Written by jerryishere

13 Mar 2010

After our last few adventures Jacq has been asking when and what our next adventure will be. The episodes have certainly improved our sex life, in fact our life in general. It would appear as if I have opened up her true adventurous side. I spend lots of time thinking about what else we could try. After some thought I came to the conclusion that we should take opportunities as they arise rather than planning the event too much. I have told Jacq this and told her she should take it as it comes, so to speak.

The next day Jacq is on the DART travelling to visit some friends in Malahide. She is dressed very nicely in a knee length light skirt, and a tight top, boots and as always stockings as she loves them. She calls me from the DART to tell me her plans for the day; she is having lunch with her best buddy. I ask her is the DART busy and she tells me not really, just 4 guys opposite her. I ask her what they are like and she says they are builder guys in their high viz jackets. I ask her if they are looking at her and she says not really. I tell her if she opens her legs a bit they will and laughed. She said ok and I pictured her chatting to me looking away from the guys as she opened her legs and gave them a peek of her stockened legs. I was getting hard in my office just thinking of it. I asked her if they were now looking and she said she could see they were from their reflections in the window. Nothing else happened that day as the guys got out two stops later but it is fair to say that Jacq got a thrill from flashing her stockings and legs. We had great sex as soon as I got home that night.

A few days later Jacq was still talking about it and I told her whatever she wanted to do was fine with me as long as she told me everything. The next morning she decided to go to the local gym and pool. She enjoys a very heavy workout at times and she felt she needed one that morning. She put on her tight gym shorts and t-shirt with a nice white thong underneath and started with a half hour fast jogging on the treadmill. There wasn't many in the gym that morning but she did notice in the many mirrors that the few guys that were there were all glancing her way a lot. She also smiled to herself when 3 of the guys took the treadmills behind here. After her jog she did some weights and stretching exercises and headed to the pool area.

Normally she would wear a one piece swimsuit when she went to the pool but today she decided to wear a nice sexy white bikini, with a matching hat of course! She did 20 lengths before heading for the Jacuzzi. About 10 minutes later a number of guys from the gym came into the pool area and she noticed them look around before eventually seeing her in the Jacuzzi. Two of them got into the pool and started doing fast lengths while the third guy went into the sauna. After about 10 minutes the guy in the sauna came out, jumped under the cold shower and then got into the Jacuzzi, saying hi to Jacq as he climbed in. She merely smiled back. He tried engaging her in small talk but she gave him no encouragement giving him one word answers. At one stage their legs touched under the water but Jacq just took her leg away. The guy got out and went into the pool where Jacq saw him talking to the other two guys. Jacq left the Jacuzzi showered and got back into the pool and did some more lengths in the lane between the guys. She couldn't help noticing that they watched her closely with one guy in particular going under the water each time he passed her. She knew she looked good in her bikini and loved the guys watching her. All of the guys left the pool before her and went again into the Jacuzzi. After her swim she went into the sauna and it wasn't long before 2 of the guys joined her. Again they attempted to engage her in chat but she wasn't engaging with them. She left the sauna and had a longish cold shower knowing that the guy in the Jacuzzi was watching her closely. She then went into the steam room and sat on the top shelf, legs fully laid out across the seat. Not surprisingly she was joined there by the guy from the Jacuzzi after only about 1 minute. He took the lower seat, sitting back against the wall, legs out on the seat facing her. Not long after the other 2 guys came in and one sat on seat almost under her and the other facing her on the lower seat. The 3 started having a conversation about the previous night's football games but she could feel all the eyes on her. She sat up a little and spread her legs wiping her body down as if she was wiping the sweat off her body. She knew she looked good.

After about 15 minutes one of the guys said it's too hot in here I gotta get out. The other guys laughed at him and called him a wimp saying even women can last longer than you. He replied that he never had a woman could last longer than him and they all laughed looking at me for my reaction. When she didn't reply one of the guys asked if she thought he was a wimp and she said `how could I possibly tell, I don't know him'. She then got up to go and had to climb down almost over the two guys below her. As she was getting down she slipped and fell almost on top of the guy below her. He held on for a second as she attempted to get up, apologising for falling on him. The other 2 guys were standing up now with their hands out to help her up but the guy she was on top of was kind of stopping her get up. `Let me up' she said and he let her go but the other guys standing were blocking her exit. One of the guys asked her was she not a bit nervous with 3 guys in the steam room with her in only her tiny bikini. She noticed even in the steam one of the guys was very erect in his swimsuit. He noticed her looking and told her she shouldn't tease guys. She said she wasn't trying to tease anyone; all she was doing was having her morning workout. The guys laughed and said `we can help you with that'. She asked what they meant by that, feeling a bit nervous as she was now feeling very hot and couldn't get past the guys. She knew no-one else was in the pool area other than the lifeguard who seemed to be totally disinterested in what was going on. They asked when she last had a good workout and she said she just had. They laughed again and said `now come on you're not that stupid, you know exactly what we mean' now surrounding her closer and easing her back towards the guy who was still sitting. She felt herself touch the seat and the guys pushed her a little so that she fell back on top of the guy. She asked `please let me out, I'm too hot' they replied oh that you are!!

She felt the guy behind her place his hands around her putting his hands inside her bikini top and one of the other guys took her legs and spread them touching her legs up and down. When she stopped struggling they knew they had a willing woman. She leant back and started kissing the guy behind her as he continued to pinch her nipples a bit harder each time. She then felt her bikini pants being removed and a tongue placed on her by now very wet pussy. She spread her legs wide to show the guy she was enjoying it. After a few minutes she sat up and was at waist level with the guy standing in front of her. She lowered his swimming trunks and took his hard cock in her hands, looking up at him and saying this looks nice. He took her head and pushed it down on his cock, pushing his cock more into his mouth as he held her head firmly. She began sucking it and noticed the other two guys begin to touch their own cocks. She motioned them to come closer; she then lowered their trunks and took the 2 cocks in her hands. The guy she was sucking stopped and told one of the others to get on the top shelf which he did. He then told her to suck the guy which meant she had to stand up on the lower shelf. When she started sucking him she felt the guy behind her spread her legs and get in behind her. She felt his hard cock against her and she eased back towards him encouraging him to put it in her wet pussy. He didn't need much encouragement as he began to fuck her from behind as she continued to suck the cock in front of her. It wasn't long before the guy in her mouth started cumming and he withdrew and came on her breasts. The guy fucking her stopped and sat on the lower shelf. He then took her and got her to sit on him which she did willingly. She began to ride him faster and faster taking his big cock deep inside her. It wasn't long before he also came. She got up and heard the third guy ask her well what about me? She lay face down on top of the lower seat saying there's only one other place for it. He said `oh yes baby' as he got up on top of her easing himself into her bum hole. Wasn't long before he couldn't help himself as he started to fuck her hard, pushing her hard onto the seat. He was hurting her but she was so into it that the guy kept doing it harder and harder, with the other 2 guys encouraging him to fuck the bitch. Eventually he came and they all pulled their trunks up and sat down. Jacq merely put her bikini on and left without a word.

She then showered, got dressed and left the gym. When she got home she rang me and told me all about it. I was so horny as she told me the story that I had a nice feel in my office. It wasn't long before I was the 4th guy to cum for her that morning!!

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