Written by foxybabe09

17 Jul 2011

My sister-in law, who is twenty eight years old came to live in the same town as my wife and myself, she had split up with her long time boyfriend and he was pestering her, we live about sixty miles from her home town, my wife is fifty years old, and i am sixty four, you may think that at sixty four years of age that i would be well past it, but that is not the case, i can't get enough sex, i'm at it twenty four seven, if my wife isn't available i have to resort to hand jobs, my sister-in law and myself didn't really talk in the past, due to her mother not liking me, the feeling was mutual, i didn't like her either, but when Lorraine, (my sister-in law) moved away from home she started talking to me, but i didn't make too much free with her, telling my wife that i didn't have to change my whole life because she wanted to talk to me, she would come to our house to visit every day, and because of the move she had no cable television, which meant she would stay in our house until she had watched all the soaps and C S I Miami, after a few weeks we started talking as if we'ed been friends all our life, she thought it was because i liked her, when in actual fact i only liked looking up her short skirt, she has lovely legs, she does a bit of training in the gym which kept her fit looking, she would always wear a low cut top which showed off her gorgeous tits, i started fantacising about her in bed, i would fuck my wife thinking about fucking her, i tried every way i could to get her into the right mood so i would be able to tell her how beautiful she was, which would help me to get into her knickers, to my delight i got the chance, my wife helped me without knowing it, my luck was with me one night when my wife, Lorraine and myself went out for a drink, my wife likes a Vodka and coke, Lorraine was a budweiser woman, after a few drinks i got up to go to the bar to order a drink, when i went down to the women with their drink i found the two of them giggling in the corner seat they were sitting in, i asked them what was so funny and they told me to go away as they were talking privately, i went back to the bar and started chatting with a friend of mine, i kept an eye on the two women and noticed they were getting giddier, i wited until i saw their drinks getting low and bought another one for them, when i took it down to the table my wife pointed to her sister and said, 'she's a dirty bitch', i asked why and my wife said, 'you'd want to hear some of the things she gets up to', like what i asked, i can't tell you said my wife, you'd only get a horn, i wanted to tell her that i had one already because of the length of Lorraine's skirt, i could actually see the lovely white crotch of her knickers, i went back to the bar to get my drink and my wife got up to go to the toilet, as she passed me she whispered, "i'm so fucking horny listening to her telling me the way she fucked her boyfriend", is she horny i asked my wife, as she walked away from me she said, 'she's more than horny, this statement had my cock standing to attention, when my wife came back from the toilet i went and joined them at the table with another drink, i wanted to get the two of them merry, hoping i would at least get a good look up Lorraine's skirt, they continued talking as i sat there listening, they didn't mention too much sex, but my wife surprised me by saying, you might have had a great sex life with your boyfriend, but ill bet he wouldn't be able to keep up to my fella, he's too old to be able to do what i'd want him to do Lorraine said, that's where you're wrong said my wife, i'm not able to keep him satisfied, the bastard wants it 24/7, Lorraine looked at me as if i was an alien, the conversation somehow changed to other things and we wound up getting drunk, at closing time we called a taxi and went home, with me trying to think of a way to fuck my sister-in-law, my hopes took a nosedive when Lorraine said she was going to bed as soon as we got in the door, i didn't know my wife had told her she could sleep in the spare room, my wife followed her nup mthe stairs and told me to bring a glass of water up with me when i was coming, i gave them about five minutes and then went up the stairs, when i went into our bedroom my wife was laying on the bed naked, i stripped and climbed on top of her, as i rammed my cock up her she gave a big sigh and said, "fuck that sister of mine, she has my cunt saturated the way she was talking, i felt the wetness in my wifes cunt and heard the lovely sound of her juice as i pounded my cock into her, she got so excited that she came within seconds, i continued fucking her and again she surprised me by saying, "would you fuck Lorraine, 'i'd love to i replied, why don't you go out to the room and see if you can get up her she said, and what will you do i asked her, ill the door and watch ye she said, i couldn't believe my wife was telling me to go and fuck her sister, but i wasn't going to object, i pulled out of my wifes lovely wet cunt and got off the bed, i walked as quietly as i could to Lorraine's door and opened it, she was laying on her back with nothing covering her only the sheet, i ncould see the outline of her body wher the sheet was dipped between her legs, the rise and fall of the sheet on her tits showed me her erect nipples, i tip-toed into the room not knowing what she would say if she woke and found me standing over her wanking my cock, i threw caution to the wind and took hold of the sheet and pulled it down over her tits, when i had it down to her waist i saw two glorious tits, with nipples like a babys little finger, i was now gone beyond the point of no return, i continued to pull the sheet down until i had it down to her knees, delight isn't the word to describe what i felt when i saw she had removed her knickers, and when i saw the lovely cunt lips slightly open i almost spunked on the bed, 'here goes i thought to myself, ill either get a slap in the mouth or ill get my cock into her, i wanked myself as i put my fingers down and rubbed her pssy lips, there wasn't a stir from her as i rubbed the lovely lips, i got so excited that i didn't care what happened, i parted the lips and pushed my middle finger into her, still no movement, i climbed on the bed and straddled her legs, i bent my stiff cock down to her cunt and slid it between the lips, when she didn't move i slid my cock into her, very easy at first, but when i felt my cum bubbling in my balls i started to fuck her really hard, at this stage if she woke i was going to make sure she couldn't throw me off before i shot my spunk up her, but the harder i nfucked her the more she seemed to be asleep, as i got near to filling her cunt i heard a moan, i looked around to see my wife standing at the bedroom door playing with her cunt, this made me come instantly, i shot a load like i'd never shot before, i thought i would never stop coming, i kept fucking her, at the same time watching my wife giving herself a cum off her fingers, i spunked Lorraine three times before i got off her and walked out of the room, my wife and myself went to bed and spent the whole night fucking, talking about Lorraine, i will continue this story later, telling you what happened the next morning when Lorraine came down from bed.