Written by shyguy4

19 Jun 2009

Who is there?.......what the hell am i doing, if someone is there they arent about to say hi its me for god sake! Still in that moment it seemed the logical thing to do,the next logical thing was to reach for the golf club under my bed which, of coarse i meant to put under the bed but never had.Two stupid moves and i wasnt even vertical yet,im gonna need to get my shit together .

The sound was muffled and seemed to come from downstairs , but this house creaked more than an old womans hips so intuition wasnt going to save the day , i was going to need eyes, and that meant turning the lights on. I hesitantly ran my fingers along the smoothly plastered walls smelling the fear building within me as i put one tentative step in front of the next . At that point is when the self doubt and inevitable sniggers kicked in. Who was i kidding im no Bronson in Death Wish here .im an average joe in an average home in a sleepy estate and I could run as quick as fight. Anyway this was all in my imagination and i was just sleep walking or some other night teror too stupid to tell my friends about in the pub .

`cop on steve go back to bed , come on put one foot in front of the other and hit the sack.'

As i began to turn and feel embarrassed at my own cowardice I heard another noise that wasnt the creaking of an old woman but the shuffling of fast feet and they were in this house, the same house im in right now, here with me, oh god what the hell there is nothing here to rob, im not wealthy what the hell do they want....how dare they come into my home, this is my home i have a right to be here not they ,anger flushed through me and at that point i decided the light wasnt what i needed but the belief that who ever it was they werent getting anything from my home or me and that included my own self doubt and fears.

I opened the bedroom door shouting at the top of my voice `GET OUT YOU BASTARDS'.

Running down the stairs,sleep completly gone from me and awarness wakening my bravery I hurtled into the downstairs hall having taken the fourteen steps two at a time, so sure of my own metal in this as yet unknown situation. I turned to face the kitchen door and as i pushed through the door way into the warm ;used smelling kitchen ;with the faint light coming from the street neons in the lane behind my home i felt a warm full sounding thud it seemed not to be near yet it felt within me and i was sure it was a doors solid closing sound that accompanied the feeling in my head of weight and sleep.

Mistake number three was over belief in my own abilities.

My world went dark right after the sound in my mind which was surely my skull being impacted with a blunt heavy object, maybe even a piece of my own furniture used against me in my own home ......God the irony. I provided this home intruder with the weapon of my downfall.....maybe its good i didnt keep a golf club under the bed was my last thought before the world swam into darkness and cold.

It was still dark when i woke in a world of blurr and shadow, my mind was fuzzy and my thoughts seemed unable to take hold of my location or my position within it. I recognaised the light fixture , my mate had bought it for me ( well he confessed to having recieved it as a gift himself when he moved into his house, and felt it only right to pass the good thoughts on...the prick i thought with a smile). He had felt it nessacerry to confess this to me over several carlsberg, still we laughed . never imagined it would be the first thing id see waking up, considering i had placed it on the fitting in the kitchen ceiling.

There was a dull throbbing in my head and when i reached to rub the place i felt responsible for my discomfort i found i could not lift my arm, either of them. What the hell . Attempting to sit up I found this wasnt possible either as the most movement i could achieve was to turn my head to the left and right of its current position.Legs surely they arent frozen rigid, but yet there i was straining without success to move. Adrenalin began to pump inside my veins and i could feel a well of rage and fear combine inside me with no vent for it to escape from. Why was i cold.

My tiles were a cool glass mosaic with a hint of charcoal visible under the glass top surface and it was on these tiles that i heard the first sound since waking ,which wasnt caused by me. It was a clicking noise as of heels on glass and it was coming from my right hand side which i turned to now.

Straining my neck and then my eyes I saw the shape of a thigh , it was slender and long with a girth of perfect proportions, dropping down to a knee so well swept with smooth skin of silk that it seemed to shimmer. As i ran my eyes down to the shin and ankle then to the bare foot of this person whom i felt myself at the mercy of considering the predicament i just found myself in, I realised against my better judgement that i was beginning to feel the growth of arousel at the understanding of my present circumstances.

Turning her body to meet my gaze i raised my face till i was lips to lips with a woman I did not know for a reason i did not understand.

Her hips ran inward to her pelvis in a sweeping line from both legs to lips as smooth as satin and as inviting as your favourite sweet dessert. She was tanned and waxed to perfection with not a ripple of time evident on her body . i wanted to raise my gaze but was fixaated by this vision of perfection in the female form, and as it approached my anticipating lips i found myself straing unsuccessfully to hurry the meeting of our flesh,hers to mine .

She leaned forward and in doing so i was mere millimeters from her body which seemed to promise so much pleasure. Opening her legs slightly tthere was a glimmer of moisture on her lips, she too it seemed was eagerly awaiting contact and wished it s occurance to be hurried, but as i closed my eyes and wet my lips with my tongue i felt her hand slide across my chest and down to my hips , along with her hand went her hips and their promise.

This woman i did not know had complete control. I had no power of movement in my limbs, and instead of fear i felt a hardness and vulnerability ,and yet power . Her pleasure was derived from my situation, but her satisfaction would only come from my arousal and this seemed to be a belief we both shared as she ran her fingers inside my thighs to the sides of my by now erect penis.

I felt her using her hips to push apart my legs as i began to realise i had been stripped and placed on top of the generously sized kitchen table i had acquired for a much different use than that which it was being used for now.

Her finger nails tickled and carressed and went to the sides of my penis and taking my member in her hand she tightly brought pressure down on the top of my throbbing dick till skin was tight and my pulse could be felt with each heart beat across the surface on its opening . i ached but could not move i wanted to thrust upward but had no power to do so . i wanted to take her body onto mine but i had no control no say no choice.her hand held there for several moments till breath was wheezing thru my clenched teeth in an explosive tingle of pleasure. I wished i could see this maiden of perfection God i was throbbing .

When she let go of my dick it was to slide her hands up my chest along the lines of my ribs to my neck,and in doing so i felt her breasts slide up upon my waist and onto my now twitching sore dick now eager for climax.

Her nipples were erect and i could feel their touch against my legs .lightly she turned left then right in a swaying motion brushing her erect nipples lightly over my skin, i was finding it harder and harder to breath. Panting i managed to utter the word `why'. Before i could finish `me' her lips were upon mine in a kiss i will never forget. Lightly at first , the moisture between the two causing friction enough to hold them together as she pulled back a little . then she leaned onto my mouth with hers again she opened her mouth slightly and slid her moist warm tongue into my mouth . our tongues met in a frenzy of passion as i took her tongue with vigourous hunger. She too seemed to merge her mouth with mine and we felt a heat build between our bodies which were now almost completly touching in every way.

She had climbed upon the table on top of me and when i opened my eyes to look into hers i was taken with awe at her beauty . she was a vision and closing my eyes kissing her again i could still see her in my minds eye.

Slowly she raised one knee to allow her widen her opening into which she would take me inside her. I felt a burning eagerness inside my groin for her warm wet lips and as i felt i would die right here of frustration i suddenly felt the pressure of her pelvis upon my penis. Again i tried to thrust upwards and failed but there was no need as she took the shaft of me in her hand and ran the tip over her lips till i could feel her wetness on my manhood.

Sitting down more deliberitly the initial pressure of her body was replaced by a sudden space in which my dick could flow into. The warmth and wetness inside was perfect. We fit with perfection and her full weight upon my hips was a felling of pure extasy as she slowly lifted her weight off me so i could feel her lips slide up the sides of me.

She moved rhythmically up and down on my cock in ever faster movements letting out deep breaths as if my manhood was filling her entire body.as the pace quickened so too did my breath, our bodys being pounded together by her weight falling on me with each downward thrust . as deep as it could go, in and out warmth and air, up and down, i was in heaven and unable to move and hoping it would never end . I felt my climax was coming and as if in unison her body was less in time and more urgent as she felt a warmth inside building as we both were coming to an end. Her muscles inside tensed i could feel her tighten and want me deeper so with all my weakened strength i pushed just enough to meet her as she brought her weight down on me and in that instant we exploded in a flash of extasy her body sweaty and her clitoris tingling her lips flushed with warmth and her breath heaving ,my dick inside pumping all i had into her welcome pussy.

She lay on top of me and our sweaty bodies clung to each other in the glow of our skin.

Who are you I asked ?

That was my fourth mistake!