Written by gingerfire

21 May 2010

My nipples harden I feel goose bums rising on my skin'¦. Oh'¦ the pleasure of your soft wet tongue sliding around my clit. You stop'¦ look up at me'¦ I gasp at the sudden lack of pleasure'¦ oh'¦ the grin returns to your face'¦. As you start to slide ure hands all over me up to the nipples that are pointing skyward'¦ begging for your mouth'¦I can feel ure hardness pressing against my legs'¦. I want you inside me'¦ in my mouth'¦. Or my pussy'¦. But I have to control myself'¦ I don't want to cum too fast'¦ as u slide up my body, all ure clothes still on I feel very naked under your gaze'¦ your drinking me with your eyes'¦ I decide its my turn to tease u.

As your face comes level with mine we kiss'¦ deep and passionate and long'¦ our tongues swirling around sliding into each other.. Exploring'¦I can taste myself off you and I like it.

I push u back'¦. The grin returns'¦. I look u in the eyes as I begin to open ure shirt'¦. Button by button'¦ watching ure face'¦as my hand slides into the shirt and the first touch of ure flesh'¦ the buckle of ure trousers I can see ure cock straining against the material'¦. The zip'¦. Slowly.. I open it licking my lips'¦ watching your face'¦.i bite my lip'¦ mmm the anticipation is killing me'¦and killing u'¦

Ah.. at last I get what I've longed for.. my eyes still watching you I lean down'¦ lick my lips..my long wet tongue slides along the top of your solid cock'¦ I hear ure breath'¦. Yes I think'¦ I have u now'¦. You are mine'¦. My lips parted I begin to take your full length into my hot wet mouth'¦. I hear u moan feel u strain and arch as I suck u all the way in right down my throat'¦ I close my lips around the base and begin the painfully slow ascent back up'¦ holding the pressure with my mouth'¦ sliding ever ever so slow'¦. Ure stomach twitches'¦. Ure hands in my hair'¦ urging me to slide back down'¦ I oblige'¦ I move faster'¦ ure hands moving my head'¦ fingers deep in my hair'¦ right to the base'¦ back to the top'¦..and back'¦ moving'¦ getting a rhythm'¦faster'¦tighter with my lips..mmm ah! I feel ure cock stiffen'¦. Oh no! not yet!'¦ no way!'¦ I want this cock deep in my pussy'¦. I pull away'¦ and climb up ure body'¦. kiss u'¦ my hair falling all over your face'¦. Ure hands on my ass'¦ kneading the soft flesh. I feel that hard cock beneath me'¦ and have to have it inside me'¦ now'¦ I'm poised hovering over u'¦ ure millimetres from entering me'¦ its ure turn to tease'¦. Ure hands on my hips'¦ oh yes'¦ u pull me down on to ure cock'¦. Straight on'¦ deep and hard'¦ the moan escapes from my lips from deep in my throat'¦. The pleasure'¦. Mmm the pleasure'¦ I'm so wet'¦ u slide out flip me over onto my front'¦ mmm this is how I want it'¦ I curve my back and stick my ass up at u'¦ head down on the bed'¦. U don't waste a second'¦ deep inside again'¦ right to the hilt'¦ oh it feels so good'¦ ure hands on my hips pulling me towards u so u can get in as far as possible before you slide out'¦ ure hitting that sweet spot right deep inside me. I can feel my orgasm building'¦ your rhythm quickens, my breath is fast and shallow'¦ of god I can feel your cock getting harder I know you can't hold on too long. I feel the heat of the first throb of my orgasm and I gasp gripping the sheets and you pound my slippy pussy'¦ oh yes'¦ the waves of pleasure sweep over my body my pussy pulsating your cock hard and fast in and out of my pussy'¦ u feel me cum and it triggers u'¦ the thrusts get harder to concentrate on as the hot cum beings to pump out of you deep into my wet pussy'¦ you grab my hips and hold me tight to you so you can fill me with your cum'¦ your hips still bucking'¦. But no longer able to move'¦

We collapse onto the bed'¦ sweaty and breathless'¦ Hi I say'¦. Hi yourself you say grinning at me breathless!

Enjoy! XX gingerfire