Written by leatherNlace

25 Aug 2018

Rachel sat across the desk from her new Boss…Mr Hogan, Ben, he said they knew each other from boarding school yet she couldn’t place him. This unsettled her she didn’t like to be caught unawares, EVER and especially not on her first day in her new job. He had not been part of the interview panel as he was away on important business, she had expected to maybe have a meet and greet with him prior to her first day but when she had phoned to request this, she had been told Mr Hogan had a busy schedule and was happy to wait till she started. Rachel couldn’t help feeling that maybe he had planned this, to catch her off side so he would have the upper hand. As her boss he probably wanted to show her he was in control. Hmm we’ll see she thought!

He had shook her hand and held it for far longer than was gentlemanly, She had watched him intensely as he studied her, Sea blue eyes searched her face and slyly glided down over her body, she was acutely aware of the warmth of his large hand wrapped around hers and the currents it was sending through her, the tingling in her spine causing goosebumps unnerved her. Reluctant to be the first to pull away she studied his handsome face from his beautiful smile to those mesmerising eyes, The smell of his cologne was intoxicating and she bit her lip, Why could she not remember him and how was he having this effect on her? His cough brought her to her senses as he dropped her hand, her face flushed red as she realised she had been caught staring. Jesus, Rachel she thought get a grip your only here 5 mins and already you’re a mess.

Rachel watched as he walked across the office to the built in Nespresso machine. Taking a deep breath in she tried to ground herself, she was glad she had remained seated as her legs suddenly felt like jelly. She tried to work out what was going on as she watched him make coffee. It struck her how tall he was, probably about 6’4, his tailored navy/grey checked trousers were cut to perfection and hugged his long muscular legs, His waistcoat sat snuggly in place and the baby blue shirt and matching tie completed his look. The fit body of a rugby player, she wondered did he still play. Her eyes fell on the toned curves of his cute butt and her hand ached to touch it, the man oozes style and elegance she thought as she watch him walk towards her 2 mugs of steamy hot coffee in hand. No wedding ring she observed, his fingers gently brushed against hers and there it was again, that current of heat, did he feel it too? His face gave nothing away as he returned to his seat.

‘Firstly Rachel, let’s get the housekeeping out of the way and set a few ground rules’, he said and then I will show you to your new office’

Rachel reached for her pen and notebook and began to take notes. His voice was low and gravelly as he explained her duties, what he expected and how he like things done, her deadlines, his timetable, she scribbled quickly as she felt his soothing voice relax her. Everything was pretty much in the job description and she was pleased there was nothing unexpected. You could never be sure with these type of Jobs. She glanced up when she finished writing and noticed he was studying her again, she wished she could recall him. His fingers were intertwined just below his chin, elbows resting casually on the desk, he flashed her a quick smile and she noticed how his blue eyes twinkled in the light. Then he continued….

‘No need to write these down, lastly but most importantly are my personal rules…

‘In front of all staff and Clients you will address me as Mr Hogan and you will be Ms Clarke,’

Normal office protocol thought Rachel as she nodded…

‘Inside this office, You will call me Ben and I, you Rachel, no formalities, what is said, discussed and happens in this office stays strictly between us at all times, Is that understood Rachel?’ His voice had suddenly taken on an air of authority,

‘Yes, yes of course, Mr Hogan…I mean Ben,’ the words stumbled out of her mouth, the change in his tone startled her,

‘Great, once we are both inside here with the door closed, this is my office, it’s my rules at all times, Understood, Good!’ he looked at her with a raised eyebrow daring her to challenge him, she didn’t and he continue, ‘Now let’s get you settled into your new office’

Rachel stood up and followed him out the door, she was aware of his hand placed firmly at the small of her back as they walked. Her Mind was buzzing with his latest requests and she struggled to make sense of them, she couldn’t get the sound of his stern voice out of her head, It was sexy as hell when he spoke like that and already she felt herself coming undone.

Her office was small but adequate to her needs to do her job and Rachel was glad when Ben left her to settle herself in. He had suggested he take her to lunch but she had politely declined and she was thankful he had been agreeable when she explained she needed time to process everything in a timely fashion. He had departed her with a knowingly look that had suggested there would be other lunches and she had sighed with relief that at least this time she was off the hook.

The rest of the day past uneventful, Rachel busied herself with arranging her office and calendar to her specifications, her mind constantly distracted to the identity of her handsome boss, she needed to find out so much about him and work out a way to be his PA without letting his looks affect her, the connection she had witnessed with him earlier in the morning disturbed her. She needed to get a grip on herself, no matter how gorgeous he was or what the chemistry between them if she wanted to keep this job she could never allow him to uncover the real Rachel.

Rachel recalled their earlier interaction in his office, his words of authority had excited her, but she had already formed her own ideas, the man was pure sex on legs, She had taken in the size of his manhood when he stood in front of her and she thought there had been a hint of his excitement but if she was mistaken this man was enormous,she knew looking through those blue eyes of his that she could destroy him in no way anyone else ever had. His strong chest and Abs were hers for the taking, she could reduce him to putty in her hands with just a stroke of his manhood and her lips would send him to places he had never even imagined existed. She was fully aware of her power of being a woman, but today something else had happen!!! She had watched him in his own office environment, king of his castle, she had taken in the slickness of his polished brown mahogany desk, his manicured hands and she had imagined him spreading her on top of it in a way she would never have previous allowed, his hands and tongue had destroyed her in her fantasy until finally he had filled her with his manhood and her need to control had been extinguished by the rawness, yet tenderness of a wanting man.

Rachel was full of confusion and conflict by the time Ben stopped by her office at 5pm to bid her good day, her heat was on fire and she really needed a release. She picked up her mobile and sent Eric a quick text, she would be there in an hour and he better be ready, something told her that Eric would be in demand a lot in the coming days…