Written by Bedtimebaby

15 Aug 2011

I waited for my turn to come around again my body tingling at the though off his touch mouth watering with anticipation off what I know is to be mine , he has never failed to please , to tease , to satisfy or to raise the limits to yet another level , put this time I want to have more control take more off a lead so I don’t wait as he nears me I take his hand and raise it slowing and intently to my lips kiss the palm then one finger at a time as my eyes lock with his I deliberately slide my tongue over his wrist and I can feel the tension build as he jerks back slightly yet not pulling away my tongue moves in small circles teasing , tasting feeling his pulse getting fast with each touch I move slowly up his arm as I torment his elbow he moans my name , my free hand making light work off his buttoned shirt to find that spot just above his heart that I know makes him want me to stop LOL put stop I wont not this time and he wont make me …..

As I peal his shirt down over his broad shoulder and down him powerful arm I stop and hold it there ….I lips start to place sweet wet kisses over him chest and nipple …down to his navel and slowly up again to his neck never staying long enough to build the pleasure to heights , just enough to feel his breath catch over and over again my hands now run up his arms to find his neck tense as he try’s to keep control …lips on his collar bone and as I move around to stand behind him one hand on his should rubbing the tension out as I use my free hand to unbutton my dress and remove it to revile nothing beneath …two hands now working on broad shoulder kneading , rubbing then sliding down over his chest to torment nipple that are standing to attention lips taking over where my hands had been …tasting wanting , needing more for me and for him waiting the limits to set higher I cup his face with one hand and as I look into his eyes I kiss him deeply with passion and need and lust that I have never shown before …his eyes close as he indulges his tongue darting it in and out between my lips to touch mine and then gone again …over and over the sweet sensation is repeated as his hands fine one off mine and slowly pulls me around him again …

His eyes catch a glimpse off me and he stops ….hands drop to his side … breath catching …. Eyes darting to mine as I wait it seems like forever … I smile softly put I don’t move …...naked …...hot …...wet … ..yearning ..put not moving …I am no model ..no princess …nothing special …put I have learned to have confidence in my body around him ….. I can feel his eyes travel up ad down me yet he dose no touch or move or even breath so it seems …….

Taking his hand again I lead him to the bed and motion for him to lay down …clothes are not need so as he swiftly removes his I watch and wait …… then its my turn again … climbing on top I straddle his hips between mine as my hands slide up his chest and rest either side off his head ..my hair falls down and over us like a golden blanked ..I steal a kiss , one then two gliding my tongue along his jaw to his ear …sucking softly before I whisper “ do you want me to stop ?” …I feel to strong hands slide up my back to cup my face ever so gently yet intently as you make me look at you again “don’t you dare hun “ you reply in a husky deep voice before pulling he hard agents you and kissing me deeply ..it’s a burring deep inside driving us ....deeper the kiss goes tongues dancing …lips sucking ..teeth nipping again and again until I cant catch my breath and I pull away tears sliding down my cheek ….. Not from pain or fear or unhappiness …put from pure need for release as the passion and wanting and desire takes over my body and I shake with a yearning id never felt before …....You sweetly kiss the tears away not saying a word as if you can read my mind and see my soul as you look deep into my eyes I move as if in a trance I find my self sitting up over you hands on your thighs ...nails running slowly up at down as I watch you ..when your hand raise to touch me I meet them and lower the down …no words needed now ,,,,

Holding one hand there is use my free hand to find your pride standing hard , proud and hot to my touch I feel the tension in your legs and abdomen building as glide your pride beneath my palm and fingers ..stronger and faster …stroking … pulling you to the edge and then letting you slide back again . Oh god I want you now so much it hurts …. Lifting my hips slightly I glide your pride into a pussy that is so wet and tight and hot I fear ill lose control before I am done taking you …breathing in deep as I lower my hips again I watch you the intense pleasure showing on your face is all I need …my hair over my breaths … my breathing quickening ..my hips rock back and forth …steadily …slowly with one thing in mind …pleasing you ….. A little faster now as I lean back a little I hear you moan …..

And your hands fine my hips and I know you want more …need more …so I give more …

My hands are now behind me on the bed as I lean all the way back giving you a view that few have ever seen …your hands pulling my hips forward as I rock to the rhythm you are setting for us …as I feel you move beneath me and in me I move faster clenching and tightening with each thrust taking you deeper …as I feel your fingers find my clit I stop …… god what a sensation …what a torment …what a pleasure ….

Thrust my hips forward and hard I put your pride deeper than ever before wanting to feel you at my core and as my clit throbs from you touch and my love juices run down your pride to hot balls I cant feel slapping off my arse ….sticky …warm …. Strong …. Over and over you torment my clit and pussy lips as I slide you in and out …again and again as I arch my back breasts tight and taught as my body takes over and I thrust harder ,,,deeper …. Over and over and over again clenching so tight I cant told back as I feel you spurt with in me and moan my name with such release that I have to let go to and as I reach a height that never before had been possible i jerk hard and fast on you as I cum over and over again until I collapse back between you legs breathing hard …trying to find something to hold me down as the room spins and my world is changed again … You move swiftly to take me in your arms and hold me close …no words are needed not with us and not now and anyway I don’t want to talk …I want to keep this feeling …... Yes I am thinking off taking more and more and more ……… are you ?