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20 Jun 2020

Mff fun part 2

Hotel meet up


2 minute read

Previous story in series Mff fun

When we got to the room, we didn't waste time taking our clothes off, i admired their bodys giving myself a second to enjoy the moment having two sexy people stood in front of me, the husband sat in a chair close to the bed his big cock in hand and asked us to play with one another as he watched eagerly, we kissed passionately having her toungue in my mouth was making me want her even more, i started to play with her boobs feeling her nipples harden between my fingers, i could feel her hands running all over my body each touch making me wetter I look over at hubby watching us , i continue to watch him stroking his cock as I go down on his wife her pussy was dripping wet i use my tongue licking and sucking gently on her clit enjoying her moans i bite her inner thigh gently as I put my finger inside her pussy finding her gspot and making her cum screaming with pleasure, she pushes me back on the bed and works her way down my body kissing and licking until she gets to my pussy, she starts to eat me out her tongue feeling incredible on my cunt , her hubby joins us and puts his cock in my mouth i suck hungrily hearing him grunt and moan, his wife still licking my pussy and now fucking me with her finger , i cum hard , i reach into my bag and grab the strap on i Brought with me i put it on and ask the wife to bend over for me , i start to fuck her and ask the hubby to fuck me in the ass at the same time, he fills me up and fucks me hard as I fuck his wife's tight pussy the three of us maoning loudly fucking harder and harder until we all cum . We get cleaned up and go our separate ways looking forward to the next time we meet for some fun. I'd love to know if the admins ever get turned on reading any of these stories

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