Written by Mindblender

13 Sep 2012

as i sat at the bar, i started to wonder weather this was the answer. Drinking never seemed to solve any problems, it may postpone the inevitable or in a worse case scenario cause even more! Was any of this really the answer to my marriages problems? Should i have been here in this dive of a bar,i was betting it looked seedy and dirty even during the sunlight hours! I daresay i would never under normal circumstances be seen in a bar like this, in this part of town, but tonight, here i am... sitting here waiting. Waiting or what i hear you say, well i honestly don't know, i was waiting for a wake up call, a surprise, something that would be different to all my other nights in bed!

Then as i sat facing the bar i heard the bar door open, a high pitched screech as rubber meet tiling and the door opened. That noise that makes everyone sit up and pay attention, more out of annoyance more than anything else.

When i glanced round i didn't notice, but a quick double take revealed a busty blonde with firm looking thighs and a slim waist line. She looked fantastic, a black mini skirt revealed toned legs,attached to a perfectly peach looking arse.i realized then i was staring,so i returned my gaze to the bar...you can only imagine my shock while i faced the bar, staring at a bottle of whiskey maybe a little to intently,when she stepped up and occupied the stool to my left.

The bartender approached her to which she ordered a glass of wine and must have received in my opinion the only wine glass in the building! after a minute or two sitting there in obvious awkwardness on my behalf, she offered a 'Hi there, my name is Lisa.' It took my brain about 10seconds to process she was talking to me! I stumbled over a 'Hi....eh i am Carter.' She offered her hand and said 'pleased to meet you Carter'. I took her hand to shake it and found the skin so soft.I will openly admit i was nervous,who wouldn't be in a bar and a stunner starts to chat to you,it feels like every eye in the room is on the interaction.We traded pleasantries for a short period with me growing more confident as the alcohol passed my lips and the room and its staring eyes seem to fall away. She was as street smart it seemed as she was beautiful.I got more daring as the conversation flowed,sneaking glances at her luscious long legs that she had crossed as she sat comfortably on the high bar stool. Each time she leaned forward to talk a sip of wine i received an eye-full of smooth high rise cleavage. It wasn't till around the 3rd drink in i realized she was doing it on purpose, she caught me,not so subtly glancing at her amazing breasts as she lingered forward a little bit...i tried to avert my eyes,blushing but she just smiled a little cheeky smile and leaned towards me and asked me, ' you like what you see Carter?', i could hear the confidence in her voice,i knew she already knew the answer to that,i squeaked out an apology to which she shrugged off.She leaned closer laying one hand on my lap as she whispered into my ear,'€300, and you can have it all, you can do whatever you want,tonight...what do you say to that?' ... I spluttered into my drink,i couldn't believe it,i began to sweat profusely, a hooker, that's what she was,a damn prostitute...but yet it all made sense to why she talked to me.As i regained some composure i thought about it..she was sexy,she was right here right now...maybe not the correct answer to all my problems but she could solve one problem right now, that been the semi-hard erection forming in my pants at the idea of been able to do anything to this woman...€300,was that all? She could see my inner struggle,and her hand slid higher up on my lap..'what you say big boy?' ... i managed to stutter out an 'ok...where..'

She told me to follow her,so i paid my bar tab,and we headed outside,she took a right and a right again as i followed like a lost puppy, into the alley beside the bar. It was dark,with the blackness been broken here and there from lights from the buildings windows and at the back of the alley the moonlight left a patch there,she took my hand and she stood me up against the wall behind a dumpster,invisible to the street walkers.

she held out her hand,i fumbled out the €300,she deposited it into her handbag and she put that aside on the ground.

She leaned in and started to kiss me gently,i could feel her body press up against me as her hand gently rubbed my crotch and massage my slowly developing erection. my pulse was quickening,was this really happening,was i about to do it in an alley with a hooker....her tongue slowly darted between my lips,searching for mine,her aroma was invigorating, i was quickly becoming aroused now. i could feel her hand expertly open my belt and slide inside my trousers,grasping my hard cock. She opened the trousers and they simple fell to my ankles exposing my large member to the fresh air.

Part 2 to come shortly