Written by fantasies

29 Jan 2010

It was one of those very rare days during an irish summer when the temperature was soaring past the mid-20s and I had stupidly agreed to help our neighbor to dig his field while my wife (Ms) went to the beach.

Our neighbor is the same age as me (31) but works the land as opposed to my civil service job and he has the body to show for it. Very toned, with muscular arms and a strong back. As for me, I have a very slim, almost feminine build.

Digging the field was back breaking work and in that heat it wasn't long before we were working up a real sweat. We were both working topless and I couldn't help but look at Jim's body and understanding why my Ms had told me b4 that she thought he was hot. Oh shit, did he catch me looking at him? I tried to catch myself on but the heat and the manual labour was making me feel so damn horny. I wanted to touch his body so badly, to feel those manly muscles, his torso, his arms, mmm I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

Anyway, I digress, back to the story. At about 4 o'clock we decided to call it a day, Ms said she'd pick us up on the way back from the beach as the field was out in the middle of nowhere. We walked down to the gate where there was a small stream that flowed into a rock pool. We both drank thirstily from the pool. I couldn't help but notice how spilt water made trails through the sweat and dirt caked onto Jim's chest. It was he who produced a bar of soap and suggested that we wash ourselves with water from the stream while we were waiting for Ms to arrive. With that he stripped of the rest of his clothes and began to clean himself. OMG his cock was fantastic, in fact the whole package was pretty amazing. He asked me if I would clean his back, 'yeah sure' i replied, trying to sound cool while in fact the though of actual physical contact with this man almost made me have a heart attack! The muscles on his back were so defined I could run my fingers between them. I rubbed the soap into a lather, cleaning away the dirt and sweat, watching the trail the studs made as they trickled down his back and over his firm ass.

"Your turn" he said, turning round and taking the soap from me. I still had my underwear on as I turned my back to him and felt his strong rough hands work the soap into my back, so different from a woman's touch. He seemed to take ages, and I wasn't complaining, he started to rub my shoulder blades,

'mmmmmm', shit, did I say that out loud?

"do you like that?" he asked,

"oh yeah" was about all I could manage.

I felt his body come closer to mine, "Jesus, is that his cock I can feel pressing up against me?"

"Ahem!" we both looked up to see Ms standing at the gate of the field, we'd been so wrapped up in the moment neither of us heard her arrive. There was a moments awkward silence. Ms looked particularly sexy that day, she was wearing a bikini top and a pair of tight denim hot-pants that really emphasised her big hips and ass. Tiny grains of sand had mixed with sun tan lotion and were stuck to her belly and to top it off she was wearing a pair of sandals that have heels further exphasising her sexy full figure. I guess she might have been thinking of seducing Jim anyway as we had discussed it in the past...

"Please don't stop on my behalf" she said. With those words of encouragement Jim slid my pants down so we were both standing there naked. He pressed his body against my back, wrapped his arms around me and started to grind his cock against my ass. "Oh baby" I said to Ms "his cock feels huge" She came towards me and started to massage my cock and balls. "There's a good boy" she cooed into my ear. "You can take it". And at that, with soap suds as a lube, i felt Jim's cock push into my ass. OMG the pain was intense, I wanted his cock out of me so bad but Ms and Jim held me in place between them and she murmured sweet nothings of encouragement into my ear.

After a few excruciating seconds that felt like an eternity the pain began to subside and Jim began to probe my ass with his giant, rock hard cock. Oh god this felt good, soooo good. He began to build up a steady rhythm, fucking me really deep. I was drunk on the sensations and just about heard Ms tell him that he could fuck me a lot harder than that. The intensity of thrust began to increase "oh yeah" i moaned "that feels great, fuck me as hard as you like". I was delirious with pleasure as Ms was still massaging my cock and balls I knew I wasn't going to last long. "I'm gonna cum!" I practically screamed and a few moments later blew my load all over Ms's hands and belly.

Ms was furious "how could you let this man make you cum, b4 you fucked me!" she said angrily "you are going to have be punished". She grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and rubbed her other hand (the one covered in my cum) all over my face and in my mouth. She then forced me onto my knees in front of Jim and instructed me to suck him clean. I protested that his cock was dirty but she slapped my face hard, "do as your told and maybe I'll let you fuck me as a reward".

I wiped the excess suds off his cock and took it in my mouth. It tasted good, better than I though and I started to suck him off earnestly. I could hear Ms talking to Jim but couldn't see her as she was standing in front of him, "do you like what you see?"

"oh yeah" "

"how about if I take my top off? do you like my tits?"

I knew she was doing one of her very sexy slow strip teases complete with dirty talk. God Jim was lucky to be getting that treatment and I was slightly jealous that I couldn't see what was going on, however, I was enjoying trying to take as much of his cock as i could down my throat.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" I heard her ask. He pushed me off his cock and walked towards her. She was lying on a grassy bank. Propping herself up on her elbows and rubbing her cunt, which looked very, very wet. As Jim approached her she reached out and grabbed his cock and guided him down between her legs, "Oh baby" she murmured "that really is quite a package". She said to me "come over here beside me honey, I don't want you to miss this" I knelt down beside her and watched as Jim thrust into Ms and began to fuck her deeply.

"Oh my god, your cock feels so good, its so big, i don't think i have ever been stretched so wide. Honey, suck my nipples and massage my clit like a good little cuck, I want to cum with this fine specimen of man giving me the fuck of my life"

I hoped this was all part of the role play and my punishment and I set to work doing as I was told. It wasn't long b4 Ms's body began to shake and I knew she was approaching orgasm. "Oh Jim, baby, fuck me good and hard, make me cum, ahhhhh!!!!" she screamed as a particularly intense orgasm racked her body.

She rolled Jim over so she was on top and started to fuck him like a wild animal. She instructed me to get between his legs and lick his balls and cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. I love doing this and didn't need to be told twice. While there I started to finger Ms's ass which drove her even wilder if that was possible. I was surprised at how easily my fingers slid into her considering the cock in her cunt and it wasn't long before I had three fingers as deep as I could into her ass.

"Oh baby, just fuck my ass will you, your punishment is over, please just fuck my ass, I need to feel both your cocks in me at the same time!"

Everything seemed to go still and slow motion as I positioned myself behind Ms and her new lover. She pressed her whole body against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. I slowly began to push my cock inside her ass. I felt her sphincter tighten and I froze until I felt it loosen up again, then I thrust my cock in as deep as it would go. She screamed and started bucking wildly against the two cocks that impaled her. I could feel Jim's cock in her cunt and when we both thrust into her together I could feel his balls against mine. Oh god this was amazing but couldn't last long for any party involved. "I want you both to fill me with your cum" said Ms. "OK, I'm ready" said Jim. I wrapped my arm around Ms's neck and pulled her back to my chest in a gentle strangle hold and started to really pump her ass, Jim held her hips and let out a roar as I felt him empty his load into Ms's cunt. That was all I needed to set me off and I emptied my load deep into her ass.

We slumped to the ground, out of breath and sticky in the early evening heat and again time seemed to stand still, stunned by how wild we had just been we stumbled to the car and dropped Jim off at his house before heading home ourselves.

When we got into the house we went straight to our bedroom, "you have one more thing to do for me baby" said Ms. As she lay down on the bed and spread her legs I could see the messy liquids coming from her ass and cunt and running down her legs, "thats right baby, come over here and clean me up..."