Written by noddy

11 Feb 2010

She moved slowly up the inside of my thighs, gently licking and kissing me, she still hasn�t laid a hand on me. She flicks her tongue on my balls before sucking one and then the other, she slides up the bed and one gorgeous tit falls out of her dress, her little brown nipple is rock hard, she starts licking up and down the shaft of my cock as one hand disappears between her legs and with the other starts rubbing and squeezing my balls as she kisses and teasingly licks the head of my cock. I grab a handful of hair and push her downwards, she opens her mouth-I can feel her hot breath- and sucks me into her mouth, gently moaning as she rubs her pussy. Mark was moaning a bit heavier now (I had forgotten that he was even here) he has dropped his trousers around his ankles and is not quite wanking but squeezing his cock(I had imagined him to have a puny thing but we were of similar length, mine perhaps a bit thicker) He stood up to shake off his trousers and I suggested that he assist Sandra in disrobing too. He walked over to her and she never lifted her head as he slid the straps from her shoulders, tentatively exposing her shoulders, back, nice round ass and those shapely stocking bound legs. I could see in the wardrobe mirror that she had pulled her panties aside and was rubbing her shaved pussy in time to sucking my cock. Mark rubbed her ass and made to return to his seat, but I told him to spread her ass cheeks so I could see in the mirror. Sandra obliging let him slide off her panties and opened her legs to offer a better view� the mirror reflected a beautiful sight of stocking, tanned thighs and a perfect view of her ass, glistening pussy and fingers. When I told Sandra I wanted to taste her pussy, she moaned into my cock, pushed two fingers deep inside and after sliding them in and out, offered them to my mouth as I gently kissed the tip of each finger before hungrily sucking them, enjoying her taste. She then placed them back into her pussy, removed them and rubbed her juices on my balls which she licked and sucked until I pulled her back to my cock. Mark who was intently rubbing and squeezing her buttocks, occasionally rubbing her pussy and asshole, bent down and places a line of kisses from her ass to her pussy. He eased the tip of a finger into her pussy but Sandra stopped him and said she was saving that pleasure for me, but he could kiss it all he wanted. He seemed content with that and lay on the ground so he could ease his tongue into her pussy. I reached down and caressed her tits , squeezing first one nipple then the other. She wriggled with pleasure but never once took her lips from my cock. This was all getting too much for me, I didn�t want to come in her mouth, at least not before I got to fuck her pussy, I leaned up and as she straightened up, I held her face in both hands and kissed her eyes, her nose, her cheeks before our lips met, her tongue probed deep into my mouth and I could still taste her pussy, on her lips and mine. I traced my fingers down her spine and up her sides before cupping a tit in each hand, cupping them easily and massaging each nipple between my finger and thumb, her head rolled back as I kissed the length of her long throat, tasting the dryness of her perfume, kissing and biting my way down to her shoulders, I raised my legs a little so that she was now sitting in my lap where I could pay some attention to her tits, I smothered them is kisses and playful bites , which made her arch her back with a shiver, I could feel her wetness on my thigh, heat pulsing between her legs. Mark, sitting back on his haunches, resumed squeezing his cock and cupping his balls. As I nuzzled her tits I ran my hands down her back, over the curves of her hips and cupped her ass cheeks, spreading them slightly so that I could trace a finger across her slit. As I slid first one then a second finger into her, she bucked slightly trying to get me to push deeper, I worked my fingers in and out slowly, never going more than halfway in, while I probed her ass with the tip of my thumb. She was now rocking forward and back as I bit on each nipple and continued my finger probing. She leaned to whisper in my ear that she wanted me in her and she was loving my fingering in her ass, as �he� never had wanted to try it. Her hair was wet and bedraggled, her face was red and slick with perspiration and she couldn�t have looked hornier or more wanton if she tried. I stood up , holding her tightly to me and lay her back on the bed. Mark moved backed to his seat, cock in hand and Sandras juices on his chin. I eased open her leg and kissed her softly on her stomach, tracing a line to her pussy, I kissed inner thighs, and placed small kisses on her pussy lips before parting them and flicking at her clit, pausing now and then to suckle it. I probed her pussy and gasped for breath as she opened her legs as wide as she could to allow me entry. Her pussy was truly soaking now and I lapped her juices that had dribbled between her ass cheeks and firmly tongued her ass. The squirming confirmed that she was enjoying it. Her fingernails dug into my hair and she pulled me up, leaned to kiss me as grasp hold of my cock and guide me to her waiting pussy, I playfully held back once she had the head of me in but relented and entered her for the first time. I knew I had to go slow as I was sure I would come straight away. I slid in and out and she moved in time to my rhythm, her pussy was warm and wet. My balls were slick and gently slapping her ass, she wrapped her legs around me and I could feel her breathing quicken and pussy pulse as she pulled me tighter and clawed my back as her orgasm shook her. I kissed her deeply and slowed my pace as she recovered . I attempted to roll onto my back but as we did I slid out of her, she knelt and sucked and licked my cock and balls (I have always loved that, a woman that loves the taste of pussy) I lay on my back as she sat on me and once again placed me in her pussy, she started off slowly gradually building speed, I loved looking at her tits jiggling as i squeezed one and she squeezed the other, with a happy , horny grin. Mark was frantically wanking and grunting away in the corner. Sandra stopped fucking me and manoeuvred herself so she was still on me but facing away from me, leaned forward and slowly eased my cock nearly all the way out, then all the way in, giving me both time to recover and the perfect view. She turned back, looking at me, biting her bottom lip. I asked her to tell me she wanted ��you know� she said. Tell me. �my ass, I want it in my ass�. I wet my finger and eased it in, she gave a little gasp so I pulled out and slipped in and out a few time, deeper each time. Soon she was dictating the speed and rhythm, and really getting into it. Mark was standing now, pre come shiny on the head of his cock, Sandra had removed me from her pussy and was inching me into her ass. I told Mark to stand in front of Sandra and Sandra to suck his cock. He gave me a grateful look as Sandra started bobbing up and down on my cock, sucking him and moaning as she squeezed his balls. He squeezed her nipples as I held her hips and thrust up to meet her. Mark told her he was coming and she took him out of her mouth, leaned back on me and wanked him all over her tits and stomach, dribbling down to her open pussy. He knelt on one knee and rubbed his come into her skin, before bending to take her nipple in his mouth. She told him to clean her and he proceeded to lick his spunk from her body, chasing a dribble and diligently licking her pussy as I fucked her ass. This was a new one for me but the thought of his mouth near my cock didn�t turn me off, quite the opposite, I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was close, Sandra seemed to sense it and told me she wanted me to come in her mouth. She climbed off me and knelt in frnt of me, gingerly licking my balls and wanking me, she took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to wank faster, it was only seconds before I came, she moaned and gurgled as she swallowed it without taking her mouth off me or her eyes from mine. She took my cock from her mouth and licked it all over with a wicked smile, she turned to Mark and blew him a kiss which he returned, kissed the head of my cock once more and stood and kissed me. She climbed onto the bed and Mark followed suit, cuddling up to her. She patted the bed beside her and I climbed beside her, cupping her tit. She gave a satisfied yawn wiggled her ass back towards me and we fell asleep.

The End