Written by Desiree

1 May 2011

The lights a dim and music plays softly in our luxurious hotel room , We have been here for hours now and have fulfilled many a fancy and even a few we hadn’t thought we would ….

I can feel your body pulsating beneath me as pleasure takes over from lust and or bodies give in to the need we have to please each other , not expecting , needing or asking for more , what we have is enough and what we share is ours alone …

This night started much the same as the others we have shared yet slightly different as we had spent time talking and getting to know more off what each off us wants , needs and ever dares to dream off ,as there is more to lust then a quick shag or a foolish fondle , that’s not what I wanted from the start and you are off the same mind also…. so we came together again with that in mind and it adds a new dimension to our lust and more fuel to the fire .

You touch my hand and lead me to the inner most part off our room , slowly and deliberately you undressed me , touch each part off exposed skin as if you had never seen it before , lips tasting my neck tongue dancing around my nipple , flittering kisses on my arms , my hips , my legs , to all off which I cant help put to respond to , Slowly I am naked and you move back to watch me a smile on your face and a glint in your eyes , I feel no shame even do I know my body ant perfect a model id never be , put with you I don’t have to with you I can be just me …

Softly yet with need push me back towards the deck and tell me to hop up , I slowly oblige wondering what you have in mind , yet I don’t dare to ask for fear you may stop … tenderly you move me to the edge placing your hands on my thighs spreading my legs apart. My pussy opened like a flower to you , revealing my inner moist lips and erect clitoris wet and hard , down in front of me you teasingly start kissing the insides of my inner thighs, working my way down to the back off my knees and back up again to the damp intersection of my parted limbs. You traced my tongue on either side of my wet pussy lips , gently and persistently working around and over them bringing me to the edge off need yet not given all , for what seems like forever you tease then slowly opening my lips with tip off your tongue to find my clit throbbing for your touch and at the same time sliding 2 fingers just inside my pussy , I grip the desk hard as the sensations flood over me , faster and harder your tongue rubs my clit as now 3 fingers move deeper within to find the spot that you know will push me over the edge , over and over the sweet torment , lips sucking deeply , tongue following finger into my socking throbbing pussy ..my hands in your hair wanting to pull you away put instead pulling you closer trying to guiding your mouth closer wanting you deeper, then I cant hold back , I don’t want to stop , the need to cum over takes my need to hold back as my body tightens and your fingers are clamped inside with my juices flowing down over them to your waiting tongue which laps me as I shiver and cry out your name with the intense orgasm that over takes me and finely I let go , yet you don’t stop … faster your fingers bond into me , your tongue rubbing my clit harder and harder taking it gently between your teeth you nibble and lick and suck all at the same time I am lost as I try to fight off yet another wave off pleasure that takes me higher than the last , my breath catches , my heart jumps my body gives in to you as never before ….. Slowly you stop and look up at me , not saying a word as you pull me down to you and hold me tightly , brushing my hair from my face and looking into my eyes , you see what I felt and you kiss me softly words are not need now ….

Saying nothing I lay you on the bed and slowly begin to touch you , tasting , nibbling , kissing , your ear , your neck , your collarbone my tongue dancing over your hot skin , your lips , sweet and sticky , taste off me and off you , its intoxicating , sucking your bottom lip I moan as you do , then sliding lower I take you nipple between my teeth and hold it as my tongue dances over and back , I can feel you shutter beneath me , my hands gliding over you stomach to your groin , fingers teasing with the lightest off touch , then more as the need to have you takes over , slowly I kiss my way down over your navel to your groin , kissing , nibbling my lips leavening a wet trail as I move lower still …. I find your pride waiting , hot , strong , needing to be touched , yet I don’t touch , I slide lower still to your balls and run my nails over them as my tongue follows …around , over , back , up , down … I don’t stop then when I hear your moan from deep inside I take them in my mouth and suck hard and fast , enjoying the feel off your hands in my hair , my hands on your ass lifting you up to me , your balls rolling around my tongue as I hear you suck in air , hands pulling at me with a need I haven’t felt before …

Slowly I slide my body back up yours making sure your pride rubs every inch off mine on the way …. I look deep in to your eyes and smile at what I see there , the need , the heat , the fire that is burning in you now shows there …. As I watch you I I position my pussy over your pride .. You go to speak put I stop you with a kiss and shake off my head … Then I lower myself onto you . I dont allow your pride to enter my pussy , I just let its tip to touch my opening. I rubbed myself against your pride , over and over , whilst watching you face , I continue , until my legs start shaking and I moan softly ,,then louder as suddenly my juices cover your pride as I cum again hard and fast , your need to take over takes hold and you grab my hips and pull me down onto you , so hard , so deep , so hot , my body explodes around you , put I don’t stop , I more faster , deeper getting tighter with each thrust with each moan , with each laboured breath , my pussy sucking you in , clamping you there , milking your pride …over and over …in and out … deeper to my soul until I cant hold on anymore as I feel you fill me , spurt after spurt , hot juices running down your shaft as slowly we come down together from a blissful height , hearts pounding , breaths mingling as you hold me close , I am yours , you are mine , for now is our time and for now we rest contented in what we share and yet there is more to discover put we have time , yes we have time …. Yet we are not expecting , needing or asking for more …. This is all we need … for now