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20 Jun 2020

Mff fun

Hotel meet up


2 minute read

This is fiction for now but hope to make this a reality. It was a Friday afternoon, I was home alone and horny and decided to go online and chat to some people. A couple who, on and off i had chatted to before invited me to join them in a hotel later that night, I was nervous but decided I'd go, I got dressed up in a shirt black dress and drove to the hotel. As I walked in to the hotel bar I noticed them sitting there in a booth, the man was tall , brown hair with a slender build, he had a little stubble but wasn't scruffy with a handsome face and blue eyes. He saw me walk in and smiled , he stood up and introduced me to his wife she was wearing a red dress that hugged her perfect figure she had dark hair and legs that went on for days , her dress was short like mine and I could see her thighs, i couldn't wait to be in between those long legs. I sat down and the hubby went and got me a drink, he was wearing jeans that his ass looked great in, i made small talk with the wife trying not to stare as her cleavage i felt like she was teasing me and enjoying how horny she was making me, she was confident and knew exactly what she was doing as she told me how sexy I looked, her husband got back with the drinks and we all started chatting we all had a lot in common and seemed to all enjoy one anothers company. I was sat in the middle of this sexy couple making myself wet as I thought about what was going to happen later in the hotel room , the wife placed her hand on the top of my thigh discreetly under the table and whispered in my ear how wet she was, the feel of her breath and her sexy voice almost tipping me over the edge, she gently took my hand and placed it on her husband's bulge I could feel how hard he was through his jeans, i rubbed a little just to tease him and without wanting to wait to taste her cherry red lips I kissed her , her tongue dancing around mine , i hadnt cared who could see i couldn't wait any longer. We finished our drinks quickly and headed to the room . ... Part 2 to come

Tags: adventure, alcohol, arousal, bar, mff

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