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"How long have you fantasized about a sexual relationship with Mrs Kelly, Walter?" Margaret Murphy asked. "Is that what she told you?" Walter raised his eyebrows. "That I fantasized about it?" "Is there something else I should know?" Walter hesitated. "No. No, that's it. I fantasize about it." He grinned. "Yeah, I've been fantasizing about it a lot these days." The cocky 18 year fidgeted with his fingers as he smiled wryly. Margaret squirmed on the chair across from his, tapping the pencil tip meditatively on the note pad. She remembered the call she'd received that morning from Mr O�Hare the school principle that Mrs. Kelly the New young temporary teacher had complained Walter Kenny had been making sexual advances towards her. Walter had seemed pretty sullen when he'd entered her home a few minutes before, and followed her into her small office in the rear of her house. Margaret now considered the leering tone of his voice and wondered if he had, in fact, already fucked his Teacher. It was possible. It wouldn't bother Margaret in the least, if it were true. To the local Secondary school Margaret came across as a modestly-priced counsellor who occasionally helped out young men who were having problems in school. What the school and the health board didn�t know was that Margaret helped out most of these lads by letting them fuck her. The only reason she ever worked as a counsellor was that it gave a chance to suck and fuck with lads just about Walter's age. Margaret was thirty-six now, and looked at least four years younger. She was petite with dark brown hair had a girlish body highlighted by extremely large, very suckable tits. Margaret had married when she was very young. A young man's cock, Margaret felt, stiffened much more rapidly than that of his older counterpart, and invariably sprayed hotter, tasty cum juice into her mouth or pussy or asshole. Young Lads always fucked very hard and fast, which was just how Margaret liked getting her pussy pounded, and they were always eager to keep fucking and cumming all night. Margaret had seduced many troubled lads that the Principle had referred to her. The best cure for most young male problems, she felt, was a healthy dose of fucking and cocksucking. It was rare for any young fella to act up at home or at school if he was getting the cum sucked out of his cock on a daily basis. Margaret was always eager to relieve a lad in this fashion, particularly if his cock was long and fat. The bulge in Walter's pants indicated that he had a long, fat one too. Margaret had always had a special appetite for sucking the jizz out of unusually big, stiff hard-on. Her husband had been well- endowed, and the glue that had held their marriage together had been her penchant for nightly cocksucking, The ironic thing was that her husband had looked for a separation from her because of her extremely strong appetite for sucking and fucking young studs, catching her on her knees in the car park of the local pub one night with a young fella�s cock in her mouth was the final straw. Now, Margaret felt violently aroused by even the faint possibility that young Walter had actually had sex with his teacher on the school premises. "I might be missing the point, Walter," Margaret said. "When Mrs. Kelly called me this morning, she told me that her problem with you has become very serious. She said that you've frankly confessed a sexual interest in her, and that you've even tried to initiate a sexual relationship with her. Now, I get the impression that this contact has progressed farther than your teacher let on it has. Is that true?" "Whatever she told you." Walter shrugged. "Did you fuck Mrs Kelly?, Walter?" Walter just stared at her. Margaret moved her chair closer. "It's perfectly all right with me if you do, Walter. Teacher-Student contact is far more prevalent than most people think, though if caught Mrs. Kelly could well lose her Job. Walter Shrugged his shoulders again, he didn�t give a crap. Lads your age can grow stiff many times each day with a little provocation. You can be very sexually aggressive, and it's natural for them to make strong passes at available women, especially Teachers. I want to assure you, Walter, that any admission you make to me won't leave this room. Now tell me the truth. You have fucked Mrs Kelly, haven't you?" Walter hesitated. "Yeah, I have." Margaret felt her cunt getting wet and hot. "Why did you want to fuck your Teacher, Walter? or were you just so horny that any pussy would do?" "Both." "Would you say that you have a very high sex drive, Walter?" Margaret picked up the pencil and pretended to take notes. "Do you masturbate a lot? How many times a day do you jack off, on the average?" "Five or six." "That's a great deal, Walter. Do you always squirt out a great deal of semen when you cum? Or does your penis sometimes just shoot out a small amount?" "Always a lot." Margaret felt her cunt throbbing. She checked Walter�s crotch, saw that her dirty talk, as she'd intended, was giving him a fat, throbbing hard-on. "I can't help noticing that your prick is getting stiff right, now, Walter. Does that happen frequently?" Walter was silent. Avoiding touching his prick directly, Margaret reached over and comfortingly laid her hand on Walter�s thigh. "It feels good when your cock gets big and stiff, doesn't it?" Walter was too embarrassed to respond. Margaret put down her notebook. "Walter, I'm going to ask you a special favor now. I'd like you to stand, please.� Embarrassed, Walter slowly stood. The outline of his cock showed quite obviously. Margaret spoke slowly and softly. �With your permission, Walter, I�d like to take down your pants. I think my counseling to you would be more valuable if I could see and inspect your hard cock. There might be something wrong with it." Margaret stood up, her pussy throbbing, and knelt before her young client. Slowly at first, she ran her fingertips lightly over the front of Walter�s pants, scratching a slow rhythm over his hard lump. Walter �s cock jerked under the fabric at her touch. Whispering that it was all right, Margaret undid his belt and zipper, let his pants drop to his ankles. She carefully reached up the leg-holes of his underpants, stroked the underside of his hardness with her nails, played with his penis, adding tension to the soft cotton before releasing Walter�s cock. Finally, she eased the underpants down. Walter�s cock sprang up, thickening in the cool air. "Oh, Walter. Why, it's just incredibly huge!" The cock was enormous. It stood out like a baseball bat, nine inches long and very thick, so stiff that it was bucking and throbbing uncontrollably up and down. Margaret's mouth watered as she ogled the fat, meaty cock knob, imagining how it would puff up just before it shot a big load of juice down some lucky cocksucker's throat. "I'd better take a closer look, Walter." Margaret pinched his spongy cock head with the tips of her fingernails. She tugged, pulled the penis down until Walter winced, then she released it. The prick bucked and pulsed in front of her face. As she stared at the cock knob, the piss hole opened up and out eased a thick droplet of cream. "It looks perfectly healthy," she said breathlessly. "Does it feel good when I touch your hard cock like this?� Margaret gently wrapped her warm hand around the root of his huge, throbbing prick. Lewdly she started jacking the big cock up and down, slow and hard. "Does this feel better, Walter? Is this how you touch your prick when you jack off?" By now a great deal of sticky, milky cock juice had dribbled out of Walter's cock head. Margaret pressed her palm on the cock knob, coating it with her spunk. She slid her fist to the root of his prick, holding it in position. She looked up at Walter, who was looking down at her. �I think, Walter, that I would like to perform a test on your erect cock.� With a little smacking sound, she pressed her lips to the tip. �I�d like to see how it responds to more stimulation.� Margaret smiled up at his face. �Is that all right with you, Walter?� She took his moan as permission. Gradually she let her lips part, slurping in inch after inch of his huge, throbbing prick. His fuck organ tasted very good, and so did the cum ooze. She shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and sensations of cocksucking. Walter looked down at her, excited by the spectacle of the blonde inhaling his big prick. Margaret stopped when his glans was poking the back of her throat. Her lips were stretched to the bursting point around the aching thickness of his cock. Walter shuddered with pleasure. "Oh!" he panted. "Oh god!" Margaret pictured Mrs Kelly on her knees like this, hungrily slurping the tasty stiffness of her students prick. The image was arousing to her; she would have to make a point of asking Walter for the details of his rendezvous after. Margaret's cheeks flushed brightly as she slurped on Walter's cock, determined to milk a really big load of cum juice out of his prick. Margaret started beating his cock as she sucked, whipping her hand tirelessly up and down his huge, aching meat. Her cocksucking sounds grew progressively louder, as she eagerly sucked his big, cock. Hot, milky cock juice dribbled out of the cock know, oozing onto her tongue. Margaret lapped it up, sucking and slurping, her belly aching as she imagined herself gulping down a really rich load of spunk. After five minutes of steady hard, wet sucking, Walter's prick had grown as hard as iron. He gyrated his hips as he stood over her, wincing and pulling her hair, on the verge of spraying her tonsils with spunk. Now the cock throbbed violently on the roof of her mouth, ready to burst. "I'm cumming!" Walter gasped suddenly. "Suck my cock, Mrs. Murphy, suck my stiff fucking cock! Oh fuck, cuummiiinnnggg!" An incredible geyser of cum juice blasted out of his piss hole, spurting on the roof of the cream-starved sluts mouth. The first burst was followed by spurt after spurt of hot, tasty cum. Margaret whimpered, flaring her nostrils to breathe around the donkey cock thickness of Walter's erupting prick. The cock juice kept spraying out of his cock head, shooting onto her tonsils, filling her stomach with cream. Margaret clung ecstatically to the disgorging prick, slurping and gulping, determined to nurse every drop of cum out of Walter's balls. At last Margaret took the big, wet prick out of her mouth and stared at it intently. It was still stiff. It made her pussy tingle. How good it would be to allow this hung lad to ram her pussy too. "Well. That was very therapeutic, Walter," Margaret said huskily. "You certainly were correct in saying that your prick always shoots off plentifully when you orgasm. I can't help noticing that your cock is still extremely stiff now. Do you often need to cum twice in a row to relieve the painful stiffness in your fuck organ?" "Yeah," Walter sighed. "Sometimes even more than that." "Then let's try another therapy exercise, Walter. You can think about Mrs Kelly while you slide your cock into my pussy, right here on the floor. Does that sound like an appealing idea to you?" "Yeah." "All right, Walter. Let me just take off my clothes." The wanton blonde rose to her feet, never taking her eyes off of Walter's enormous cock. Quickly she stripped naked, anticipating the effect that the unveiling of her petite, voluptuous body would have on Walter's cock. Walter groaned, staring at her, his prick pulsing harder than ever. Margaret was proud of her body. She was petite all over, except for her tits, which were extremely large and firm as they had been when she was in her teens. If it had not been for her position as a therapist, the blonde would have spent much more time teasing men with her mouth-watering tits. She enjoyed doing her errands in a tight t-shirt without a bra, letting men watch as her sumptuous tits quivered and bounced as she moved. Walter was ogling her big breasts now. Margaret got on her hands and knees, wiggling her tight little ass up into a good humping position on the carpet. She continued to stare hungrily at the lad's immense prick as she cocked and spread her ass wide. "Go ahead, Walter. Fuck my cunt from behind." To be continued.........

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