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Old Flame

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As her bra fell away, I could see Andrea’s breasts rising and falling on her ribs. She was audibly breathless, gasping as I sucked slowly on the lobe of her ear, kissed and licked her neck, slowly moving downwards and leaving a trail of saliva soaked glistening skin that led down over her shoulder blade towards her boobs. The dimples on her pink areola stood proud and her long nipple stiffened as her skin sensed my hot breath. I gently kissed her, allowing my lips to linger on the exquisite softness. As I explored with my mouth, my nose slowly pushed her nipple upwards until it sprang back, resting on my top lip. I opened my mouth and allowed the tip of my tongue to touch its darker crazed surface. She gasped again as I delicately felt its form on my tongue, circling it, tasting it. Eventually I let the nipple push gently between my lips and I opened my mouth to let as much of her round hanging breast enter as possible. I sucked, clamping my mouth to her, feeling her heart beat pounding in her chest as my tongue danced. When Andrea had appeared at the bar earlier that night I hardly recognised her. She rested her bag on the counter, and flicked her shoulder length, sandy coloured hair away from her blue eyes whilst ordering a drink from the Barman. As the guy turned away to get her drink, she delved into her bag for some money. ‘Here, let me,’ I said, moving along the bar to where she was standing. She turned and her jaw dropped when she saw me. ‘Good grief,’ she said with an embarrassed smile ‘you still drink here?’ ‘Every Friday night after work,” I replied whilst paying for her drink. ‘Some things never change.’ ‘No, things do change,’ said Andrea. ‘It’s just you that doesn’t.’ Her lips pressed against mine and our mouths opened. Our tongues entwined, as we kissed violently, my senses full of the smell of sex. As we lay on the bed, Andrea on her back beside me, I allowed my hand to stroke her stomach as I reached down between her legs. Momentarily she paused and pulled her mouth away from mine. She looked into my eyes and slowly widened her legs. My fingers pushed through her pubic hair, over her hirsute mound and down towards and that familiar warm opening. I watched the expression on her face as my finger rubbed against her labia, pushing them open, protruding slowly inside through her inner vaginal lips. I pushed my finger even further inside her, until it became encompassed in a hot slippery and tight sanctuary. I began to finger her, repeatedly pushing my finger deep inside and then slowly withdrawing it, the sensations creating moans of pleasure that vibrated up through her mouth into mine. I started to hook my finger inside her, rubbing the roof of her vagina on her g-spot. She pulled away again and involuntarily gasped, arching her back. She didn’t want to stop, though, as she quickly swung her arm around my neck and pulled me back down towards her to kiss again. I adjusted my hand as I increased my rhythm, my fingers soaked and squelching with Andrea’s sweet juices, my palm and wrist rubbing against her aching clit. ‘I’ve always regretted how things worked out between us,’ I had said whilst sitting across from her at a table, sipping my beer. ‘You never did tell me why you left?’ said Andrea calmly. There was no hint of animosity, which I was relieved about. I thought about how I should answer that question. After all, it had been five years since we had split up and a lot of water had passed under the bridge since then. The last thing I wanted to do was to relive old arguments now that our paths had finally crossed again. ‘I don’t know,’ I said whilst leaning back in my chair, ‘I think initially I confused lust for love and when it came to making a commitment I wasn’t really ready for it.’ ‘Lust?’ I could feel myself blushing. Andrea pushed my legs into my chest as she kissed and licked my bum, eagerly pushing her tongue into my anus. I watched her through the gap in my legs. She was insatiable. Her breasts swayed as she manhandled me. She allowed my legs to raise once more and rest on her shoulders either side of her head, her hand gripping my hardening shaft, pushing the veins on my cock against my stomach so that she could lick my balls. She took one into her mouth, sucking on it, slurping as she hungrily spat it out. She gripped my dick, pulling my foreskin back to reveal a thick swollen helmet soaking in precum. She impaled her mouth with my cock, taking it so deep into her throat so fast that she initially gagged, and coughed. She pulled me free from her mouth for a second to regain her composure, looking at my cock as it bounced before her eyes, lines and globules of her saliva dripping from my tip. She gripped it again, wanking my shaft with her hand before sucking it once more. This time fully prepared to take it deep. I sensed she was ready and pushed my hips forward. Every inch of my penis entered her mouth, saliva dripping down my balls, her chin pressed into my scrotum, her nose nestled into my pubic hair. Inside her mouth, I could feel her tongued lapping against the underside of my shaft, and my tip sliding down into her throat. It was wonderful. ‘You remember how it was when we met?’ I continued. She smiled at me with a smile of knowing acknowledgement and took a mouthful of vodka and orange. I looked around to see if anyone in the bar might be close enough to hear. I lowered my voice. ‘We would go out to a club and look for someone to bring home with us, and it didn’t matter if it was a guy or a girl. If you met a guy and you liked him, you fucked him. We had this amazing open relationship.’ ‘You were always free to fuck girls too,’ said Andrea, ‘and some guys too as I remember.’ I looked to the ceiling of the bar and nodded with an acknowledging frown. We both laughed as the memories started to invade our minds. ‘Do you remember,’ I went on, ‘when we got engaged and made that pact?’ ‘Oh, yes…the pact,’ said Andrea laughing and holding her hands over her face in apparent embarrassment. ‘The night before our wedding day, you were going to spend with a woman…’ I began. ‘…and you were going to spend it with a guy,’ said Andrea, finishing the sentence. ‘We were going to find two vacuous, empty headed bimbos and fuck them all night to signal the end of our promiscuous bisexual ways.’ Andrea paused and fell silent. ‘We never got that far.’ ‘I suppose we grew up,’ I concluded. ‘To be honest, I think I was in love with the idea of that lifestyle, rather than being in a relationship. As we slowly grew out of the lifestyle, we slowly grew out of our relationship.’’ Andrea pushed me down onto the bed, on my back. She stood astride me, one foot either side of my waist. I looked up at her figure, towering above me, summer’s early evening light flooding in through my bedroom window and illuminating her body. She looked like a golden angel looking down at me. At that moment I realised what I had missing over the past five years. I had been wrong. It wasn’t the promiscuous lifestyle I had been missing, it was her. The sexual excitement of our relationship was because she was so sexually exciting. I realised that now as she reached down and took my cock in her fingers and lifted it upright, preparing to lower herself onto it. She crouched down until her pussy hovered only inches above my sensitive head. Reaching down between her legs she used her fingers to keep my foreskin rolled back, as she lowered herself lower still, my head pushing against her vagina. She used her other fingers to pull her lips apart, allowing my prick to slide easily up inside her cunt. For a few minutes she remained there, on her feet, crouching over me, moving herself up and down upon me. Eventually she manoeuvred down onto her knees and started to ride me, her hips rising and falling, her boobs bouncing, her face grimacing with erotic pleasure. Placing my hands on her hips I started to thrust upwards, timing each thrust upwards to coincide with her lowering herself onto me. Each time, my balls slapped loudly on Andrea’s bum and the resulting sensation caused the first warm sensations of orgasm start to build inside me. ‘It was a long time ago,’ said Andrea. She finished her drink and looked quickly at her watch. ‘Do you have to go?’ I asked. ‘I only popped in here for a quick drink on my way to a barbecue,’ explained Andrea. ‘Although, I’m very late now.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘No, you don’t have to apologise,’ she said with a smile. ‘It was lovely seeing you again and catching up.’ ‘Why don’t you come back to the flat? I bet Samson would love to see you again.’ ‘Awww…I really missed that little fur ball.’ ‘Come on, what do you say…for old time’s sake?’ Standing there, with Andrea on her knees before me, I ran my fingers through her hair. I could feel the waves of pleasure spread through my body and my orgasm build into a crescendo. My breathing quickened and an irreversible tension gripped every muscle in my body. Andrea could sense what was happening. She took my erection in her hand and wanked it furiously. I could feel my body spasm and go rigid. The tension increasing to an unbearable numbness, a dam of frustration that felt like it would make me pass out unless it could be released. Andrea held my girth as the orgasm came. The veins pulsing under my skin, my head swelling even more as my heart pumped more and more blood into it. Andrea could feel the convulsions and the twitching in my cock as the first ejaculation began. She gripped me with both hands and pushed back against me, whilst I pushed forward. A spurting jet of creamy white cum erupted from the tip of my penis, as I moaned at the sheer pleasure of the release. The cum crossed the space between us and splattered across Andrea’s face and hair, a second spurt came. Warm and thick, it hit Andrea’s neck and chest, and immediately started to dribble downwards. The site of a cumming cock proved too much for Andrea to resist. The erotic sensuality of this primal moment heightened her arousal to a point at which had to act. She wanted to feel the cum spurt into her mouth, to taste its hot sourness dripping down her throat. She opened her mouth and I obliged, pushing my head into it just as the third and fourth spurts arrived, the cum emerging from my tip and flowing over her tongue and bottom lip. Some of the cum flowed out of her mouth and started to drip down Andrea’s chin. She fully enclosed her lips around the aching penis, sucking and squeezing every last drop of spunk from my balls. Eventually, she pulled away and stood up to face me. Her neck was shining with wetness, and white globules of semen dripped from her nipples. She smiled at me. ‘Do you still like the taste of your own cum?’ she asked, taking care not to open her mouth too much.. ‘Sure,’ I replied, still out of breath from my orgasm. Andrea used her finger to scoop up the cum dripping from the nipples and slurped it from her hand into her mouth, mixing it with the cum that was already there. As she did so, she moved closer. She stood next to me, put one arms around my waste and the other she gripped my exhausted cock and once again started to masturbate me. She moved forward and locked her mouth on mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth and pulling with it a thick string of still warm cum. We kissed passionately for several seconds before she finally pulled away and reached for a towel. I flopped back onto the bed as Andrea stood there naked, wiping sticky cum from her chest and stomach. ‘Stay,’ I said. Andrea smiled at me. ‘I can’t.’ ‘Why not?’ I asked. She paused and stood there looking at me with her hands on her naked hips. ‘Because I’m getting married tomorrow.’ ‘What?’ It was a simple and straightforward answer, but for some reason I couldn’t quite get my head around what she had said. ‘I’m getting married…tomorrow…to a wonderful girl called Jenny.’ ‘Married? To a woman?’ ‘Well, it’s a civil ceremony really. It’s just a few close friends and family, but we’re having a reception afterwards. You should come. Bring someone if you like.’ ‘But we’ve just… how could…’ ‘Come on, I can hear you brain working, you’ll get there eventually.’ ‘This is our pact?’ ‘No, this is OUR pact. Jenny and I. I needed a…’ ‘A vacuous, empty headed bimbo?’ Andrea shrugged her shoulders with a dismissive and unapologetic smile. ‘Never mind,’ she said, ‘there are worse things to be.’

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