Written by tomirs

6 Jan 2011

I'm sat on a bed, the hotel room is dimly lit with candle's burning softly . As I watch you moving closer and closer..... My heart racing as I do not know you or what to expect , yet the trust is there . I feel your hand on my shoulder , then , move down my arm giving a gentle squeeze and i start to relax as I feel I can. You sits beside me and your hands start to investigate my body. Your hands are so big and strong, they feel so warm as the run over my body exploring every inch of me. I cant see you as my eyes are closed tight but i can smell you as my sense's are working over time. You smell so good. You start to take off my clothes and lay me back on the bed, Your hands and lips finding my tits and I shiver as you gently suck and nip at one then the other . Then you slowly move up kissing my neck as you do I can feel your warm breath and feel the promise off more .Then you move closer to me and i feel your lips against mine. Kissing me passionately. I run my hands over your body trying to get some clue as to what you feel. Your hair is short, just long enough to run my fingers through. Your wearing a T-shirt which i take off you slowly so I can feel what's beneath . Your skin is warm and I feel you heart beating as mine quickens now to . I don't know how put the slightest touch from you is really turning me on'¦.

Soon your naked body is against mine and your hands are exploring me again you pushing me to the edge put keep bringing me back , I want more . I lay you back and slide my body up your ever so slowly tasting you as I go , sweet kisses then more , taking your tip between my lips I feel you inhale deeply and I slow slide my lips down your shaft and back up again , over and over sucking harder each time and taking you deeper so I can have all off you , faster and harder as I bring you to the edge and gently back again to keep you there '¦ my tongue sliding up and around making you shiver as I leave you wanting more my tongue now leaves a trail up to your neck and I stop to breath you in . I can feel your hard cock on my clit, so i slowly slides it into my pussy as i tighten my thighs round your waist and pull you in closer. I starts off slowly, your cock teasing my g spot with every thrust. With you kissing my neck then gently nibbling it. It feels fantastic i cant get enough of you. The way your body feels against mine, the way you are so gentle with me. The only sound i can hear is your quickening breath and my gasps as my excitement builds. I'm moving faster now my pussy getting tighter. My gasps turn to moans as pleasure washes over me. I lean back and rocking faster now , . I want you .. deeper and deeper. Your fingers now on my clit as I move deeper on your hard cock harder and harder, taking you deep as i can as i moan with delight. . I'm so wet and tight as I feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my now dripping pussy .I lean forward again to watch you. You plays with my tits as i bounce on your cock, my hand moving down so i can feel it as it slides in and out of me and play with my clit as I watch you . You then holds my hips and pulls me down onto you harder and harder taking every bit of your hard throbbing cock is deep within me mmmm it feels amazing. My hands grab your strong shoulder pulling you closer wanting you nearer needing to hold on'¦. Put you take one of my hand and move it down so i can feel you playing with me and we can rub my clit together. I tremble as I feel your muscles tighten and i feel you cum with me over and over again as I quaver with emotion and sensations that overcomes me '¦..

Then just as I start to open my eyes you lay me down on the bed again and kisses your way down the valley off breasts and lower still to my leg till you finds my cum soaked pussy. Your tongue teases all over as you licks my juices from me. Before i know it I am wanting to cum again , You tell me to let go , I cant hold back , I scream as i cum and keep Cumming, my body pulsating with excitement. Then you look up at me and I know you felt it too . You lay next me , your body's hot and sweaty and our hearts pound together , with soft and gentle kisses and body's still entwined I watch as you drift off to sleep put not for long babe ,

please not for long '¦'¦.