Written by tomirs

8 Jan 2011

Where is this map you have given me '¦taken me '¦and why '¦.my mind is wondering and making it hard to concentrate on the road ..I'm excited and nervous at the same time, my heart is racing. What do you have in mind?

It's a cold January evening and you've asked me to meet you at this place for the weekend. The drive is long and the roads turn in to dirt as I venture my way in to a shadowy wooded area. I'm feeling anxious inside for many reasons. The dark and unfamiliar territory, a storm that seems to be building , a clap off thunder send shivers down my spin ,and then the anticipation of seeing you. I try to ease my mind with some music.

Finally my headlights pick up the outline of a cottage ahead. And although I'm relieved to have reached my destination, my stomach is doing flip flops. Just the idea of seeing you and feeling you close has my senses reeling. As I get out of the car, I can't help but notice that the cottage is pitch black and I don't see any sign of your car. Am I at the right place? I double check the address. Yes I am . The air is damp and has the sharpness to it . Walking up to the cottage , I notice an envelope on the window sill, there's a heart drawn on the front.

Inside the envelope to find a key to the door then look around to see if you're out there. Are you watching me? My nerves don't let up. Opening the door, I step in to darkness, unable to make anything out. I can only smell a faint scent of pine and lavender coming from a burning candle that's giving off more aroma than light. As I step further inside, hoping my eyes will adjust so that I can find a light, I hear your breath. And a smile comes to my face. You're in there and you're up to something. "Hi hun " Your deep voice. My knees weaken. "Close your eyes for me", I do as I'm told.

I can hear you moving closer to me and I don't say a word. I'm paralyzed. Slowly you come up to my side and run your hand along my cheek. You tuck my hair behind my ear, leaning in close to me. Whispering for me to relax. "Do you trust me" breathing in deeply I whisper `Yes I do," . '¦"I am going to take you to new heights of pleasure tonight hun , but you have to trust me" '¦.. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, my heart is racing. What do you have in mind?

You place a blindfold over my eyes. Then hand glides down my waist, taking my hand and lead me through the cottage . We must have entered another room because I can see a soft glow through the blindfold but I can't make anything out. There is a smell of a fire burning and a fragrant scent.

Leaving me to stand there while you move around the room, I can hear you unzipping a bag and then you return to my side. I feel your presence and I want you. Reaching out for you, you push my hands down "don't touch". Your hand begins caressing my face and in a calming voice you say, "I'm going to take complete control of you, making you experience intense pleasure," with more emphasis you add, "You'll do as I say."'¦'¦'¦.

My heart feels like it will beat out of my chest my nerve's kicked into over time , yet I stay still . Your hands move down my neck, across my collarbone, over my shoulders, around my breasts. You begin to unbutton my blouse slowly and then you pull it down off my arms. Cupping my breasts, you reach in to my bra, pulling at my nipples. Making them hard. My flesh is tingling and I can feel a heat flush through me , God I am glad I cant see you as I feel my self shiver again . Undoing my bra, it falls to the ground. Your fingers begin playing in my hair and I feel you close to my ear. "You must do as I say, you can not cum until I tell you to, understand?" I'm speechless, unable to form words, lost in the intensity of this excitement. My skin is covered in goosebumps, my body on high alert'¦I nod my head in reply breathing in deeper trying to get my senses back in line '¦'¦.

With both hands, you reach around to my front and slide them in to the top of my jeans. Over my belly, around my hip bones. I immediately feel a wave of excitement and there is a dampness between my legs. It makes me squirm. I reach up and behind, trying to wrap my arms around your neck so that I can pull you in closer but you resist. Your hands immediately snap up and grab my wrists firmly. "I do the touching". After releasing me I can feel you move away and then hear you rustling through something. You return, taking my arms and pulling them behind me. I feel a soft cloth that you use to tie my hands together loosely so as I can get free if I so choose . Then you slip your hand in to the back of my jeans and tug on the waist, moving me in the direction you want. My body backs up and bumps in to the edge of the bed, where you spin me around and help me to lie face down.

I feel you at my feet. Undoing my shoes, pulling down my socks, gently rubbing my feet. You begin massaging them by working your thumbs. Your lips gently kiss my ankles. The pleasure of having you treat me so tender is too much to bare. I want you desperately and my hips writhe in anticipation. You run your hands up the legs of my jeans, over my ass and back, down inside my thighs. Calming me with your touch.

Sliding your hands around to the front of my jeans, you undo the button, pull down the zipper slowly . I'm dizzy with excitement. Moaning softly, I want to wiggle out of my jeans for you. But your motions are slow and deliberate, almost taunting. You slide my jeans off my hips, around my ass and down my legs, over my feet where they fall to the ground. The cool air hits my skin and I shiver and moan softly `shussshhhh hun trust me " Oh god I do put can not get the words out '¦..As again your hands work their way up my legs, inside my thighs, careful not to slide between my legs. They run over my ass to the top of my g-string. My hips are in constant motion. I'm so desperate to hold you. Feel you. I want tug at my hands free , put you stop me so I leave them tied behind my back. My heart pounding faster my eyes closed tight '¦'¦

You softly caress my back with both hands, feeling the curves of my body, lingering on my skin. As you reach the small of my back, one hand slides over my ass cheek and you playfully slap it. Your other hand on my hip, keeps me firmly in place while I squirm under you in pleasure. Then you smack me again, only a little harder and I let out a moan, pushing my ass up to you.

You spank me several times, sending a stinging sensation through me, making me whimper for you. I now feel your face by my ass and while your hand is soothing me, your mouth is lightly planting kisses, like a salve on my reddened ass. I can't stop bucking my hips, feeling a deep desire to fill this void you've created inside me. Your head moves between my legs. By now I'm dripping wet and I can feel my juices slide down my thighs. Your mouth is barely touching my pussy and it's driving me crazy. God I want you. You let out a deep moan that vibrates inside me and travels upwards. The anticipation of the soft touch of your tongue on me becomes too much to bare. You back away. Moving up to untie my hands, you gently roll me over and begin caressing my breasts. Instinctively I want to reach out and pull you in to me, but you gently stop me.

Tenderly you take my arms and tie them to the bed, I can get free , put I stay as your whispering in my ear to trust you, you would never hurt me. I know this and the comfort of your voice is reassuring. You spread my legs and position them to your liking . Lack of sight only increases my yearning for your touch and it sets my hips in motion, gyrating as I pull at the ties wanting to touch you. And I hear ` hun " You remind me to be good.

I feel a dripping sensation on my belly, a warm oil that dribbles down the sides of my body. You rub the oil in to my skin, up to my breasts, pulling at my nipples. Then your touch is gone. Another hot dripping sensation dribbles down the inside of my thighs and again I feel your touch as you rub the oil in to my thighs. Over my smooth pussy, reaching down between my legs and under my ass. Your hand inches its way up between my legs, stroking me. I can feel myself pulsating, wanting you so bad. Your thumb works my clit and your head moves in close, your lips gently kissing the inside of my thighs. You spread me open and again I wait for the feel of your mouth kissing and licking my wetness. But nothing'¦'¦'¦.

Instead I hear a buzzing. You replace your thumb with a vibrator on my clit and apply a light pressure. It takes everything in my power not to cum. Without your fingers, your cock or your tongue inside me, I still feel like I could let go. I'm aching for your touch, craving your cock. I finally talk myself down from cumming when I feel you slide a dildo into my soaked pussy. The deep moan that escapes my lips is a signal that I am on edge, but again you remind me of the rules in a deep husky voice , ` No cumming until you tell me to hun ."

Faster and deeper, the dildo moves inside me, while the vibrator rolls over my clit. I feel like exploding and you know it. You can see me opening up and growing even wetter. Then you begin to bring me back down. Leaving the dildo inside me, you take the vibrator and move it around to my ass. Running it along my tight opening. I'm completely still .Fear off the unknown and I say you name over and over to keep myself from saying no ` shush hun trust me '¦..let me '¦.. ???? " the question is there soft put not demanding o or challenging '¦'¦I lay still '¦.I trust you with all my being '¦'¦'¦'¦

I feel more warm oil dripping down from my pussy to my ass and you work it around with your hand, slowly sliding the vibrator in. I gasp '¦.you wait '¦.just for a second '¦'¦'¦ Gently you push further inside and move it around slowly at first then more and more. Then you begin working the dildo with mire intensity . Its all so much , so new , so breath taking , I can't take it anymore, completely filled up. You're pushing the dildo in deeper and faster and working the vibrator deeper in to my ass. Finally you let me give in and tell me to cum for you. This sets off a wave of thrashing and moaning. I love the way you make come alive, the way you make me feel. I begin to cum all over the dildo and you jam it in further. "That's it hun, cum for me." The sound of your voice makes me dizzy and I do cum, it is such a total release.

I'm completely spent and flushed with sweat beads forming on my forehead. Once I've calmed down, you slide out the vibrator and dildo. You move up to me and begin kissing my mouth. I love it. I can't touch you but my mouth is desperately trying to hold on to you and pull you in. "We're not done hun ". You untie my arms . Still blindfolded, you help me to roll over and place pillows under my head and breasts, then you push my knees up so that my ass is in the air for you and you spread my legs open. You warn me to keep my hands tucked under the pillows. Still no touching .God I need you '¦.

You reach around and play with my breasts and kiss the sweat off my back. Your hands slide down between my legs and cup my pussy. It's soaked and swollen, still throbbing from your workout. I feel your weight shift and you're no longer on the bed. Perhaps you're undressing and I'm thinking about how I must look to you. Your hand returns and begins stroking my pussy. Your fingers, sliding up to my clit and then fingering me. I'm moaning and aching for you. How good it feels to finally have you inside. But I need more.

I can feel the weight of your body on the bed, behind me. With one hand on my hip, you guide your cock in to my dripping wet pussy. It is such a sense of release to finally feel you inside, filling me up completely. I immediately clamp down on you to pull your cock in tight. With both hands on my hips you begin rocking inside me, pushing deeper. Then your hands move away. I imagine they are on your hips now as you fuck me. Put no '¦'¦.More warm liquid. The oil is dripping down my ass. Your hands return to massage it in each cheek, down the crack, around my tight hole. A deep moan escapes me as you slide your thumb in to my ass.

You pull out of my tender pussy, leaving me empty but my ass keeps pushing back towards you, wanting more. Repositioning yourself, you whisper in my ear, "Relax hun." Then you begin to caress and soothe my back. Your cock nestled between my ass.

When you feel my body become light from your touch, you take the dildo and slide it up into my pussy. Working it in and out. Then you push the tip of your cock in to my ass. You're so big. With each little push, I moan louder, the sound muffled in to the pillows, my hands gripping the sheet.

I'm surprised at my body's reaction from this invasion. You're splitting me open yet I want you, and my ass push backs as you work your cock in deeper. It's such an intense feeling. Part of me wanting you to stop and another part wanting to experience where you're taking me.

Your movements get faster, your cock enters me deeper. I'm on fire and lost in the sensation of giving myself over to you. I feel your body smacking against mine. "Reach down and rub your clit for me hun ", you moan and I do as you say, the whole time trying desperately to gain control. I can't take all of you. I'm going to explode. I need to cum'¦'¦. I need to let go '¦..

You're so lost in pleasure and in the rhythm we are locked in that you don't notice I'm letting go. My body is quivering, spasms are taking over and I'm cumming. I'm startled by the deep long moan that comes out of me. You tell me to '¦` enjoy it. '¦..Let go '¦hun'¦", .you moan '¦` let go for me",

. And I do'¦'¦... I cant stop the flood off sensation or the deep moan or soft tears I cry off release as I do so '¦.I can feel you tense up, you let the dildo go and bring both arms up, wrapping them around my chest, cupping my breasts. Your strong arms are holding me up and pulling me tightly against you. Pushing deeper in to my ass, several times and then with one long hard thrust, you let out a moan, Your cumming to.

You say my name over and over '¦I am lost '¦I am your's

We're both covered in sweat as our bodies collapse. After slowly pulling out, you wrap us in a quilt , bringing me in close to you.

You slide the blindfold off my eyes and look in to them with soft smile , kissing the tears from my cheek , and whispering if I am ok '¦'¦I am ok , I trusted you '¦.. my tears are off joy, for the pleasure felt , for you . You hold me tight to you and whisper my name over and over and I hold you close feeling safe in your arms '¦'¦ There is a light rain tapping on the windows, it's dark and the rhythm of your breathing sends me off to sleep.