Written by Anonymous

13 Jun 2020

I live alone in a small estate on the outskirts of town, most of my neighbours are elderly and keep themselves to themselves but a few months ago when the house accross from mine became available a guy moved in his names mark,he looks around 35 dark shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses hes average build and height not incredibly handsome but not ugly either. Hes a little strange though he seems like a loner and I catch him staring at me alot and any attempts I make at trying to start a conversation dont work because he seems awkward around me. One night I went out to celebrate a friends Birthday I had one too many gin and tonics and staggered home drunk at 4am, i made it as far as the door and was struggling with the key when I notice Mark staring at me from his house, i wave awkwardly trying to compose myself so I can figure out how to unlock my door, I drop my keys and bend down to pick them up when I feel somone behind me pressed up against my ass I'm wearing a short black dress so I imagine from this position I'm quite exposed, I jump up in shock and see its mark he takes the keys from me unlocks the door pushing me into my house. I ask him what he's doing my words mumbled as I'm still drunk he tells me its ok and leads me to my bedroom i feel him touching me caressing my ass and thighs as he ushers me fowards. I'm confused and try to talk telling him I think he should leave, he ignores my please and pushes me down on my bed I feel my legs being spread open and my panties being pulled down, i look down as he starts to carass my pussy with his tongue licking and sucking on my clit i try to resist him but it feels so good he starts using his figures while still dancing around my clit with his tongue im moaning my hips gyrating im getting so wet after a while he stops and takes off his pants his big hard cock in his hand, he kneels beside me and forces my head towards his cock and I start sucking hungrily its too big and I choke but he doesn't stop he keeps pushing my head deeper and deeper onto his cock my eyes are watering struggling to take breaths but the more I struggle the more turned on he gets, he stops and turns me around he looks into my bedside table and finds lube and starts lubing his cock and my ass , he pushing himself inside me aggressively grunting and moaning I wanted to hate it but I'm so turned on feeling every inch of him inside inside my ass pounding me using me like a cheap toy I'm dripping wet, i feel his hands on me one on my boobs the other around my neck starting to squeeze i loved how animalistic and rough he was with me i couldn't get enough. He pulls out lays down and orders me to get on top i oblige yes sir , I staddle him and slide his fat cock into my dripping wet pussy im moaning and grinding sliding him in and out of me it feels so good he reaches every part of me and I cum squirting all over his cock, he grunts tencing and cums inside me i feel his hot liquid mixing with mine, i fall back into the bed both of us exhausted , he gets up puts his pants on calls me a good little slut and leaves.

Tags: anal, dom, fiction, oral, rough