Written by Bedtimebaby

3 Sep 2011

I want more ……do you ?

As passion burns and desire flares we are one again …time had no meaning when we come together the world outside is lost and reality is what we share now …

As you lips find the sanative spot at my ear I shiver from with in ….your hands exploring every inch off bare skin and making me tingle with need , put you don’t give me what I want ,,,slowly and intently you torment me …hand on breasts massaging them , teeth nipping my ear lob , tongue darting out every now and then to touch where your teeth have been sending my head spinning ,,,,

Hands sliding down my back as if you are memorising it …over my ass ,,,squeezing and pushing me closer to you … lower still to my hips holding me still as you mouth fine my nipples and the sweet pain that shoot through my body is now so familiar and so wanted words cant explain ..

As you lay me down on the bed you keep control , not letting me have my way this time ..

Hands gliding down over breast and tummy to find a hot wet pussy begging for your touch , yet you don’t touch …you move further down …sliding your hands behind my knees and rising them to your lips ….shock flows fast now and your tongue slide down the back off my leg and up again stopping at the back off my knee with the gentlest off touches yet my body is begging for more ,,,,slowly upwards you go then down again passing my knee to plant soft wet kisses along my inner thigh so close to where I want and need you to be yet still so far away ….deliberately you part my legs wider a lower your head again as you hold me still ,,,your mouth clamps over my throbbing pussy and sucks so hard a jerk as if to get away ,,,put I don’t want to get away I want more and more you give and your tongue darts in and out off me and my body pulses and throb beneath your touch I call out your name and shake from my core yet you still don’t stop . Lowering my legs your fingers fine that stop deep inside that hard to breath to think to move and as they dance within I sore high and forget the world out side oh god this is what I need …..time passes by slowly as you bring me to heights I never dreamed off over and over again pushing the limits off endurance …and I cum again and again and again my body shaking , wet , hot , spent from passions unleashed yet you don’t stop there , taken my hands you stand me up in front off you and smile up at me …..turning me around you lower me down on to your pride …slowing sliding its hot wide head into my tight wet pussy ..inch by inch …making me slide you in and out ..hands on my hips controlling my every movement …oh I need to play to ..so my hands slide down and fine my clit throbbing and rubbing my finger over it again and again as you keep a steady rhythm going …my free hand travels lower still …finding your balls I pull gently and feel your breath catch as I do ….hmmmm I have a means off control now …. Pulling again I feel you jerk with in me and you pull my hips down hard onto you …my head spins and my hips seem to take over with out you knowing … faster I rock , back and forth taken you deeper each time , my pussy sucking you cock with a need that even you are shocked at the intensity … up and down , over and over I take you …leaning forward as I do so …giving you a view I know you desire …. As you watch your hard cock sliding in and out off my wet pussy with my juices running down it I hear you moan and I know you are getting closer to the edge ,,,,moving slightly up I stop ….and just as your hands reach for my hips to pull me down a ram you back in hard and fast …deeper than ever before ,,, again and again I fuck you ..taking cock to balls over and over again as my pussy tightens and tightens around you and you rock to meet each thrust and fill me to the hilt ,,,again I stop …your tip in my pussy as I clench hard and feel you shiver and try to thrust to get back in …no hun this is my turn …as I clench harder my hips rock slowly on you …not taken you in any further yet making me pull you cock with my pussy again and again over and over as you moan and try to get more …and just when you think you cant take anymore I lean back and ram you into my tight clenched pussy you jerk and exploded with in me and I don’t stop faster and faster I fuck you ,,again and again milking you cock off every sweet drop you have to offer as my body pulses in time with yours and my juices mingle with yours I shiver from with in and we are one ….put I am not done with you yet hun …oh no …I want more …do you ??? …. .. slowly I raise up and turn around to smile at you ….lowering myself between you legs I deliberately and intently encircle your cock with my lips my tongue licking and lapping at the juices we have just made ,,sucking your tip as my pussy had done I bring you alive again ,,,sliding you in and out as you moan and try to move with me ,,yet you cant as your body is taking control again ,,, harder and deeper I suck as I tongue opens your slit and I taste you again … in and out deeper , faster , harder , over and over again until your jerk and I know you are mine as you spurt hard for me and I savour every drop taken all you have …every drop off energy drained from you …when you slump back I know you are spent and slide my body up your ….kissing you softly as your arm encircle me and hold me close …. We know we will do this again …don’t we