11 Feb 2015

I did wonder what she wore under her lovely outfit, and even checked to see if i could detect a panty line, which i didnt. I know my wife Joan didnt see my eyes linger on Paula's body as she moved around the room. It may have been too obvious as it was hard not to take my eyes off her.

I can imagine her in a lovely hotel bedroom on a beautiful day unlike today, the sun shining strongly through the large window, accentuating the curves of her sexy body. As she stands looking out, I come behind her and press myself against her, my hard cock against her soft ass crack. I cant believe that Paula was quite intrigued when you told her who had sent some previous emails fantacising about her, and that she wanted to see if it were true.

As I unzip her dress, my other hand slides under and around her breast and roll her hardening nipple between my fingers. Her dress slips below her midrif and rests on her hips, leaving her soft white back exposed to me. Her breath has quickened... is it the kisses I place along her neckline, or the fact that I have released her very sexy lace bra and am now toying quite firmly with both of her fully engorged nipples. I dont know, but i feel her pushing back against me, and i step back a little to allow Paula step out of her dress.

Her matching french knicker lingerie accentuate the delightful curves of her ass, my eyes following slowly, taking in her sexuality. The sheer tights bring my eyes to her feet perfectly balanced in stilletos, adding the finishing touch to a sexy,sensual and horny plaything!

When I turn Paula around to face me, she smiles over at you, sitting there on the bed in a bathrobe, enjoying the obvious pleasure you are getting from seeing another man admire and appreciate this hot, sexy woman that is yours to take at any time.

Paula pulls my belt and unbuckles it, pulling my jocks to the floor. I quickly remove my shoes and she sat me down in the hotel armchair facing you. My dick is rock hard, as I have never been this exposed in front of another guy before. She puts her mouth on me and it feels great! hot, moist and her tongue rolling continually around my shaft. I can only imagine the special treat blowjobs are for you, because this has got to be the best blowjob shes ever given!

I see you slowly stroking your dick, watching Paula on her knees sucking another man and I wonder what you are thinking about as you watch it happen in front of you. I am getting closer, and grip Paula's shoulders. I tell her I am about to cum and Paula clamps down on my cock and keeps sucking until I cum in her mouth. She pauses for a second...I see you nod your approval, and she swallows my cum, licking the tip of my cock to get the very last drops. I would have expected her to spit it, as Joan has usually done for me, and I see her smile as my dick rests against her face. I lean back in the chair and watch as she gets on to the bed and straddles you, her now moist knickers only inches from your dick. I wonder what you have in store for Paula after watching her please me so.......