11 Apr 2018

As she stared at herself critically in the merciless mirror, should brushed her hair back and emitted a long sigh of frustration. “Cut it all off” she thought, not for the first time before letting it fall behind her and sticking her tongue out at the reflection and he who had appeared behind her.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?” he said before sipping from his own he was holding. His cavalier approach to black tie events enraged her and he knew it given he’d announced he’d ready himself inside 15 minutes, which he’d just announced was up.

“Yes, that would be most welcome” she said as she took to the task of applying her make up with little or no interest at this stage.

As he walked towards her, her eyes enjoyed him in the mirror.

His white fitted shirt and black tie pristine and she enjoyed the feel of him close, on her shoulder, purposely leaning long around her smirking to place her wine glass beneath. “There you are, you smell …. divine”.

“Finally we may have found a use for you” she said smiling as he lingered against her.

“Always at your service” he said staring into the mirror at her before lowering his lips to kiss and playfully bite her neck before taking another nibble on her shoulder as he pressed against her.

“Don’t even start, we’re going !” she laighed and pushed him away using nothing but her hips.

The feel of him, the touch of his lips and tongue on her neck and shoulders … she closed her eyes and remembered …

As friends they’d enjoyed that summer together. Both working away from home for the first time, introduced by friends over dinner and struggling to find space in their lives to take a breath and simply enjoy their freedom.

“I really enjoy walks along the beach” she had lied, since she knew he spent hours and hours swimming or surfing as a child and had mentioned the beach being a happy place for him.

“No, it’s really no problem, Ill borrow a car’ he had lied, since he didn’t own a car and the last time he’d borrowed one from his flat mate, he’d rubbed the bumper against the side of the car park and was still denying it.

When they’d set out, it was one of those mornings on the East coast when nature announces the arrival of a beautiful Summers day.

The city was still slumbering when he picked her up outside her apartment, exchanging a quick hug and welcome coffee as they began the drive.

The night before had been warm and the morning air refreshing in contrast as they left the city behind.

The shades they both wore shielded eyes from the strong morning sunshine appearing within the fresh blue sky and hid the nervous glances they shared periodically as conversations flowed.

The windows lowered, the guitar chords kicked in, snare drum …. ‘When Im a walking, I strut my stuff …’

“No way???”


They sang together hands low outside tapping the side of the car doors “………….. let me go wiiiiiild, like a blister in the sun”

Hours later, as they laughed and walked along the dunes above the shore they were still talking about music, how it had influenced their lives, the places and people it reminded them of and it all seemed so natural. At a certain age both had actively rebelled against being assigned to dates by respective friends and even this seemed like fair game to them as they slipped along through the sand chatting as they went.

“I think its because they’re jealous I’ve all the free time to couch surf”

“I agree and they don’t even take it seriously. I can become tricky to decide what to watch next on Netflix or which side to lie on or when to nap”

In addition to how she smelled ahead of him, the delicious way her ass moved from side to side, how she skipped every now and again when she became passionate or animated he was entranced by her sense of humour. She got his too which was both unusual and somewhat scary for him since it was often dripping in sarcasm and dark whimsical observation comments.

He was adorable, great ass (she’d been told by her friend as much but nobody had enjoyed the practical yet), mannerly and truly easy to be around.

She was naturally good at reading a person but with him she had struggled. It was clear to her that he was social, had a boyish charm, enjoyed being active but also clear that he was guarded. He seemed particularly adept at steering conversations away from his past.

“Best front man ? if you say Rick Astley we’re heading home girl”.

“The one, the only …. Prince”.

“I was going to argue Mick Jagger but I won’t bother, yep, Prince. Agreed”.

Turning to face him “You don’t have to be beeeeeuuuutiful ….to turn me on ….” she laughed and wiggled her hips with her arms in the air … “Kiss, my all time favourite Prince song”.

“Whew …. I know I’m no oil painting but … ” he began jokingly.

“No, you’re not !!” she cut him off.

They both laughed and continued their walk, a little slower than before, conversation suspended.

“So … ” she had turned to face him again “how important is a good kiss to you ?”

He stopped and looked at her now. At her eyes and her lips. How the wind from behind him was pushing her hair back and he took her in.

“Kisses are very important” he finally answered.

“What do you mean ?” she demanded, the space between them seemed to close and the noise that had been all around them became hushed waiting for his answer.

“Hmmm ok. At this point I’m truly going to be myself. You’ve asked and I’m gonna just tell you what I think. If you’re still here in front of me after I stop talking then that’s great. But I’ll understand if you’re not and run away”

She liked this guy. She really liked this guy.

She’s still there. Her eyes are incredible.

“A kiss is one of those things that people seem to not appreciate anymore. When we were kids we’d tease each other about kissing a girl, we’d snigger and laugh if we saw people kissing in the street or on T.V. It meant something and it was a really big deal to have your first kiss with a girl you liked and I really miss that.

That moment of anticipation when being around someone, wanting to kiss them but being terrified that you’re mis reading signals or actually moving to kiss them and they move and you end up kissing their nose …. “

He’d been staring at the sand at their feet as he was talking but she could see his body and his mind working, his hands moving as he described the images in his head and she smiled and then laughed as she recalled how many times a guy she liked had awkwardly lunged at her landing his lips on her nose or eye or forehead.

She felt like speaking but resisted instead and allowed him to continue with his thoughts.

“A gentle touch on an arm or hand can be innocent but with someone special it feels like an electric shock when you touch their skin, but a kiss ? when you finally bring that person you like close, that you desire, that you crave and pull them into you, closing your eyes as you lean closer and wait for the sensation of their lips on yours ? pausing, waiting, feeling the rush of the touch, the spark or the taste between you ? there are few things like it for me and there are so many types of amazing kisses.”

She watched him now, his guard was gone and he was simply him in front of her. It was like she wasn’t there and she adored his ability to let loose, be vulnerable and simply share his thoughts. He was like a small boy animated, desperately trying to convey his excitement or passion for something and she could see him struggle and search within for more.

“From the passionate and flowing and wanting to taste and swallow one another hole as clothes are ripped off and hands touch and take as bodies stumble to the very gentle kisses on a cheek or eye lids to take away tears”.

At this he paused and turned away. He’d stumbled across something he wanted to hide, to bury and she felt it even before he had turned to face the sea.

She stepped closer to him. Her fingers reached for his but she remained silent.

He looked to her “You’re still here ?” he smiled. “I generally don’t think out loud for lots of reasons … ”.

She looked at him “Of course I’m still here”.

She remembered what it was like to be wanted, to be desired but had never heard a guy speak to her in this way before. He was speaking honestly, without any hint of a need to impress her. She was an attractive and confident womanl and knew a line when she heard one and when she wanted a guy to make the first move she’d employed this tactic before. But this guy had told her what he felt, rather than what she thought she wanted to hear. She eased her body closer to him and looked up towards him, as their eyes settled calmly on one another she smiled and whispered ‘Don’t miss’.

The kiss they shared was gentle and innocent, their lips and bodies together for the first time, both staying with the feelings and emotions of what they were sharing and neither moved for what seemed like an eternity.

As their mouths opened, their lips remained together, and their tongues began to taste and touch and dance within, deeply searching and welcoming simultaneously. As the wind lifted and wrapped around them so had their arms around one another and they simply continued to kiss and enjoy the intimacy of that moment that went on and on. The feel of their bodies against one another, the electricity flowing as did their kisses it felt all consuming and as they began to slow they opened their eyes to each other.

The dizzy delicious feelings and after effects of the kiss left them holding one another for balance as their eyes danced at what they had just shared.

“You look striking my love”.

Fixing her earrings, she came back to the here and now and felt him again nibble on her shoulder.

“Thank you …. but I just want your extra time and your ….. ” wiggling for him “kiss ! Now lets go !"