6 Jan 2020

The end of the Celtic Tiger had various effects on people and for me one was that I had to work from home, gone the hours of commuting and now I look out the spare bedroom window when distracted. Eventually I realised the routines of the residents, especially the stay at home mummies after the school run and those who's husbands/partners did not get home to late in the evenings.

My wife's work patterns is a basic 9-5, leaves at 8 home at 6, constantly tired, add in kids etc , no energy for sex. I started taking more notice of my female neighbours in general and a couple in particular, a nurse in her 40's, widow, teenage kids, worked nights and weekends and housewife with two school going kids who's husband was gone 10 hours a day. The final woman who caught my eye was a professional female, working close by, living alone.

It was early September, school holidays over when my sexual journey began, at ten I make a coffee and walk around the green in the estate, walking my dog and drinking my coffee I started to notice the nurse coming home from her shift, always in her uniform, blond and curvy, always with an "hello", a smile and a glimpse of her cleavage. I used to walk away wondering if she knew I was looking at her tits? Every other day the same thing, we meet, quick chat and I would check-out her ass and tits then I got caught-out, one morning there she was in her driveway, her shopping bag had broken and she was on her knees picking up some tins, perfect view of her tits, I stood too long looking, eventually I collected a few items and walked to the door to be told to go into the kitchen. The sight of her full tits had made me horny and the tracksuit bottoms did not hide the fact.

"You will have a cup of tea?" I nodded my approval as I watched her put away the shopping, lots of bending over and I was certain that another button of her uniform both top and bottom has been opened revealing more cleavage and her stockings. As I drank my tea I was certain she was flirting, laughing, touching my hand, I knew my cock was growing. Eventually, well about 15 mins I got up to leave, she smiled.

"You enjoyed the view!" I looked down and there was no hiding my desire. With one swift motion she pulled down my tracksuit bottoms exposing my shaft and ass. Almost breathless I stood there as she took all of my shaft, her fingers touching my ass, she did say a word until I moaned as squirted a load into her mouth. I looked down, watched her swallow my cum, as she got off her knees she pulled my jocks.

"I needed that" I was shocked, I redressed myself and she calmly talked about general stuff. I was about to leave when she tells me her mobile number and that we talk again soon.

I walked home in a daze, best blowjob in be continued