Written by eandp

21 Mar 2012

We arrived at the complex, both nervous and excited. We weren't swingers or had done anything of the kind but we were curious, seeing videos of the goings on here had aroused our interests among other things. I look at her as we approach the reception thinking of how beautiful she is and how she turns me on. We check in for the weekend, go to our room and laugh, fueled on nervous adrenaline. We pick out our clothes for the night as we talk, avoiding the obvious questions each of us knowing we want to ask. I watch you as you try on your sexy underwear that highlights your erotic figure, a bra supporting your firm bust while a slightly see through bottoms hinting at your freshly waxed pussy. It's been a week since I had you, you and your teasing rules, wanting to be untouched prior to the nights events. I want to take you and lay on the bed before sliding your underwear to the side and tasting your aroused parts as you arch you back in orgasm. But I wait, knowing how much you adore my uncomfortable position of need.

Day 1:

We have a drink in the room before heading to the club, wondering how out of place and our depth we are going to be. We enter to see quite a few couples milling about, laughing and joking as we make our way to the bar for some dutch courage. I place my hand on your ass, knowing what you're wearing beneath and I try to control my erection. At the bar we meet some nice looking people, amazed at some of the differing nationalities. We have the anxious tension broken with the conversation with everyone, jokes and stories make us relax as we get to know everyone.

There Tim and Heidi from Sweden, a tall blond couple who'd been here a few times, Jan and Donna from Amsterdam and Bill from New Zealand and his girlfriend Anna from Spain. We ate, drank and danced for most of the night as we settled in, you were excited I could tell, your inner exhibitionist aching to show off your sexy body. All of a sudden everyone is heading to the changing room and we follow, upon entering we are met with a cramped room filled with naked people changing. My eyes run over some of the bodies on display while I notice you admiring some of the goods that may be instore.

We meet all regroup back at our table with a little less clothing, we go to get a round and I comment on the revealing clothing with a big grin, you tell me that you changed beside two of the guys and both were very well endowed but weren't saying who. We laughed as we returned. Jan and Heidi had both gone out to dance while Tim slid over to talk to Donna. We are talking with Bill and Anna when you slide you hand into my crotch as to tell me you're aroused, I look up and see why, Donna has her ass pressed against Jans crotch and is grinding against his growing erection as his dark hands freely roam down over her chest to her thighs. Tim is stroking the inside of Heidi's thighs as they talk while Bills hand has been caressing your leg for the last few minutes. He asks you to dance and you agree leaving me to talk with Anna.

You and Bill join the other two on the dance floor, getting into the groove straight away, I see Bills hands move to your hips and draw you to him. My eyes fixed on you sexy body as you move to the music, I distract myself talking to Anna who has moved close to me as we watch you both dance, she compliments you and tell me Bill finds you hot. Donna moves in front of you and dances with the both of you, running her hands over your body as Bill moves his hand onto your ass. Next thing Donna moves in and kisses you and you both hold it for a minute or two as Bill whispers into your ear, before breaking off, she turns and starts kissing Jan as you lean back into Bill as you lock eyes with me smiling as his hands slide onto your stomach.

You then turn and kiss him, my heart races, a mixture of anger, jealousy and arousal. Im so transfixed I don't realise Anna stroking my erection, she kisses me on the mouth to break my stare and I slide my hand down inside her panties to feel her wetness. She breathes heavily in my ear as we watch you and Bill, both your bodies pressed together, embracing each other.

Ye all return and you sit on my lap, we all laugh and you whisper to me if Im ok and I nod, Tim suggests we all got to the massage room for us men to help the ladies relax.

The night is really getting going as we see numerous groups already pleasuring one another enroute to the massage temple, you stop infront me in the darken corridor and slide your hand Into my underwear take my cock out and move your hips to slide me inside of you, your so wet I slide straight in and after 3 or 4 strokes you pull away and tell me that was my reward. You walk away as I stroke myself, covered with your juices, smiling.

We arrive in the massage chamber and the other 3 girls are already lying naked on their front and tell you to join them. You strip off and throw me your things as the 3 guys hungrily take in your form. Tim hand you each a blindfold and tells you us guys will decide who gets to massage who.

We draw straws and I get Donna, Bill gets Heidi, Tim Anna and Jan You. We start on your backs and I work the oil over Donnas back and arms while seeing each of us have started different. Tim on Annas bum, Bill turned Heidi over and started on her boobs while furthest from me is Jan who has started in your lower legs taking a good view of your pussy I bet.

I work my way down Donnas body, she lifts her ass as I massage it, aching for me to touch her pussy, I reach her feet and she turns over spreading her legs and slides two fingers into herself as I move up and suck her nipples, as she makes herself cum. The guys watch distracted as you and the girls lift ye're heads to the sounds of her moans. I work back to massage her boobs and thighs as I look down to see you turn over giving Jan a close up look of your boobs and smooth pussy.

He pays close attention to oiling up your chest, you nipples harden as the works, you writhe beneath his touch allowing your hands to wander. One hand moves to his, moving it between your legs, his big fingers sliding into your tightness making you bite your lip to stifle a moan while your other snakes up the Inside of his thigh, onto his underwear and you release his large cock and begin to wank him slowly. Tim in the mean time had decided to go down on Anna while Bill picked up Heidi and carried her off.

When each girl had cum all the guys stood back, with each girl unaware of who did what... bar those missing. Ye dress and we all go in search of our missing friends, you ask me who was massaging you but I refuse to tell you, bar who it obviously wasn't. We find a crowd gathered near a small room, upon looking in we see Heidi still has her blindfold on while Bill enters her from behind doggy style, we all watch as he brings her to orgasm and stops himself from cuming, pulls her back to his chest and undoes her blindfold while still inside her. She greets the crowd with a bashful laugh before kissing him, everyone agrees the next stop is the pool.

Everyone strips off and climbs in, the pool is cramped so all the girls sit on their guys laps. We kiss for ages, my cock as hard as its ever been while you grind you smoothness against me, my hands follow your body, from you boobs to your ass, to your legs. Your chest heaving with excitement. You turn, my dick pressed between your cheeks as you lean into my chest and we talk. You tell me about your orgasm and how Intense it was, you tell me how much you want to put that persons cock in you.

Suddenly Heidi comes over and tells me to pass you to the left hand side, we all laugh and you end up on Jans lap, Heidi on mine. She pulls herself up and straddles me, my face In line with her nipples. I pull her to me, feeling my erection slide into her, she puts her finger to my lips and whispers to me not to tell anyone as sex isn't allowed in the pool. I sit there buried In her as she contracts herself around my pulsing head as we kiss. Jan has your nipples In his mouth, I wonder if you've realised he was your masseur. Again we swap and Anna greets me with full on kiss as her hand slides down and squeezes my shaft, I look over and see you and Bill locked in a similar position only I see you arm moving as you rub his dick.

Again we swap and I run my hands over Donnas body as she writhes under my touch, you have your head buried in Tims neck as he rubs your clit making you cum. You move to Donna and kiss her hello while asking me if ill join you in the sauna. I mention I may need a minute before Donna takes your hand and run in behind the wooden door.I talk with Tim for while before following,  

I open the door to be greeted by the sight of you on your back and Donna licking your pussy. Two men in there are enjoying the show, I kneel and kiss you hard before putting my cock beside your mouth, you quickly begin sucking on me as Donna buries two fingers in you. After you cum you move up to Donna, ly her back and begin kissing your way down her body, sucking her nipples, fingers on her pussy before finally placing your tongue on her soft lips. I move behind you and lick you, tasting your orgasm. I then slide myself into you inch by inch, I begin to build up a rhythm as you focus on Donnas clit, I finally start to cum as do you as does Donna, all 3 of us orgasm loudly before you and me hit the showers.

We kiss in the showers for what seems ages before you ask me again who your masseur was and I decline to tell. For that you say you won't tell me the name of the second guy to ever put his cock in you, I tease you and tell you how hot you are, even If you are a bit of a slut. We laugh and get dressed before meeting up with the others at the bar again.

The girls have this time come up with a game, where they blindfold one girls and put her into the circle between all the guys and using her hands she must discover who's hers before sucking him off for 3 minutes. Anna goes first and takes her time fondling us all before settling rightly on Bill before dropping to her knees and blowing him. Next it was Heidi who again guessed correct before you step In, after watching 2 guys get blown already you job is easier as we are all erect at this point.

First you take hold of Tim and run your hands over his cock a decent 8 inches with a thick head, next you check Bill whose a thick 6 inches, before finding me and studying it before reaching over to check Jan who has the advantage size wise, being 8 inches and thick from head to base. At this point you're standing in front of Jan with him in one hand and me In the other, you turn your head my direction as if looking at me before announcing you've made your choice and dropping with a grin to your knees. You run your hand up and down his length before you stick your tongue out and run it up his cock to his head which you then circle before I see you take him into your mouth, as deep as you can.

Before tonight you'd never experienced another cock and so far you've already had another guy in your pussy while now I'm standing over you with your hand holding me while you work your pink lips up and down Jans black dick. You hear the girls announce one minute left and you pick up pace, soon Jan is breathing hard and you take him deep and he cums, filling your mouth. You swallow as much as you can, some hits your chin, you suck him once more before taking him from your mouth, you lick your lips and stand before kissing him as you remove your blindfold and laugh casually saying "oops" before looking at me as you wipe some cum from your chin with your finger and wink at me as you suck it clean.

Afterward we drink and dance before going our seperate way for a while. We browse the club, take in the sex show, stumble into a room with 2 guys pleasuring a girl at the same time, I see a hungry look in you eye and decide to take you back to our room. We ly back and talk about the nights events, I ask you who had been inside you and again you refused to say until I reveal the identity of your masseur, at this point I realise that despite sucking on his cock you were unable to tell Jan and Tim apart by touch. You ask me if I liked you show with the blowjob and I tell you it took me by surprise but was incredibly hot at the same time, I tell you how Heidi put inside her in the pool to which you said that she wasnt the only one. I kiss you passionately and tell you how beautiful you looked tonight.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, I open it to the sight of Bill and Anna with a bottle of wine, we invite them in and get talking about everything. After the wine Bill suggested we all go to bed, I look at you and say we were thinking the same thing. I ly back and have you straddle me while Bill climbs between Annas legs, we kiss and I enter you, you grind your pussy on me as you watch Bill slide himself into Anna. I look up at you as I hold your tits and you come in close and whisper In my ear that you slid Bill into you in the pool and tonight your going to fuck him.

I turn to Bill and suggest we trade places, I kiss you deeply and lift you off me and lay you on your back. I ly beside Anna running my hand over her large chest, circling her nipples with my tongue as my hand slides between her legs, she moves down my body taking my cock in her mouth tasting your juices as she works her mouth up and down my length. I look over to see Bill sucking you nipples as you wrap your legs around him pulling him deeper into you. Anna then straddles me reverse cowgirl and spreads her cheeks as I watch my cock sink in between her wet lips as she begins to work me in and out of her. Meanwhile you've gotten on your hands and knees getting Bill to take you doggy style, I take my eyes off Annas pussy to watch you, your mouth open and your eyes closed as you begin to cum, arching your back as you lean on your elbows, Bills fingers digging into your ass cheeks.

Anna pulls me out of her and turns on me, kisses me as I slip back Into her, her large tits pressing against my chest. She makes eye contact with me with a devious look in her eye, without a word she reaches back taking my slick cock and pressing It to her ass and I slide in, nearing orgasm instantly. I then hear your voice, it takes me a moment to realise what you said "That's it, rub my ass Bill and cum in my pussy." Quickly I bury myself in Anna as she orgasms and cum hard as Bill groans as he fills your pussy, you moan feeling him cum driving you over the edge. You collapse to your stomach, Bills softening hard on slips from you creamed pussy and he kisses the back of your shoulder and then your lips before you look at me with a satisfied smile and say "oops, I was bold". We all fall asleep in a drunken naked heap.

I awake in the middle of the night to moaning, in the dark I make out shapes, I see Anna between your legs licking what she can of Bills cum from your pussy as Bill works on your boobs. I feel you take my hand as your eyes meet mine as you cum and I look at you as I wank into the sheets, no one else knowing I was awake.

Day 2:

I wake the next morning to the sight of you sandwiched between Anna and Bill, a photo op if I ever saw one. Once everyone was awake Bill and Anna headed home, well after I found you and Bill scoring like horny teenagers in the bathroom. We shower together before breakfast over which you tell me how hot last night was and you can't believe some of what happened, you Anna and Bill took turns on each other orally while I slept beside Ye which you said made the whole experience hotter.

We laze about all day, kissing each others bodies, complementing each others bodies and discussing the nights plans. I wind you up saying I'm winning because my number is 3 while your still on 2, not for long you say with a devilish smile.

We go out by the pool to sunbathe, and everyone seems to be mellow and chilled out with each other. I rub sun cream onto your naked body while you talk with the girls before I join the guys in the pool. You fill them in on the nights events and find out how Donna took 3 guys at the same time, although one was quite small and Heidi got gangbanged in front of Tim who had been tied to a chair and came all over himself, she jokes she's still washing cum off herself. The guys are also letting me know the ins and outs, Jan said he had 3 girls pleasuring him at the same time and definitely recommends it while Tim jokes he knows a good chair to sit in. Both of them I can see checking you out as you lay back in the sun with Jan still complementing your blowjob while Bill has told them how tight you are.

The evening begins much the same as the night before, drinks, food, conversation and dancing. I tell you after we change how good you look and that I want you badly, you tease me with a long kiss and a maybe. You go dance with Heidi, Ye dance so provocatively half the floor stops to watch. Ye kiss and dance before she takes a strangers hand and leaves, you look at me smiling as the crowd goes back to normal and I see hands slide around your body and your gone... I look about and your nowhere to be seen. I laugh to myself and go dance with Donna.

20 mins later you come back and join us at the table with a big smile and sit beside me, when I ask where you've been you take my hand and place it between your legs, your underwear is wet and you say 3-3. I ask who but you have no idea of his name but it was hot.

We walk to different rooms, in one there is a group of ladies only using toys on each other, another has a girl chained while a number of people grope her. You tell me you want to watch me fuck a girl and soon we run Into Heidi who you tell you want to see me fuck, she takes my hand and leads us to a quiet corner. She places her hands against a wall, pushes out her ass and I slide her panties down to her knees before I look you straight in the eye as I push into her. You slide your hand between your legs as I start working up a solid pace, Heidi starts moaning loudly and run my hands over her ass as she starts to cum. I turn and lift her onto me, pressing her against the wall as she wraps her long legs around me. I suck her nipples as I work in and out, I hear you cum beside me which pushes me over the edge and I bury myself deep in her and cum hard. We all kiss and as she sucks me clean you lick her pussy, tasting me and her, ye explore each other before she takes your hand and tells you to kiss me goodbye and that your going with her tonight. You cum over kiss me hard, tasting of pussy and cum before you say you have to go be a slut.

I sit there stunned and out of breath, extremely aroused before I head to the pool for some new company. I meet a nice couple and we head to the sauna where me and him take turns going down on her and in the end she sucks my cock while he fucks her. I cum on her tits before kissing her goodbye. I go for a massage and two woman oblige me as they rub me down at the same time, I return the favour to both making them cum with my fingers and tongue. It's getting late into the evening and its been nearly 2 hours since I've seen you, my cock tingles at the idea of what you've been up to, knowing the attention you'll be getting.

I head back to our room to find the door open and Heidi, Donna and 3 guys on the floor and couch, a tangle of naked bodies. Heidi looks up at me smiling while being eaten telling me how lucky a girl you are right now, at that point I look towards the bedroom to see your back, Tim standing in front of you as you straddle Jan. I move in closer, my cock like a rock. I watch your head bob up and down on Tims dick as you move your hips up and down Jans dark cock, glistening with your juices. I rub myself as I watch you use/get used by these two men, each of you looking to pleasure the other. You move position and Tim sits in front of you and you wrap your mouth around his head lifting your ass for Jan to enter, you haven't seen me yet and I move closed as Jan pushes his thick cock against you smooth wet lips and he sinks into you in one slow push, you gasp before moaning and pushing back hungrily taking him in fully. I run my hand over you ass cheeks as Jans begins to pump his meat into your tight pinkness, I rub juices over your asshole as you giggle and moan, slowly I slide my hand up your back then down over your tits, pinching your nipples hard with arousal. You take Tims dick from your mouth and without turning your head you ask me what took me so long.

I join Tim and you start working your mouth over both of us in turns, comparing, as Jan runs his hands over your ass. Heidi comes in and kisses him, she pulls his cock from your pussy and sucks your juices from him before putting him back in and telling him to make you cum, before licking the juices from your ass. Seeing this he starts to work himself into a frenzy, you feel an orgasm build and stop sucking as you begin to moan and finally cum, Jan holds your hips tightly as he shoots his cum deep inside you, continuing to move in and out as he softens. He pulls out and moves to where Tim was, Tim now moving behind you and filling your slick pussy. You go about wrapping your mouth around Jans cock, sucking him clean as Heidi straddles his face, I stand and put my cock in her mouth.

Heidi sucks on me as I look down on you sucking hard on Jan as Tim buries himself as deep as possible, such a hot view. Soon you make Jan hard again and Heidi takes over his cock, taking him in her ass before your eyes, they fuck beside us before joining the others, the two of them take their exit leaving me and Tim to focus our attention on you. You start teasing me with your tongue before deep throating me, you look up at me with a satisfied look in your eye. I watch you as you begin to cum, moaning loudly with my cock in your mouth, making my balls tighten, I move down and kiss you while rubbing your boobs. Tim groans as he cums, pulling out mid way and cumming on your ass before you both collapse on the bed, I kiss you as Tim rubs his cock between you lips and cheeks, spreading his cum before we both suck you nipples as he rubs you clit making you cum again, we adore you for ages.

Tim finally kisses you goodbye, telling me how lucky I am before leaving us alone. I climb between your legs and slide into you in one push. You wrap your legs about me as we move slowly together, kissing passionately after I tell you how amazingly beautiful you are. We talk as we build towards an orgasm. You ask me how far my number got to and I say still at 3, you make a skeptical face and smile as you say you won. I ask how many as you pull my head to your chest and say 8. You see me trying to do the calculations in my head and ask me did I not wonder about the other 3 guys outside but not to worry only one came in your pussy and if I make you cum you'll tell me where the other 2 came. Lets just say the night proved to be a revelation.