Written by gingerfire

9 Sep 2011

I have had the same account for about 8 years now and from the first time I saw him I thought..mmmm you’re a hotty! But until recently everything was on a professional level…

You can go up to his office now the receptionist said, he’s ready for you. Mmm ready for me I’m thinking… so many times I've been in that office sitting opposite you wishing you’d pull me across the desk and ravish me… so many times me sitting there with moist panties your eyes sliding down to the uniform that I know gives me the best cleavage knowing you want to look but you are far too professional to.

This time is different….

It has been very warm out and I've been very busy all day… I’m a bit hyper and horny when I go in to the office.. I see your eyes flick to the cleavage as soon as I sit down opposite you.. Mmm I think… he looks as horny as I feel… you look great you’ve been on holidays and your skin is a lovely brown against your pale shirt. I am feeling very bold…

I have on a dark purple bra and panties set.. The bra pushes up my assets to their maximum and I know this… I pretend to fidget and run my hands down the front of my uniform where my breasts are ure eyes follow my hands hungrily… it has been a while since I've had a mans hands on me and I get a little quiver at the thoughts that I have you watching me.

We talk about business… I flick my long hair… blah blah.. balance sheets… assets… I lick my lips.. you are telling me how I should be doing this and that with my business… I cross my legs… run my hand along my neck… look u in the eyes..

I know I’m distracting you… I want to.. I've thought about you fucking me on that desk so many times. I fidget again and side on to you on the chair knowing it will give you a good view in the side of my cross over uniform top…. You can see almost my entire right breast… I’m watching you watching me.. I can see you are getting aroused, you are licking your lips and your eyes keep sliding down the front of my top.

So.. you say… what have you been up to over the last while… in your spare time…I almost jump out of my skin. Such a quick subject change… its knocked all the horny thoughts out of my head..

Erm.. oh ya know.. I say.. out with the girls.. oh yeah you say and what do you get up to when your out with the girls… this brings the grin back on my face… We never get personal, its always only business this is a change of pace for you and me.. I can feel my panties getting moist.. I get aroused quite easily and get very very wet… you don’t know this yet… but I’m thinking about your hand inside my knickers instead of holding that pen. Well I say.. sitting up straighter… fluttering my eyes.. I have been a naughty girl.. I see the smile cross your face… oh how naughty? u say… I stand… pretending to smooth down my uniform… and approach the side of ure desk… and lean down my face in front of yours and whisper… very naughty into your ear.. Your face is practically in my breasts.. you can smell my perfume, you can feel the heat of my body so close to you.. your cock is hard… your thinking that you might risk it… with the door just closed not locked your staff outside in the other office… how noisy or quiet will I be when I cum… oh will I wont I???

Fuck it! u think and grab me pulling me close to you kissing me deep your tongue swirling inside my mouth. My tongue sliding in your mouth hungrily kissing you back… you stand, sitting me on to the desk pushing my legs apart you stand in between them pulling me close to you, your hands on my soft warm breasts, your mouth moving down my neck as you release one breast for your mouth to suck on. You hear me gasp in pleasure as you suck my nipple into your warm mouth your other hand finding and squeezing the other one…

I’m arched back my hair almost on your desk my legs wrapped around you… your mouth greedy for both nipples keeps changing from one to the other… I can feel how hard you are and I want it in my mouth… but this has gone beyond the teasing stage and I know we just need to fuck… you pull my trousers off in one movement and I’m there on your desk in panties and open uniform top… breasts out.. pink and hard from your mouth sucking on them… you can see how wet I am as the purple material of the panties is darker… your fingers pull them to the side and you slide into me… I arch up again and a gasp of pleasure escapes from my mouth… u push me back on the desk and kneel in front to me anxious to have your tongue inside that wetness. I am slick and slippy… your fingers are still inside me your mouth over my clit licking and sucking it… you can feel my body tense and you know I am close to orgasm. You want to bring me over the edge before you get your cock in to me. Your fingers find that wonderful spot inside me and I know I’m close… your tongue making circles on my clit, I’m holding my breath trying not to make a sound.. I feel it coming… it erupts from me making me convulse in pleasure and writhe about on your desk. U keep your fingers working inside me you can feel the pulsations of my orgasm. Your cock is so hard now its almost painful you can’t wait to get it inside me. I sit up and practically rip your trousers open to let it out… my feet are up on the desk knees wide waiting for you to plunge into me. With one hard push you are deep into my soaking pussy.. u groan in pleasure right into me… u need release, this will b hard and fast…. You start to slide your cock out, slowly at the start, trying to hold on… plunge back in… my breathing is in rhythm with you.. you start to get harder, fucking me.. my breasts bouncing as u thrust in to me. Each one harder than before… building up speed… you can feel me tensing up under you.. I’m going to cum again… you want to make me cum so u speed up… its bringing you closer too, you can hear our skin smacking together as each thrust brings you closer… I’m pinching my sensitive nipples, biting my lips, thrusting back against you… oh… I can feel it coming… you feel my pussy clench around your cock… you feel me squirting and hear me moaning in pleasure. Its too much for you with one final thrust you cum.. pumping hot cum into me… spurt after hot spurt…. Spasms of pleasure running through your body as you push into me….