Written by admin

2 Feb 2009

They had discussed how she would dress many times, eventualy she let him decide.

Sliding the silky stockings up her legs, she smiled inwardly, he got so turned on when they spoke about this meet, she could almost feel his tension and desire.

Tucking a sheer white blouse into her skirt, she checked the seams in her stockings were straight, every detail had to be as he described, and wanted.

Time was running out , he would be arriving shortly, she applied her favourite red lippy and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

Hearing her doorbell, she slipped on her shoes and went to let him in, he whistled and grinned as he stepped through the door..

Slowly turning her around, he gently pushed her towards the stairs, she could feel his breath on her neck, and gasped when he placed his hands on her waist then caressed her bottom.

'Bend over' he whispered in her ear.

Slowly he ran his hands up her inner thighs, she felt his fingers search for the flesh at the top of her legs, she wanted to urge him on, but instead closed her eyes, and let him tease her skin..

Pulling her back towards his groin, he began to run his fingers slowly over her clit, easing her thong aside, he asked her to open her blouse buttons and fondle her breasts.

Releasing the buttons, she revealed the black bra he has asked her to wear, she slipped it up over her breats.

He was now sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy, 'play with your nipples, roll them betweeen your fingers' he demanded, she did so willingly gently tugging and rolling feeling a hot urgengy of lust begin to build between them.

Taking his hand away, he undid his trouser zip and released his cock, pushing her skirt up to her waist, he eased his throbbing penis between her legs, and began to tease her from behind..

Hearing her moan he eased his cock into her pussy, then slipped it out again, he began running it along her buttocks, 'are you ready hun' he asked...

'Yes' he heard her whisper...

His cock began to enter her anus, when she felt it glide inside she began to play with her clit, he was moaning loudly so she reached around and cupped his full balls, he began to slam into her, his hands gripping her waist he pumped her hard..

Letting go of his balls , she inserted four fingers inside her pussy, hearing him roar spurred her on, her legs began to shake, they exploded together he shot streams of hot sticky cum inside her ass.

A few days ago he had asked her how they were going to play out this particular meet, well she didn't reply in chat, perhaps she should send him this memo???;-)