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noddy 11 years ago

Part I

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First, a little about me'¦ I'm 36, married, 2 kids, bored'¦ Like I say in my profile . .just an average Joe.. I thought I'd share this dream I had a couple of weeks ago (I've since embellished it to string it together better). I should preface this by saying that I am straight and have until now never been even mildly curious'¦ It started with me being in a hotel lobby and eye contact with a lady booking in'¦she was businesslike but sexy and something about her was'¦just dirty. She was small in stature, slim, had dark hair, full lips (with a sexy smile) she wore a suit jacket with a white blouse underneath and from where I was standing I could glimpse the pink lacy cup of her bra, her tits looked about a 34b and seemed nicely tanned. Her skirt was cut to the knee with a slit about 6inches up one side. I found my self looking at her legs and trying to image if she was wearing tights or stockings. I heard her ask about eating in the restaurant and decided that I should eat at the same time, just so I could see her again. I went to my room, showered, changed and went to the bar which was quiet.. She walked into the bar, as I finished my second drink and took up a seat about 4 stools up from me, the barmaid served her a vodka and came back to me, I was about to offer to pay for both when the doors open and a guy walked in and sat beside 'my woman'. I figured he wasn't some random guy when he leaned in to kiss her.. I cursed my bad luck and called for the barmaid. As I had booked the restaurant for dinner , we ended up sitting at adjacent tables and I caught snippets of their conversation. hum drum day to day 'how was work' kind of stuff. Occasionally I caught his or her eye and got a friendly smile and a nod. I realised that we were drinking the same wine and this got us into conversation. They were indeed married, both worked as reps and often adjusted their schedule to meet up, Innuendo soon followed as the drink flowed -She had a man in every port, except he was the same man, she only meets him to warm the bed - you know the stuff'¦. By time dessert arrived we were onto proper drinks and I was sitting at their table, enjoying the company of both.

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