21 Oct 2017

As i stand there gazing upon ur beauty, i found myself becoming excited. i had always been amazed that i could get hard just looking at you. i slowly walked up behind you, and wrapped one arm around ur waist and one around ur chest just below her collar bone. i kissed ur neck, softly just below ur ear.

"Mmm, you smell delicious" i said quietly. "And you feel so good"

Goose bumps ran across ur body, making ur nipples tingle and ur stomach do flip flops. The tingle slowly became an ache deep in ur loins.

"You sure, you don't want help Baby" saying the words quietly, letting my breath, be felt on ur neck.

you began to melt.

" You know how turned on you make me when you talk all low and soft."

i quickly spin u around, grabbed you, under ur arms and lifted u up on the sink.

" Hey I got dishes to do" you said in mock protest.

"Dishes can wait, I can't, and neither can you!" i commanded.

you squealed in delight.

i grasped the lapel of the shirt , you were wearing "I'll do the dishes, you can sew these buttons back on." With that, i sharply snapped my hands apart, popping all the buttons off, in one motion.

The cool air, of the room, hit ur bare breasts. It didn't matter, ur nipples were already hard, and sensation of me being so forceful, made them more so. Goose flesh now rose across ur entire body, making ur skin sensitive to every touch i make.

"Hmmmm," you groaned, "If you don't stop you'll.., ahhh, Babe! That feels so nice." my hands glided up from ur hips to ur breasts, cupping them and slowly teasing the nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

i could feel you quivering under my touch, ur breath starting to draw deeper and more quickly now, leaning forward i kissed ur mouth. As i kissed you, i began to trail down ur chin to ur neck, and down to ur nipples. They had become hard and filled with blood, making them bright, and rosy. i gently drew them into my mouth, and teased them with my tongue.

you began to coo, as i sucked and nibble ur nipples. That feeling sent signals through ur body, making ur heart rate increase, ur breathing deeper, and making you wet. you could feel the slipperiness between ur pussy lips building, and that in turn made you even wetter. Sitting on the edge on the sink while her i ravaged you, made you begin to squirm. Rocking from one cheek to the other, tilting ur hips back to front. Suddenly my hands left ur breasts and slide down to the waistband of ur jeans. Fingers twisted open the front button, and unzipped them. Bracing ur hands on the edge of the sink, you lifted ur self up, as i slid them off.

i let the jeans fall to the floor. Now i could smell ur excitement Blood rushed to my semi-hard cock, engorging it further. my hands slipped along ur panties, and i hooked my thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid them off . As i did i could see the moisture of ur sex cling to the cotton panel in the pantys and ur lips. i became even more excited and aroused at this sight. Standing back up, i began kissing ur mouth once more.

ur pulse pounded harder when we began kissing again. you reached down with both hands and started to undo my pants now. ur hands knowing exactly where to reach and what undo. ur hand felt his penis, hard and throbbing inside my jeans. This made you move more quickly and with more determination, to release me from his clothes. Slideing ur hands inside my boxers you found what you were looking for, grasping my shaft, you slid ur hands up the length to the head. you felt the slippery wetness oozing from the tip, causing you to become even wetter.

The sensation of ur hands on my cock encouraged me on, kissing my way down ur neck, past ur breasts and down to ur pussy. As i did you released my cock and leaned back slightly to allow better access to ur now dripping cunt. i began slowly and gently licking ur outer lips, finally tasting what i was looking for.

you moaned softly as you felt my tongue on ur lips. Suddenly you felt fingers push inside ur sopping pussy, feeling them curl up and stroke ur g-spot you clamped ur thighs around my head and pulled it in tight as you continued cumming. " Fuck, fuck, my god, mmmm, don't stop keith," you screeched. my face was press hard into ur pussy, ur hips bucking against my face. you grabbed ,e and pulled me in tight, kissing me .

you walked me backwards to the couch, and pushed me to it . Dropping to ur knees , you wasted no time, reaching for my cock. Using both hands you stroked twice before leaning and engulfing it, in ur mouth.

i watch you , slide ur mouth over my hard cock, as it disappeared down ur throat. The warmth and wetness overwhelmed my cock

sliding up and down the shaft. Hands gently massaging my balls. i place one hand softly on the back of ur head. Not that you needed the encouragement, you knew what to do ur head began to bob up and down faster and faster. i felt the usual signals that told me i was going to cum.

you stopped abruptly. Quickly standing up you straddled me, and guided my cock into ur hot pussy. Slowly lowering urself, impaling ur cunt, sliding down on my cock.

we both groaned at the same time. you looking down at me from ur seat upon me. Rocking up and down and back and forth, we fucked towards our goal. my hands on ur hips. ur arms over my shoulders and around my neck. Kissing and breathing deeply, we knew each was getting close. Each was hold on a little tighter, pushing a little deeper. you began to cum a bit sooner than me, ur pussy muscles starting to clamp tighter around my cock, this in turn, i started to begin to cum you grinded harder as you were cumming, that sent my cock splurting deep into ur wet, hot pussy. we lay there all sweaty and sticky held each other for a few minutes not saying a word, for none was needed.both satsified and fufilled we kissed again giving a few mins for round 2 xxx