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noddy 11 years ago

Part II - The moistening...

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We finished our meals and sat drinking for a while longer. Against their protests I settled the bill and we retired to the bar. I took a seat on a couch and Mark sat opposite me while Sandra went to the bar, I'm sure Mark caught me looking as I studied her, she was dressed more casually now, a little black dress which clung to her body, her nipples were prominent '“I guessed she was either very cold or had forsaken her bra. She wore high heels and when she leaned on the bar counter I could by the wrinkles in her skirt that she was wearing stockings. She returned to our table with the drinks and although Mark moved to make room for her, she moved beside me and as she leaned over to put our drinks down, nudged me with her hip, telling me to make room for her, her perfume was delicious'¦ By now we had pretty much covered all topics of conversation - 'Do you find it lonely on the road?', 'Are you away often?' 'Would your wife not join you for some `on the road fun'? Sandra went quiet when I told her that sex wasn't a major factor in my wifes life anymore and if she was to meet me in a hotel she would be more likely to spend it in the beauty therapy spa than in the bedroom with me. She asked if it bothered me and I told her of course it did, we had had a good fun sex life but recently its become a chore for her, no more surpises, no toys or games, no dressing up, no interest other than a once weekly, lights out, missionary hump. Sandra started asking more probing questions (getting braver through the alcohol) When did we last have sex? When did my wife go off sex? Was I into weird stuff? Did I suffer in silence or did I take lovers? Who was my best lover? What was the wildest thing I had ever done in bed? I answered all her questions and was enjoying the fact that it seemed to be turning her on - her breath quickened, her chest reddened, she leaned into our conversation and she kept fiddling with her dark curly hair '“ too bad I was only getting her pussy wet for Mark but the way Mark was staring at her it appeared that he didn't seem too keen on the way we had gone off on a tangent, so I didn't ask any similar questions. Mark staggered up to go to the bath room and Sandra and I laughed as we watched him trip over the flex of a hoover. Sandra turned to me and we just stared at each other, not moving or touching, just staring in each others eyes. It was so erotically charged It was as if the room was a ball of static. Our spell was broken as we heard Mark returning, this time successfully negotiating the flex. He had no sooner sat down than the night porter was over and explained that as it was getting late the hotel staff were closing the bar. We tried all the usual lines but the guy was not for budging, the best he could do was send drinks to our rooms. Sandra and Mark had a wordless conversation (as only couples can) and they suggested going to one of our rooms and having a couple more drinks , thinking I had misjudged Mark and he wasn't such a dry shite, I agreed (I think I ran a dozen porno movie plots through my head, but didn't dare hope I would be getting near this sexy woman) We took the lift, Mark armed with a couple of small bottles of wine and me with a couple of bottles of lager, along with a bottle opener, liberated from behind the counter. When we got to their room Mark handed Sandra the bottles of wine to hold as he fumbled with the key. As he had his back to us opening the door, we once again shared 'the look' and this time she leaned in and pressed her body to mine. Our bottles clinked together and she pulled back giggling `cheers' she said. Mark looked over his shoulder, smiled and stood to one side allowing us to enter. Sandra took a seat at the foot of the bed, Mark took the chair beside it and I looked around unsure of where to park , she patted the bed beside her. The room was warm, the beer was cold, there was some music channel playing on the TV and Sandra was humming along, eyes closed and dancing in front of the TV, swaying her hips in time to the music, having kicked her heels off and under the chair where Mark sat. I didn't care if Mark caught me staring, she was so incredibly sexy, not just that she was attractive,but the way she was confident in herself, in her uninhibited movement, lost in the music '“ whats the line from that movie `dance like no one's watching'. She sashayed towards me and gave me, for lack of any other expression, a lapdance. She slid her body up and down mine, pulled my head into her tits, pulled my hair back and stared into my eyes. Mark was sitting back in his chair silently watching all this and as Sandra kissed my cheek and jawline he made a grunt of protest but Sandra told him that if he couldn't fuck her she had to find someone that wanted to, Mark seemed chastened and sat back in his chair. I took this as a good sign, that and the fact he wasn't smashing the room up, so I took another mouthful of lager and leaned back on one elbow, to enjoy the show. Sandra had now hoisted her skirt up a little and sat astride me, I handed Mark the bottle I had in my hand and Sandra gave us both a grin. She was sliding up and down my lap I could at last see her stocking tops and smooth thighs, I spotted a glint in her eye as she noticed my stiffening cock. I could see the top of her tits as she leaned in to kiss my neck'¦ my throat..down my chest as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt kissing all the way down. She took time to nibble on each nipple, lightly biting me before licking and kissing her way down my ribcage. She fumbles with my belt as she sucked and licked my nipple, She slid the belt out of my jeans and began unbuttoning me. I kicked off my shoes and shrugged off my shirt, Sandra slid down my jeans and boxers and I stood on my socks in order to get them off too. Sandra was now kneeling between my legs and started kissing me from the knees up

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