Written by Hideehoo

15 Jun 2012

You receive a text on your phone from a number you do not know. The message is short, sweet and a little thrilling. It describes exactly what to wear and gives you instructions to go to a particular hotel in town and ask for the key to room 221 in reception. You are told to let yourself into the room and to remove all clothes bar underwear and stockings. To place the blindfold over your eyes and to tie your hands with the restraints that have been left... It gives an exact time for you to arrive!

After you arrive home from work, you quickly change and prepare yourself for the meet. You have been quite aroused ever since you got the message and there was never really any doubt but that you would show up. When you arrive at the hotel, you slowly approach reception, all the time looking around to see who your potential suitor is. You collect card and proceed to room 221, which you find completely empty, except for some cuffs attached to the headboard of the bed lying beside a blindfold.

You remove your black leather skirt and sheer blouse, revealing your crotchless black lace panties and thigh high stockings. Your nipples peek slightly from the low cut bra you are wearing. You can feel your pussy throbbing at the thought of not knowing what is to come...

You like down on the bed and cuff one hand before blindfolding yourself and cuffing the other hand, you are now helpless and compeltely at the mercy of your suitor....

You lay there, helpless alone and extremely aroused for what seems like an eternity, your nipples sore from the anticipation. You hear what you think is the door opening and closing but nothing happens, so you assume that you were hearing things.

‘Ouch,’ you utter at you left nipple being pinched and pulled at the same time.

‘Shut up you little slut. You love it,’ I growl as I spread your legs and kneel between them to start teasing your clit. You have tensed slightly and are more than a little afraid of what you have gotten yourself into after out introduction, requiring me to use some force to pry your legs apart.

I slip a few inside your already well lubricated pussy, with my little fingering moving back to tease your ass, as I tease either side of your slit with my tongue. You want some direct pressure on your clit and not the teasing that I am giving you, pussy your hips up off the bed, demanding my tongue or something more to satisfy.

I start moving up along your body, alternating between teasing your skin with my tongue and lightly nipping your skin. When I reach your breasts, I suck one into my mouth, teasing the nipple with my tongue as I apply some pressure to your eager clit. I soon move on from your breast, to place my mouth directly over yours, my tongue slightly teasing your lips; you open your mouth looking for my tongue to explore you. Instead I drive my naked cock deep inside you waiting pussy in one deep hard move.

I start teasing you with my cock, pulling my hips back and sliding back inside you gently.

‘Fuck me like the little bitch in heat,’ you moan into my ear.

I grab your hips and start driving my cock deep inside you, pulling you off the bed forcefully as I drive down and into you.

A knock at the door...

‘Thats the room service I ordered,’ I tell you as I un-cuff you from the bed and remove your blindfold at the same time. ‘Answer it and pay the man,’ I order you.

You move to the door tentatively, not sure what you are to pay the room attendant with and even more so because of how you are dressed.

You answer the door and are pleased to be greeted by a rather large black guy. You invite him in and ask him to place the items I have order on the table at the far end of the room. As he places them down, you kneel and start to unbutton his trousers.