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Mirror mirror ...

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Published 3 years ago
Mirror Mirror … “…. I had a hole in the middle where the lightning went through it …. told my friends not to worry” echoed around the room as the light from the January sun came through the front windows illuminating the bar. How the light reflected across the surfaces, the tables, the shadows on the fabric of this room, the seats and stools these elements were all part of her. She’d grown up here from girl to woman and as she checked her reflection in the mirror behind the optics she smiled to herself at the memories along the way she enjoyed. Despite it all there had been good times but she was leaving this week for good. She had no desire to become what she despised - an old woman drinking heavily at the end of the bar, falling off stools, leering at younger guys and trying to reclaim her youth. She'd got so much more in life to move onto now and she was taking it all. “….. Didn't want to be anyone's ghost” crooned the male singer. Hey gaze left the mirror now, ‘Can you turn that off for a while ….’ she said to the young bar man below her who was busy restocking “and that should have been done before now …. Ill open up’ . Out from the hatch, she saw an assorted collection of glasses along the pool table in the corner. The green baize was worn from endless games and the balls strewn across its surface. As she approached the table to collect the glasses she reached with her hand for the cool metal, covering of table edge and that smilrked. The chill in the room overnight and in the air still, the metal edge chilled her fingers and the feel of the baize triggered delicious memories that stopped her walking and her fingers to reach for the baize, lifting one heel and allowing her eyes to close and remember. “You weren’t kidding when you said you’d a big cue’ she laughed. A laugh that was stifled by him kissing her passionately, his lips on her neck now as she lifted her chin towards the ceiling closing her eyes. His hands lifting her, his body strong and powerful, the muscles of his chest hard as he lifted her from standing to the table’s edge her legs instinctively around him now as her hands dropped inside opening his belt and releasing him. “Its as well I brought my extension with me tonight” he said and laughed in unison with her shriek of laughter as she threw her hands behind his neck to steady herself. His fingers stroked her body in time with their kissing and it felt divine. At the end of the bar, all evening, she could feel him watching her. Behind the bar, striding up and down serving, reaching, bending and laughing with the crowd throughout the night she knew his eyes coveted every part of her and she savoured that feeling. The same eyes that watched her all night, that had winked to her as he’d walked in earlier that evening now looked down at his fingers slipping in and out of her, dripping with her and he raised them between their lips to share the sweet taste between them as their tongues greedily devoured his fingers. “You’re so dirty”, “Of course I am” exchanged as he moved himself with his free hand onto her. He’d held her head close, pulling her hair behind his hands and had kissed the skin of her neck warm triggering a shudder that consumed her as he’d entered her. Her skirt pulled high around her hips, she glanced downwards to see his wet shaft move in and out of her, glistening with her, warm and illuminated by the light overhead and she’d purred at the sight of him. So much pleasure evoked as she felt his fingers hold her neck and his lips and tongue lick and playfully pull at her erect nipple. “I can feel you, so deep in me” his eyes staring intensely at her, her breathing shallow now she could feel him pulse deep within her body. His chest below her now, his hands behind him outstretched, his eyes closed from the glare of the table lights, she kneeled on his shirt and took him in her hands and brought him inside. “Fuck ……..” she groaned at the image that greeted her in the mirror on the wall opposite. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the dirtiest of them all” she laughed and smiled as she began to grind her weight down onto him. The feel of his hard body inside her, holding her combined with the feel of the hair on his chest was intoxicating. Biting on her lip now, she quickened her pace … riding up and down, back and forth on him, grinding him into her, satisfying her need for this man. His hand had reacher for hers and placed it around his neck. She dutifully squeezed, dropped and kissed his nipple as she grinned hard again against him. The sound of his pleasure, the feel of this powerful man below her, his shape, his size within her triggered her body and she could feel herself give, her body convulsing, her pace and pressure building. It was for her, all of him, inside her for her. “I thought you were opening up ?” the voice from behind came. “Let them wait, let the all wait !” she smiled before turning to the mirror again. “Still dirty” she purred, licking her lips, clicking her heels.

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