Written by admin

12 Nov 2008

The bar wasn't too far from my home, we arranged to meet for quick chat and a drink.

Arriving early, I chose a seat near the end of the bar, with a good view of the door, good mix of people sitting around and thank-god the background music wasn't too loud..

She had informed me she was never late for meets, and I was always early, I settled down at the bar and ordered a drink.

At exactly 8.00pm the door opened and in she walked, she saw me, smiled and walked towrds the bar, she was wearing a tight skirt and heels, I couldn't take my eyes of her legs as she approached , coming up beside me, smiled and siad "hello" I could smell her perfume, and noticed her lips glistening was she really 43??? she looked and appeared so much younger..

We sat and chatted for about an hour, getting aquainted, she kept leaning towards me and lightly brushing my arm, and when she spoke she held my gaze continuosly, she was nibbling her lip, it was really turning turned me on, I couldn't but notice a few guys at the end of the bar giving her the odd appreciative wink.

She suggested going back to my place, I quickly grabbed my Jacket and followed her out onto the cool night air, admiring her bum slightly swaying from behind.

We walked briskly, she was linking my arm and smiling at me, I could feel lust beginning to stir, we reached the door, key in the lock and inside.

She pushed me up against the back of the door, and began to remove her clothes, I reached forward to help, brushing my hand aside she whispered "No ,I want to"..

I watched as she let her skirt fall to the ground, and slowly ease her buttons open, god what a body, . she was in fantastic shape, her lingerie simple white cotton was perfect she unhooked her bra then slipped her panties down, still in heels and stockings she leaned forward, placed her palms on the door either side of my shouders and asked me to slowly run my hands and fingers along her stomach.

Touching her felt amazing, she was moaning as I cupped her breasts and I brought my head down and took a nipple in my mouth, rolling the other between my fingers..

Slowly she began grinding her crotch up and down my leg, fully holding my gaze and running her tongue along her bottom lip.

Trying to push her gently towrds my room, she stood her ground , no she wanted it here, she stood with her legs apart, as I let my fingers slide down over her mons, she jerked slighty, I began to tease her clit with my fingers, still sucking on her hard nipple, groaning she began thrusting against my fingers, urging me to plunge them inside, I drew back slightly then rammed three fingers deep into her pussy,she was already wet, I felt her legs shake, crooking my middle finger I pushed harder thrusting then in and out, fucking her hard and deep, she was gasping and her moans filled the hall.. as she pushed hard onto my fingers..

Placing a finger on her anus, I pushed it inside , still pounding her with my fingers, her back began to arch and her legs shake..

I could feel her muscles contract against my fingers and she exploded covering my hand in juice, she ordered me to get down and lick her clean...

God she tasted fantastic, I licked along her clit and deep inside her as she moaned with pleasure..

My tounge was deep inside her pussy, I gently teased her clit with my finger, she exploded again, this time covering my mouth and face.. then..she kissed me hard and deep, licking her lips dry..

Standing up, I asked was she ready to go to my room, she began to dress, confused I asked again, she didn't speak, but when fuly dressed she looked at me, slipped her hand into my jeans, I felt her fingers gently caress my inner thigh, I Shuddered with pleasure, she was good!! , then,she ran her finger along my clit, winked and whispered "next time."

Laughing she opened the door and walked out....