19 May 2017

We're in a warm seaside resort in Europe. Lying on a beach. The heat is getting us nice 'n relaxed, 'n because we are relaxed we soon have horny thoughts. There are alot of beautiful women topless sunbathing. You find yourself enjoying the view as I do. There is one who is playing volleyball. About 22 with beautiful pert tits. She is playing volleyball with 2 men. After a while they go into the sea. We can see her enjoying it as one kisses her neck and the other seems to have her legs wrapped around him...its the middle of the day, no kids around.

Another couple we notice are kissing and she is feeling his hard cock. She takes it in her mouth. All this in the space of 10 minutes. I'm a bit concerned so go up to speak with the lifeguard. In broken English he tells me this part of the beach is where anything is allowed to happen, pointing at the sign. We never noticed it before-naturism, no children, and in small writing in English - pleasure and hedonism beach...

Returning to you I see your cock is semi erect looking at a couple having sex. I explain about the beach. Another couple are completely naked and having sex behind the dunes, saw them when I came back I tell you.

You smile at me pulling my clothes off me. Not that there is many to pull off.

You start to kiss me-my neck and breasts. I sigh with pleasure. Your hand slips down my body and am already wet as you start stroking my clitoris. As you touch me I begin to touch you. Up and down My hand goes. Feeling your balls, your semi erect penis turning to a completely erect one after a couple of minutes. You're kissing my breasts, my nipples too getting erect. We are getting really carried away.

I feel a shadow over us and open my eyes to find the girl who had been in the sea standing over us. In broken English she tells us she'd like to join us. It has been a fantasy of mine and you know that. I indicate with a smile on my face that I'd like that. We offer her a second towel to lie on. She lies down beside you, begins to kiss you. I continue to stroke your hard cock. I lean across and begin to kiss her neck. She looks at me and our eyes lock. We begin to kiss, gently at first and then with more passion. I get up and walk around her so that she is in the middle. I take her hand and place it on your erection and kiss her breasts. The sand seems to be getting everywhere. I indicate to her to go into the sea. We all get in the water up to our waists and she lies in the water. I start to touch her vagina and you play with her breasts. She begins to moan in pleasure. The waves crashing against the shore and the Heat are making us all feel horny.

I ask you should we bring her back to the apartment, and with a glint in your eye you agree. So we get out of the sea, get changed 'n leave the beach, walking in silent anticipation of what is to come.

I fumble with the keys of the apartment while you kiss her. Once in the door you shove her up against the wall 'n kiss her passionately. We're all covered in sand, I strip her naked and pull off my own clothes and take you both by the hand into the shower. The water is lovely and warm, just perfect-I get the shower gel and massage it into her breasts 'n your chest and we take turns soaping down each other. I wash her beautiful thick long black hair and wonder how beauty is wasted on youth. Her pert breasts and erect nipples. All the sand is gone I kneel down and take you in my mouth. Can feel her body slide down beside me. She licks your balls and I feel a hand start to caress my ass. I feel a finger slip inside me. She flicks her finger in and out expertly. I am so wet right now. I start to lose my concentration and your penis is less hard. She touches my clitoris - up and down her fingers go. I stand up and take her hand leading her to the bed. I lie down 'n she kisses my cunt. In and out her tongue goes. I look at you and can see you are enjoying the show.

I tell you it is okay to go inside her. So as she licks me out you slip a condom on and start to fuck her. I can hear your balls slap against her ass. She starts to moan -it is her turn to lose concentration as she enjoys you. I hear you slap her ass, it heightens her pleasure. I change position and begin to lick the outside of her clitoris. She moans in pleasure. I see her neck get redder and she starts to convulse and shudder. I ask you not to cum inside her, you're thrusting away and I know if I don't stop you soon that you won't be able to hold on any longer.

I swap position and lie in the missionary position. You come inside me. In and out you go pumping away taking turns to kiss me then her. I feel your balls slap against me. You shove my legs over my head around my shoulders. She starts to kiss my mouth and plays with my breasts till my nipples are rock hard. I hear your breathing change and know you're at the point of orgasm, You have been so patient. And I feel your body shudder as you reach your climax.

Afterwards she turns to me and kisses me. You kiss my neck and breasts. She takes my hand and places it on my vagina -she wants me to touch myself. And she helps things along by slipping her fingers inside my vagina. You take it in turns to kiss my mouth 'n breasts. I still can't cum so I lie on top of her and you slip your fingers inside of me. I kiss and feel her tits. I feel my body start to shake. I've been aroused for an hour now and the wait was worth it. My orgasm lasts for more than a minute. You feel

the waves of my orgasm on your fingers-I am so wet right now. I moan in ecstasy as the wave of my orgasm throbs against your finger.

I amn't sure what the done thing is but I needn't have worried as you have unbeknownst to me, were fingering her at the same time as me. She is really turned on, she switches position and lies in top of me while you continue to caress her cunt - all the while your eyes looking at me. I can hear her breathing more laboured and she orgasms for a second time. Afterwards we are all sexually exhausted. We take turns lazily kissing each other. I suggest a little siesta. We sleep for a while.

When I wake up I find your head buried in her vagina again and feel a little cheated on. I lie watching you both for awhile. Then join in once more. I lie at the ends of the bed with your hard dick in my mouth. You continue to lick her until her body surrenders to your touch. I feel her moan again and know she has cum because of your tongue and your fingers playing with her.

I feel your body tense too your cock more insistent as I deep throat you I feel a warm liquid into mouth. I look up and find you have been kissing her at the same time and once again feel cheated on. I know that that is madness-I was the one who offered her the towel in the first place. I want her gone. At least for now. She starts kissing me once more but this time I want her to stop. It is suddenly too much-I have left this girl get into our bed and do things with us both that I have only ever had fantasies about. But now I want her to go.

So I take control and ask her to go. She picks up her sandy bikini 'n shorts from the floor in the bathroom. When she comes out dressed I once again have horny thoughts about seducing her one last time. But I don't-instead I get out of bed kiss her firmly on the lips and enjoy it one last time. I open the door to let her go and tell her Gracias por the tardes - thanks for the afternoon. Then our little spanish girl is gone telling us she will see us again at la plage - the beach again.

I lie beside you and take your hand in mine to indicate to you that we are still a couple and dedicated to each other no matter what may happen at a future time with our Spanish seƱorita. Holding your hand I drift off to sleep in a dazed sexually exhausted way. I hear you ask me would I like to go back to that part of the beach again. I agree to it but not tomorrow as I want to consolidate our relationship and give myself time to come to terms with what happened. I fall asleep blissful in the knowledge that it is just you and me here in bed and that a dalliance like that may happen again. But for now it is you and I holding hands in bed alone....