Written by Bedtimebaby

26 Nov 2011

I open the door and the smile that light up your face was worth the wait … as I stand before you in a red satin robe with a white fur collar , Christmas is my time of year ….As you enter the hall I leaded towards you and say “kiss me hun “ and as our lips meet in a soft sensual kiss you draw me closer and hold me to you and its becomes more …softly sucking my bottom lip your tongue darting out to run along it as you send shivers through me ..deepening slightly to part my lips and let your tongue slide in and dance with mine and we take more from each other …

Pushing you back from me …I look up and you follow my gaze , mistletoe is hanging above us … you look at me with that grin that says so much and promises even more …”Hi to you too , your in a jolly mood “ you say in a low hushed tone … as your hands start to roam over my body as if formularising yourself all over again … “coffee or do you want to unwrap your gift ?“ I ask in a teasing voice as I watch your reaction

“Hmmm unwrapping sounds good “ is the reply i get and was hoping for and as you lead me to the dinning room and stop beside the tree that aluminates the room with a soft warm glow ..you pull me close again and whisper “Where’s this gift off mine “ I slowly and deliberately I walk over to the table ,removing the tie on my wrap as I do and as I reach the table I turn to you sucking a candy cane teasingly and as I use my free hand to open my robe wide and say “Is this a suitable gift ?” as I let my wrap drop to the floor , dressed only in a sheer red lace bra and matching g-string and black stocking I watch as you more closer and I then you reach for me …one finger touches my cheek …running across to my lips ..where I gently capture it and begin to suck it as I did the candy .. you watch intently …my eyes glued to yours and you take your finger out and run it down the valley off my breast gently over the lace , down over my tummy in a slow sensual motion all the way to my pussy were you push the flimsily scrap of lace to one side with ease and fine my lips where you slowly slip in between sliding up one side and down the other , over and over , sending shivers through me , as you trace a lovers route to a bud that begs to be touched so close yet so far away ….then to pull away and trace that route back up over my breasts again easily exposing first one nipple then the other to rub my pussy juices there before allowing me to taste me on your finger as your free hand cups one breast and thumb rubs over a tight sensitive nipple, then lowing your head you draw me into your mouth and as you suck pussy flavour off me I lean back slightly to give you greater access and you suck harder engulfing my nipple with demand…pain is pleasure as you nip and suck and pull me into you again and again … my hands in your hair holds you there , yes its good , so good I don’t want you to stop … as you move as if to move away I moan begging you not to stop…only to have you inflect the same pleasures on my other breast .. As your hands hold them firmly lifting them to you as each in turn are yet again torment to the edge off pleasure to the place where I am lost to you .

Yet you pull away and I fell your hands behind me and I am free off my bra in one swift movement then lower to untie my g-string form one side then the other and to tug it back and forth over my tight throbbing pussy driving me closer to the edge off the table , then your hands are on my hips ,,,lifting me ,,,slowly sitting me on the table and sliding me back a little …hands sliding between my tights as you part them and lower your head yet again … I gasp as I feel you lips meet mine …softly as if searching for something …I feel you breath ….warm and delightful ….as you slide your tongue down my lips and part them giving you access to the bud hidden here, deliberately tracing a route around it …know I want more …teasing …. Pushing my endurance to the extreme , over and over again ..tongue darting …probing ..pushing into me ..yet not enough to let me free …as my hip raise to meet you …I feel you stop and I look at you “ Do you want more ? “ you ask …… “oh yes” I plead with a need that’s new to you …. “watch “ you demand softly …and as I do , you slip two fingers down my pussy lips and part them to you before you blow on my clit …hot breath making my breath catch with need …then with your free I watch as you take the candy cane I was sucking earlier and slow suck it before slowly and deliberately slipping in inside me …in and out again and again then lowering your head your tongue slides the length of it and lightly lap my clit as you do tasting candy and pussy as one…as I moan your movement become faster , more demanding ..harder strokes. .more tormenting …then you stop …you look at me to see I am still watching you …my eyes half closed half open as I fight to control my body …. As you slide the candy in and out one more time before removing it and sucking it with intent suddenly I feel two finger slide into my tight pussy we watch each other ..my body tightens and clenches over your fingers as juices run down them , I feel your thumb rub my clit and as I call out your name you push deeper and say “let go for me hun “ before I can reply i feel your mouth cover my clit and begin to suck gently and first getting more demanding as my body responds to you ,,, fingers start pounding me deeper and harder …and finding that spot within …rubbing …pushing …pressing it over and over again …tongue joining finger as I open even more for you another finger sliding in spreading me wider …tongue lapping at juices the flow freely for you ..again and again …deeper …more demanding …taking ….Pushing me further than ever before …My body glistening from need and the twinkle off the Christmas lights Just when I think I think I cant take any more I feel you tap my clit …sending a sharp instance throbbing through my body … not stopping the dance within me … licking …tapping …pushing my clit high …making it hard and more sanative …fingers pushing more and more …faster and faster as you feel my body start to shake beneath your hands …your lips lock down over my pussy and clit sucking in time with fingers that fuck me hard and demanding …my hip jerk and raise with each thrust ..lifting me higher ..until I am lost and my pussy clenches so tight all I can feel is your finger tips lightly rub that spot within and I have to let go ….shaking from my core I let the world fall away from me as I shake from head to toe with release and collapse back on the table limp and shivering from the emotions released to you …As I feel you pull me down towards you I try to hide my reactions …put you take my face in your hands and say “ Your mine …don’t hide “ then kiss me deeply and hold me tightly as I wait for my body to relax ..and as I do I whisper “Merry Christams Hun ” ….you reply is hushed with need “Your turn to unwrap your gift now “ with a look that I know so well......... …and I pull you closer ………………………….