Written by tomirs

11 Feb 2011

Second meeting …

We have arranged to meet this weekend in a quiet hotel in town to for-fill the lust we both share and the desire that goes with …I have said id meet you out side the bar just off main street. I am not sure that our second meet will be as good as our first put I take a deep breath as I slip on my long red coat and check my lippy … I walk slowly down the street longing and anticipation grows again as I near the bar , I see you and stop with a smile as my eyes drink you in as you come nearer , You are everything I remembered and more ..Now you are here standing inches from me do you feel the same too ?

I say nothing as stared into your deep blue eyes, my heart pounding so fast as you steal a quick kiss. My knickers were slightly wet, and my pussy is wantonly throbbing for you , can you hear my breathing quicken? Or my heart pounding ? Can you feel the heat coming from my body? No words are needed between us. We both need this lust and desire to be filled . You step back into the ally and pull my hand for me to follow, I take a step towards you as you simultaneously bent your head down to catch my lips in a sweet hot and needing kiss. It is fast , hard and full off promise ,pressing our lips together with such force that it was almost painful put in such a good way , I needed more .You push me gently up against the wall and start to feel inside my coat with eager hands, A grin creeps across your face when you realise that all that is beneath is my black see through bra and sheer stockings and suspender . “ you are a tease hun , You moan ………

I giggle softly and move my hands to your ass and yanked your pelvis towards me. Your erection is strained against your trousers and you groaned with pleasure and impatience. I take your hand to lead us around the corner into the alley ,it is darker here put I can still see you , and we still have the thrill off getting caught if anyone passed. As soon as we were in the shadows, there is a fumble of hands as you untie my coat and free my breaths to your touch my nipple standing hard waiting for your touch begging to be taken between your lips , As your head lowers I moan your name with a deeper need lost in the heat off you mouth and the sensation off your tongue flicking over my nipples driving me to the edge . You stop momentarily to kiss me again, and hands slide over my skin teasing me and pushing me to want more . You slid your finger in between my legs to feel how wet I am , my pussy throbbing just for you , sliding one finger in just a little teasing me I hear you exhaled heavily when my juice cover your finger tip and my pussy tightens with need . You rub my pussy gently, then push another finger deep inside , deeper and deeper finding my G-spot and tormenting me from within . Then you take step back and look at me and licked the finger that had just been inside me. You kiss me softly as you shield for us ..Then taking both of my wrists with your hands and holding them above my head and pinned them to the wall there with just one hand. My body was squirming, desperate to have all off you. My legs were already wide open and my hips tilted to meet you. With your free hand you hold your cock and rubbing it up and down my wet pussy.. “ now babe , I want you now , I moan ….biting my lip as I feel you guided it into my pussy. Slowing pushing in and out your hot shaft filling me , deeper and deeper as my pussy tightens over you want to take all off you , needing all off you , it feels so good to have you filling me up …” I need to cum babe , I groan in your ear , holding you tighter , You start thrusting aggressively into me, harder and faster with more desire than ever before taking me to the edge , my world spins around me as you push even deeper My legs were shaking from of muscle strain and desire, our skin was damp from sweat. When I tighten even more around you , you know I am getting close and let yourself cum with a stifled roar as I cum hard too and we are one again ….. And yes the second time is better

Then we both straightened our clothes and hair, buttoning up our coats. We stepped out into the street light together. You take my hand and say “ Where is the hotel …………….”