Written by fantasies

28 Feb 2010

my gf and i have always fantasied about her getting fucked by a couple of well hung black guys. it's been recurring over an over and always makes us both very hot.

the 1st time I found out this was a fantasy of hers we were flickling through som porn online. most of it was pretty uninspiring until we settled on a video of a hot white chick getting gangbanged by 4 massively endowed black guys, my gf was transfixed and started to get instantly wet and turned on. i couldn't believe how hot she was getting and at first it weirded me out a bit. but then i started to think of my beautiful curvy girlfriend taking multiple cocks at once and being covered in cum and it really began to turn me on

i told her that she had my permission to engage in such an activity if it was ever available and she said she would some time. i thought that was just another fantasy...

the night of my birthday my gf said she was going to organise a sexy surprise for me, she is really good at the sort of thing so i was mega excited. i received a video text when i was on the bus, my girl was lying naked on our bed pleasuring herself with one of our dildos. hang on a sec, i though who is holding the camera? then two very toned black bodies appeared on the screen, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. my girlfriend went to work on their cocks hungrily, noisely sucking them down her throat. i was pralysed with excitment and jealousy, she started to beg them to fuck her telling them how she couldn't wait to be fucked by a real man with a proper big cock. one got behind her and started to pump her cunt while the other fucked her mouth. the guys were grabbing her tits and rubbing her clit until her body started to tense up, there is no way they are going to make her cum. fuck was i wrong as a massive orgasam hit my gf in waves.

the guy fucking her cunt didn't take long before he filled her with his cum. he turned to the guy holding my gf's phone and they swapped places. b4 he could start fuckin her she turned around and looked him in the eye . she told him i would be home soon and that he was to fuck her hard in the ass and fill her with his cum, she then blew a kiss to the camera and told her black lover to send it.

my feelings on the rest of the journey home were torn between jealosuy and horniess. when i got of the bus i practically ran to our house. when i went in the front door i could hear male laughter from the bedroom and my gf moaning and grunting. my stomach churned and shriveled but my cock was as hard as a rock.

no one heard me enter so i crept up the stairs and looked in the bedroom door undetected. there was my gf on her hands and knees on the bed offering her ass to three incredibily fit looking black guys. it took me a few secs to realise what was going on. they were taking turns to fuck her ass then stick their cocks in her mouth. i gasped as i realised how much of dirty bitch my gf was being. one of them heard me and looked over. my gf turned to say something but they just grabbed her and forced her to keep going

the one who wasn't fucking her at that moment came over and pushed me out of the room, he told me that i didn't want to see what they were going to do next. I started to protest but just then my gf managed to splurt out, "just do whatever they say, this feels so fucking good, if they have to stop on your account i won't forgive you."

you heard the slut - get out, and he slammed the door in my face. for the next 10 mins i stood in our hall and could only imagine what was happening to my gf as i listened to her scream and beg for more cock. i heard them slap her ass and choke her throat between encouraging muffles and groans. eventually i heard one of them say he was gonna come. she told them to cum together. i heard a loud slap and she was told they would cum when they wanted. for the next five mins the air was filled with the sound of the men grunting and groaning loudly, eventually there was quiet until i heard someone say get that bitch from the hall

my gf was lying on the bed face down her ass in the air, her asshole was gaping wide open and the cum dribbling from it mixed with the cum leaking from her cunt and sliding down her legs -

your girl is one dirty slut - they told me that they needed to have their cocks cleaned before they left and that this was to be my bday present...