Written by leatherNlace

15 Aug 2018

Ben sat at his desk watching the screen in front of him, he’d made sure to be in early with the monitor switched on so he didn’t miss a thing. He seen her arrive, He watched how she had walked into reception confident but slightly nervous, he guessed. He’d know that walk anywhere, just like every other part of her body he had committed it to memory a long time ago and he was glad to see little had changed. He thought about all those times he had conjured up images of her, how he used to look at the pictures of her on the old school website, in her little hockey dress and shorts, her tiny perk breasts, her small round ass and those long slim legs, hair up in a messy ponytail unassumingly gorgeous. Images that were etched in his mind forever and now here she was in the same building as him. He couldn’t believe she was within touching distance but he was prepared to be patient. If nothing else in the past 10yrs he had learnt patience. He watched as she spoke to Amanda and she in return showed Rachel where to hang her coat and the small cupboard she could store her bag in. He noticed she placed a small package in with her bag he presumed her lunch, this made him smile, he had other ideas about lunch. He watches as the other employees filed into the building and Amanda introducing each one to Rachel, they shake her hand and make small talk, he begins to sweat as he sees the circle form around her, it’s not their fault, they are hypnotised by her, he knows that feeling all too well. No one moves on to their station, it’s like a social gathering and once again like all those times before he is on the outside looking in…

He cast his mind back to boarding school, He was part of the very successful rugby team and her the equally successful Hockey team. There was no competition between either sides, they all respected each other’s sport and talent and even supported each other on match days. It was like an elitist group the Hockey girls and the rugby guys. They socialised together yet she barely even noticed him or any of the other guys vying for her attention. She only seemed interested in her studies and Hockey, she was never rude, just not engaging. She had a presence about her that was unsettling, she oozed charm without any effort yet she didn’t seem to notice, maybe that was the allure of her. He always remembers looking into her deep green eyes when he spoke to her, his heart thumping in his chest as if she was sucking him in, her beautiful formed lips that he dreamed about kissing. He knew back then he was nothing to look at, not exactly a catch with his spotty face and train track braces, he hadn’t got a sexy rugby star build either, a bit of a weedy teen if he was completely honest. But it didn’t stop him pulling most of her team mates, they didn’t seem to mind. Every girl he kissed he imagined it was her, every nipple he sucked was hers, He imagined her lips and tongue in place of every other that sucked him and every thrust he gave was into her. She possessed him like no other and the years had not changed that. He had built himself up, long hours in the gym contouring and building a proper rugby style body that all the ladies now loved, yet they bored him. The braces were long since gone and laser whitening had completed his perfect smile. He was now a very successful partner in a law firm and about to become her Boss!! He could hardly believe his luck. The girl that had eluded him for years, the girl that had captivated him as a boy and unknowingly stole his heart was now going to be working under him. He laughed, ah yes he would bide his time but soon he would possess her in every way just like she did him. He ran his hand along his polished desk, he couldn’t wait to have her under him, he had imagined it forever and now he had the charm and the means to make it happen.

She of course was oblivious to the identity of her new boss and this made it all the more interesting. He had been away on urgent business when the interviews were scheduled, the other partners had stepped in and shortlisted the candidates to the final 3. The interviews had been recorded so that he could view the finalists and make his own decision on who would become his next PA. He had recognised the name and skipped straight to her interview in the hope it was her. He couldn’t believe it, he played the tape over and over discarding the others without a thought. He had to have her, she was finally back in his life. He had studied her in the intervening time, her body, her face, the way she spoke, her mannerism, he now once again knew every inch of her. 10 yrs since they had all parted Boarding school and he had never seen her again. Now here she was in the reception awaiting his call.

He removed his jacket and spray some mint into his mouth, he lifted the handset and asked Amanda to send her up to his office, He braced himself just as he heard her heels along the outside corridor he turned his back and rang a number feigning a call, she knocked and he invited her in, ‘Take a seat’ he instructed as he watched her reflection in the glass, his heart quickened, she looked beautiful. When she was settled he swung around in his chair to face her…

’Good Morning Ms Clarke,,,,,,Rachel, how lovely to see you after all this time’ he stood offering her his hand, he could see the confusion in her face as she took his hand,

‘Good Morning Mr Hogan’ her soft voice washed over him.

‘Its Ben, he replied Ben Hogan don’t you remember Rugby team 2007 St Alexandra’s’ He looked into her deep green eyes still holding her warm hand as she struggled to recognise him, Her face flushed with embarrassment and he knew she couldn't place him. He was glad she couldn’t quiet remember the old Ben as the new Ben was way more handsome. He drank her in, it was evident she still worked out even if she had no longer played Hockey, The smell of her perfume made him want to kiss every inch of her slender neck, her breasts still small but firm and round, he wanted to suckle like a baby, her long legs under her dress covered in only what he could imagine to be lacy stockings that he saw himself removing with his teeth as she lay across his desk, her hand small and warm in his, sending electric currents straight to his groin, he imagined her holding and stroking his bulging hard-on, Her glossy hair fell in waves on her shoulders and he could see his hands scrunched tight in it holding her as she knelt before him worshipping his manhood. . Suddenly He became aware of the throbbing in his trousers and her eyes imbedded in him as he held onto her hand. He cough, released her hand and returned to his seat. ‘Plenty of time to get reacquainted Rachel’ he smiled, ‘First things First, let’s have Coffee!’