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maturepervert 10 years ago

My dirty political fantasy

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3 min
I'm stark naked, standing in front of Mary H and Mary C. Mary H is wearing the black dress she wore that time she had paint thrown all over her; Mary C is wearing killer heels and a tight pencil skirt and white blouse. I'm ordered to kneel down and kiss their feet, which I do (i'm an obediant guy!) then to place my self over Mary H's lap. As I do so, Mary C turns her chair at right angles to Mary H's and grabs my head, forcing it down between her thighs. Mary H starts to spank me hard, giving out to me for being a blue shirt. From time to time she grabs my balls roughly as she hits me hard. After a good long time doing this, she eventually tells me to kneel before her and kiss her hand, which I do. As I'm doing this, mary C stands up and turns around, kneels on the chair and slides her skirt up - she's wearing lacy top hold-ups and a thong. She slips the thong aside and I'm ordered to lick her ass. Before I can move, Mary H grabs my head and forces it into mary C's butt cheeks but I don't mind - I want to lick her. I smell her deep smell and gladly slip my tongue into her anus, licking her and curling it up to tongue fuck her butt. While I'm doing this Mary H is behind me, squeezing my balls to make sure I do a good job. Soon, Mary C pushes me away and I am thrown to the floor by Mar H. As I lie there, looking up at her, she slips her dress up revealing her huge thighs, also in lacy top hold-ups. She's not wearing any knickers at all ad she squats over me. I can see her enormous ass cheeks as she descends onto my face, smothering me with her ass crack. At this stage, Mary C is kicking my balls with her high heels and I lick Mary H's ass for all I'm worth. after a while, Mary H gets up and I'm given some mouthwash. Once I've gargled, she sits on my face, pussy side down and now I'm licking her gorgeous cunt. She's wett and juicy and smelly and I'm loving this. She gets up and sits back on a chair and I crawl over to continue my worship. As I do this, Mary C straps on a big dildo and ass-fucks me, squeezing my balls and slapping my cock as she does so. Soon Mary H can't hold back and she cums all over my face - I greedily lick her cunt clean. Then I'm thrown back on the floor and Mary C stands over me - she squats down and slips her thong aside. I open my mouth and she pisses all over my face. Once she's done, Mary H does the same. Then they leave and I'm left all alone to wank myself off.

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