24 Mar 2018

The trickle of dew running down each blade of grass in the field glistened in the sunrise. It is a detail of this world that few take the time to enjoy or ever see and yet it is all around us.

That morning she allowed herself a brief moment to savour a place she had grown from girl to woman and her mind imagined a silver blanket as far as she could see that wrapped this land she knew so well.

Her long black riding boots contrasted the cream jodhpurs that hugged her elegant frame and combined with her black gillet protected her from the southerly wind that freshened the morning air.

Her body ached as she’d left her bed that morning from the riggers of the night before and he had remained sleeping as she’d extricated herself from his embrace and crept from the room.

Alone now, she delighted in the anticipation of her space, her time and the excitement she’d grown accustomed to when approaching the stables before the morning ride out.

Lightening moved restlessly within his stable as she entered. He instinctively anticipated the freedom to stretch his legs and to enjoy the smells and surrounds of the world where he was at peace.

She enjoyed the process of preparing him herself. His rich black coat, a blanket, the rich leather textures of his saddle accompanying the wonderful deep aroma of leather as she stood close to him and lengthened the stirrups. The chrome dancing in the morning light as it crept through the stable door. She sensed his excitement and stroked him firmly, a familiar hand and skin and scent to him and his coat to her touch. They knew each other instinctively and periodically he’d nudge her playfully as she readied him nuzzling his nose against her body. She giggled at his touch, how this incredibly powerful animal communicated with her without words, without ever speaking and she felt his magnificent presence through those beautiful dark eyes. His breathing increasing in pace now, as she fed him his bit and adjusted the reins.

She stood in front of him - her eyes on his and she smiled.

His head bobbing up and down now enthusiastically causing her to smile.

This animal with all his strength and power had the spirit and kindness of no other and she adored him in every way and trusted above anything else in her life.

It was here in this stable as a girl that she had lost herself to him for the first time and as her fingers circled his hair whorl her mind replayed those moments.

How his kiss had left her dizzy, breathless and wanting more.

How is fingers had lifted her chin towards him as they walked backwards into the stable that day.

How his lips had gentle touched hers that first time before sensing her agreement opened allowing them to discovered one another as they fell onto the hay.

The sound of the rain on the metallic roof that summer afternoon as his hand reached down for her thighs and deeper for her.

The feeling of his fingers stroking her, slowly in time with his kisses in a way that made her hips lift and push against his touch, wanting them to press harder, to move deeper within her. Her body was throbbing with anticipation for his touch, for him within her and all fear and anxiety over giving herself to him now faded to insignificance.

She walked Lightening out of the stable doorway into the light and felt the warm feel of the sun on her face. She looked at him as her eyes met hers and she smiled as she fixed her helmet and eased her hands into the leather riding gloves before mounting him.

The confusion and uncertainty of the real world, the insecurities and concerns about what was ahead melted away as soon as she sat onto that saddle and pushed her feet down and into the stirrups. She felt at ease, on auto pilot and she moved up and down on him as he trotted across the yard towards the opening to the exercise fields.

In her life she’d remained silent, she’d observed and watched from a respectful distance but when she rode out each morning it was as if she could be free to take control of where she went and exactly how she got there.

Giving herself physically to a man was merely something she periodically did in order to satisfy a physical need but here, with Lightening she felt at ease, part of something bigger, free to express herself and let loose and as they crossed from the concrete yard the last traces of those bonds holding her back disappeared.

The noise of the horses shoes abruptly stopped and his hooves gripped the grass and ground beneath and she adjusted her position as he moved from a walk to trotting to a canter as they moved out into the field.

Once again she could see the silver cloak on this land but receding in the morning as she steered towards it’s remnants on the rise close to the edge of the woods on the southern boundary. She could feel him now beneath her, between her thighs, the feel of his body warm against her legs and they both knew instinctively what was to come. Her body became small, leaning closer to his main, she sat small, tucked her legs holding this natural power between his thighs and kicked with both heels and she held the reins loose as Lightening began to move from canter to a gallop across his playground. She loosened her grip as she became accustomed to his rhythm and held her body high of him floating as his she sat above his power and body that majestically moved forwards.

He body seemed to convulse with electricity when she felt him on her. He was older than she and she had wanted this moment from that morning when they had shared the duty of mucking out.

She nodded to him as he paused, her eyes wide firmly fixed on hers, his eyes appeared to question her, seeking permission and with a firm nod, she bit down on her lip and allowed her eyes to close.

She could feel him now, his size widening her, gently easing into her slowly, She could sense the pain, all so new to her, and him pausing to allowed her to breath. Deeper he moved and she allowed her hips to relax and her body to follow. It felt like her entire body was consumed by him, full entirely of him and yet he still moved deeper inside her. Slowing filling her she gasped for air and opened her eyes once more and felt him twitch and pulsate deep within in a place she had never been touched and she gently moaned a long and deep moan and gripped him with her fingers.

She realised her own grip on the reigns now, fingers tight and the recognition of the world she’d become lost in came rushing back to her as Lightening moved close to the perimeter where the field met the trees up into the hills. She could feel his heart racing in time with her own and she slowly sat up and pulled gently back on his reigns. She felt his lungs move in and out beneath her and slowly sat releasing herself down onto him. With this movement she noticed how wet she’d become - the stimulation from Lightening below her and the vivid recollections she had savoured as they rode across the field had triggered and wonderful release within her body and she allowed herself to press down with her hips on the animal below. She looked forward to see the condensation from his breath drift up from flared nostrils she could not see and she remembered how he had looked above her that day. The sound of the summer rain still falling, his dark eyes still searching hers, his mouth open and nostrils agape consuming air and his chest pounding in time with hers. The feeling his his release mixed with hers within her, flowing freely from her as the remains of her climax wrapped both of them within that moment.

“Good boy” she said before biting her leather glove to release her fingers to rub him. She moved Lightening slowly towards the trail that was a familiar route back but stopped short of it. Instead, this morning, she decided they would create a new path, a new trail free of what was that others could follow.