9 Sep 2017

Kiss me. I just want to know what it feels like but its ok if you don't want to I understand if you..." I interrupted youre nervous babbling by placing my lips on youres. Warning bells were sounding in my head but i shoved them aside and pushed my tongue onto youre lips until you subsided and let my tongue explore every inch of yours. you moaned involuntarily which made me deepen the kiss and put all the passion i felt for you into it. i held your head close to me and felt your soft smooth strands of hair tickling my hand. i wanted more and it was apparent you did too as you cupped my face in your hands and was returning the kiss with as much passion as i put into it. i broke their embrace and went to the door to lock it. As you heard the lock on the door your eyes widened slightly,

you awakened the beast inside of me. i approached you again and took your hand leading you to my bed . i led to my bed joining you by sitting on the edge and continued to explore your mouth, your arms wrapped around me as my hands went down to your breasts feeling the smooth skin through the thin fabric. you surprised me by taking off your shirt and i topped and took a moment to admire your upper body.

my hands began exploring your smooth skin as i continued to kiss you . your hands lifted my shirt up momentarily pausing our hungry kissing, but instead of returning to your mouth i bent down to your breasts that were just the right size.

i teased your nipple through the fabric and you moaned softly. i quickly and masterfully unclipped your bra so that two perfect, firm breasts could bounce out of the fabric. i continued my assault, teasing and licking your skin which caused even more moans

i lifted your long skirt without breaking contact with your tits and felt my way between your legs. Oh god i could feel the moisture through your panties which i slid off with ease.

my finger entered you this time causing a very loud moan of approval. i undid my belt and dropped my trousers and boxers to free my very hard penis that ached to be inside of you. you led your head down to my penis so i could finally have my fantasy of you sucking me .you took it in your mouth without hesitation.

i could feel that you were experienced but as you bobbed your head faster and faster never breaking eye contac working on my hard throbbing penis .i pulled out of your sexy mouth and spread your legs

Without warning and without a second thought i enter you. you screamed in pleasure and begged me to fuck you harder which is exactly what i did as i smirked at the foul use of language coming from you

my thrusts became more vicious and went deeper than i thought possible. i pushed my entire penis inside you with my balls slapping on your ass that i longed to be in but that was for another time :)

you were screaming again which only pushed me to go faster. As i felt myself getting closer to the edge of a mind blowing orgasm, you erupted into climax clenching your muscles and grinding my cock. This caused me to lose control and you began milking me of every seed my penis possessed.

i groaned loudly as i head fell onto your chest in exhaustion and you cradled my head to your chest as you tried to regain your breath. we stayed this way a long time.

i pulled out once we had recovered and stood back to look at you on the bed . you looked exquisite in this state with your hair messed and your chest rising and falling with every quick breath and just like i hoped, your still spread legs gleamed from the cum that i just emptied inside of you

"Wow" you finally muttered your face growing even redder by the second. " That Was Needed "