will search a female, but as they are all busy at present, I have to carry out the examination on you.’

‘Ok,’ you replied, ‘as I said I have nothing to hide and it’s far from the first time that the hands of a strong and handsome man have examined the private places in my body.’

My cock was really straining inside my trousers at this stage, begging me to begin the search. I asked you to first remove your t shirt and bra. You had it off before I had the last words out of my mouth. It was obvious that you were getting aroused thinking about what was ahead and how this search would eventually pan out. One thing could lead to another and If I can steer it in that direction, I’m hoping that my rock hard dick will finally end up inside your warm, tight, pussy and maybe fill it with my white hot cum.

I then requested you to take off the T shirt and bra. I need to have a quick look at your tits, and also probe in-between them to check for illegal substances that may be hidden there.’

‘Don’t be too long as I have a plane to catch in one hour,’ you reminded me.

‘No worries, I’ll be as quick as I can I assured you,’ we’re trained to work fast.’

You peeled off her tight fitting T shirt revealing a fantastic pair of firm, rounded breasts. I felt you were proud to show them off. Unhooking the bra, suddenly those beauties were staring in my face, as if pleading to be stroked, caressed, and licked and handled with care. your nipples were full with arousal, as hard a s bullets and in all honesty were the only dangerous weapon concealed on your fine female body. My own concealed weapon was straining even harder now, inside the fabric of my jeans. I could even detect a hint of pre cum at the tip of my raging hard dick.

‘Beautiful tits,’ I told you.

‘Yes they’ve developed well,’ you murmured,’ I get lots of pleasure from them.’

‘Prepare to get more pleasure from them; ‘I thought to myself.

I pushed yort tits apart to check between them for traces of drugs. Nothing there as expected.

I’ll just suck on your nipples,’ I told you,’ to check for traces ’

I started with the right nipple. It seemed to grow even harder in my mouth. You pushed her chest towards me and I heard you emit a low, soft moan of pleasure, as my tongue flicked across the erect nipple.

‘I need to taste both your nipples for possible traces of residue, ‘I explained.

‘Yes, yes, do what you have to do, but I have a plane to catch in less than an hour,’ you gasped between soft groans.

I switched to the other breast, cupping it in my hand, as once gain my eager tongue tasted the erect and bullet like nipple. You arched her back slightly. Straining your head backwards,I noticed that your eyes were closed, as waves of mounting sexual pleasure surged through your desirable, female body.

Apart from her the hard nipples I couldn’t find any incriminating traces of drug residues around the breasts. And even if there had been something illicit there, mixing it with the saliva from my watery mouth would have contaminated it by now. But my job as a security officer was not yet complete. To ignore the vagina and give you the all clear wouldn’t be me doing my work in a through and professional manner. What better place to squirrel away a neat quantity of substances than in the safe and warm confines of a tight pussy? If she’s concealing something in there, aside from her warm, tasty sex juices, I’ll fish it out.

The waistband of the G string was visible above the waistband of the body hugging jeans.

‘I’ll have to inspect your vagina,’ I explained,’ but I’ll be as fast as possible.’

‘That’s Ok.’ you murmured, ‘Will you be using your fingers?’

‘Fingers and tongue. I will have to taste your juices too, just to make sure that there are no residues of illegal substances in there.’

‘I’m happy that you know what you’re doing.’ you replied.

I asked you to lie on a soft couch .I asked permission to remove your jeans before laying back. You readily agreed. My dick was making a fine impressive bulge inside my jeans. I knew that very soon I would have to release the eager beast from captivity. It would soon be called into action.

You lay down on the couch with now only a black G string concealing the last port of call, where I had to make a detailed search. I noticed a small moist patch around the vagina area between your hot thighs.

‘Take off my panties,’ she told me.

‘Wow, I was about to explore paradise.’

You lay back on the couch and spread your legs wide after I removed the black, skimpy G String. As expected the pussy lips were apart, puffed, flushed and juicy.

‘ I will have to really lick your pussy,’ I advised you,. ‘That’s the only way I can detect if there is anything contaminated in your juices.’

‘Yes, yes, please do what you have to,’ you moaned, ‘no need to tell me, just do it.’

Your pussy was a fountain of juice at this stage, moisture seeping out from the folds of the inviting lips. My flicking tongue soon found the hard spot that is your clitoris. The juices tasted normal. Your moans sounded natural. You pressed the pussy into my mouth. You clenched your firm , athletic thighs around my face.. With one hand I undid the belt of my trousers. My aching, throbbing dick needed to escape from inside my pants. I wanked myself briefly with my right hand. Precum was already present around the tip. It would take very little to make my cock explode, firing off a rocket of warm cum.

‘I can’t find anything unusual or funny tastes in your pussy juice, ‘I told you, as I withdrew my face from between your legs. But I will have to make a penetration inside you, to make one final check before I can give you the all clear. I’m going to use a special type of condom with sensors on the outside which can detect foreign substances on the vagina walls.

‘You nodded in agreement. I noticed you’d slipped two fingers inside the pussy and was gently masturbating. With eyes closed, you arched your head back and gave a sigh of pleasure.

I got the pack of condoms from a drawer in the office and quickly slipped one onto my throbbing cock. I can’t remember when it was last so hard. Then I walked between your legs, parted the thighs and finally the moment was here, as I gently eased my love shaft into your tight, red hot pussy. Both of us have loud moans of pleasure. Its lucky that these rooms are sound proofed.

God you were tight. You had strong pussy mussels and was soon exercising them on my throbbing cock. I could already feel the sperm inside my swollen balls preparing to move. It’s almost impossible to explain the sensation of pleasure building in the tip of my dick. That beautiful time of pre orgasm.

‘Cum,cum inside me , ‘ you gasped. All the time you were fingering the clit as I ponded your love tunnel.. ‘Shove that dick hard inside me,’ you begged.

This dirty talk really turned me on and is always guaranteed to bring me to the point of no return. I’m also loud when I cum and knowing the place was soundproofed; I could really let it all out. My cum filled the condom so hard I feared for a second that it could burst. However I’m sure these items are designed to stand a lot of force. I roared like a grizzly bear as my cock continued to pulsate, pumping out the last drops of the creamy stuff. Your moans were almost were almost a s loud as mine. It seemed you were having an orgasm too. Your hips tightened together as all of that sexy body went into spasms of pleasure. When it all calmed down I kissed you on the lips.

‘Thanks for your cooperation and you’re in the clear, I then assured you.

; I’m relieved to hear that, you said, pulling on the sexy black G string and hooking up your bra. When both of us were fully clothed, I unlocked the door and let you go.

‘Enjoy the rest of your journey,’ I joked.

‘Well it’s been a good start, you replied. ‘I never realized that one could have so much fun in an airport.

But why not. When two hot and horny people meet, then fun and pleasure can happen anywhere. I’ll be retiring from the job next week, and it had always been a fantasy of mine to have sex with a fine woman during a security search. I never thought that it would come to pass, but just almost at the 11th hour, as if in answer to prayer it all came to pass. I’ll dine out on that story with my mates for many years to cum.